Stella Dimoko Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos-Mercy, Mbong And Mary


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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos-Mercy, Mbong And Mary

These are photos from the Instagram pages of your favourite celebrities... From comical Charles to handsome Bally and beautiful Mbong.....

Every of these beautiful photos have details that will excite you...


  1. Replies
    1. Why is mbong still using amata, thought she and jeta are no more.

    2. You can say that again. I love him pieces.

  2. Hahahaa. Julian a don turn celebrity. Oriegwu!

  3. The only celeb I see there is Charles Okocha, the rest are waka pass. Jk mbok

  4. Igwe Tupac is all I see... Amoshine when Amoshine. 😂

  5. Hello Juliena.

    Yaaaayyyy, see my favorite celeb @amoshine.
    *doing the haters dance*
    harers shove it up your ass

    When will you post Speedo baba' s face na?
    Stella, hope he makes the next batch. The energy God himself.

    1. Pipi are u serious @amoshine being your favourite....hahaha

    2. Lol #harrers shove it up your ass

    3. Hahahahahaha
      Harrrrersss shove it up your ass
      His Mum cracks me up more

    4. Kendrick's mum...very serious. 😆😆

      Bee..💃💃💃 mama like son, 'the two both' of them are hilarious.

  6. Replies
    1. Asin. She looks likke someone wey go sabi do. As if she is on heat all the time

  7. Mbong is a very fine girl@ Kenneth you are sighted much much love.

  8. Mbong! 😍😍 Flawless chick. But u too like short things sha

  9. My favorite segment is on Insta Police on the proll!!

    Let’s see who we have here.

    Mary Lazarus, that blonde weave does not belong in this pic. There is just too much going on, red lips, black hoodie, blonde weave, hazel eyes, purplelish&Silverish eye shadow. I am dizzy already from looking @ you.

    Mbong Amata, keep selling your market, you must really need the attention for all this exposure or is this some movie trailer pic? Just asking Mama?

    Mercy, Why line the eyes and leave the brows? Is this supposed to be a makeup free picture? Epic fail, ditch that wig while you are at it.

    Julieee, no be by force to pose ohhh, is that a virgin pose? You know everything virgin sells these days.

    Don Baby J looks cute in this pic, but this his nose shaaaaa, no be today. Mr Nosa. Looool

    Who is babajade bule? His top is nice, love the design, however his pose seems forced. Seems like he stopped breathing for 3 seconds in this pic, breathe hommie, breathe.

    Kenneth Okonkwo Jesus!!!!!!!!! I have no words honestly. The only good thing about this pic is the black trousers. The hat, jacket, shirt, center table, pose, chairs, door, the artifact on the table, the people in the background, everything seems like a clowns parade ground.

    Oge Okoye looks nice, that Dognapped incident has really reset her fashion sense, I can vouch that Charles was not kidnapped, heheheheheeh. My Charlie, looking good as always.

    Charles Okocha aka Amoshine, I can’t with this guy honestly. Loooool. One piece of advice though, I don’t ever want to see that your Aunty in the “shove it up your arse” video again. Loooooooool. Hide your wrist from Hush Puppi, don’t say I did not warn you.

    Bally is a DJ? Is that Akwa Oche? Looool

    * Its all jokes people, nothing personal* Hehehehehehehehe

    1. Well done ma,you have done justices to every damn pictures.

    2. that his aunty tho...😂😂😂😂

    3. You ehn 😂😂 biko leave Mbong alone. She did all doables early enough. So she's doing what she didn't do when she was supposed to. E.g. wearing bum shorts.

  10. They all look good. What's all our instagram mama doing with filter......

  11. Ex-malabites always repping. Mbong looking more beautiful by the day 😍


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