Stella Dimoko Group Alleges That Nnamdi Kanu Caused IPOB Clash With Nigerian Army


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Group Alleges That Nnamdi Kanu Caused IPOB Clash With Nigerian Army

Following the recent face-off between members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Nigerian military in Abia State, the South East Renewal Group (SERG) has blamed Nnamdi Kanu as the root cause of the bloody clash.

Recall that loyalists of Nnamdi Kanu and soldiers clashed in Umuahia near the residence of the IPOB leader

The development forced the state government to declare three days of curfew across the state.

Reacting, SERG called on Igbo leaders to do the needful to avoid an impending war.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday morning, Charles Mbani, National President of the group lamented that from his discovery, the IPOB youths have been brainwashed into seeing the army as the enemy.

According to Mbani, “You must have, like other Nigerians, watched recent events in Igboland with a sense of foreboding, concern and utmost dread. Images emerging from the southeast, our homeland, are as troubling as they are worrisome with the most recent being those of youths attacking military detachment with all manners of crude weapons including catapults, cudgels, machetes, sticks and others.

“These youths are being put up to this mischief after being brainwashed by the so called Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, which is now militarizing them as its fighting force. These misguided youths have been deceived into thinking they are making the right sacrifice of protecting Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader whereas the only thing they sacrificing is their lives that they are throwing away on the alter of ignorance.

“The soldiers attacked by these uncouth elements are the ones taking part in Egwu Eke II (Operation Python Dance II), which we find most ridiculous considering that the same operation last year ensured that kidnappers and armed robbers that were desecrating our land were curtailed to a point where Igbos enjoyed peaceful 2016 Yuletide. We are therefore wondering if there is a nexus between IPOB and the crimes being eradicated by the military for its youths to become virulent on the scale being witnessed.”

Speaking further, the SERG leader condemned the confrontation with the military in the strongest terms.

He added, “We urge other well meaning elders of our land to join in condemning the incidents. The unnecessary attempt to provoke the military into using stick to address the Biafra issue would be catastrophic and those who love the region should do so well to warn their children from setting region ablaze.

“May we emphasise that Igbo leaders of thought must tarry no further in doing the needful before it’s too late. The conspiracy of silence on the part of these leaders is what has made Nnamdi Kanu fill the resulting vacuum as a demagogic evil that is leading out youth population astray. This disposition of indifference was displayed as the hate speech championed by Kanu gained momentum until it got to a point where other ethnic groups in Nigeria basically developed a morbid collective disdain for the Igbo.

“The hate speech has now crystalized and is the bedrock of the aggression being exhibited against the military. It nothing urgent is done the next phase in this ugly evolution could threaten our existence as a people.

“We have interrogated the situation and discovered that the IPOB youths have been brainwashed into seeing the army as the enemy, which is most unfortunate since the person whom they think they are defending is their real enemy. Nnamdi Kanu holds dual citizenship and will escape to the United Kingdom once he has the opportunity to flee across the border. He is going to leave behind broken bodies and damaged youths that would have destroyed their lives in pursuit of what is meaningless relative to contemporary world reality.”

The group further noted that some of those sponsoring the growing violence in south eastern Nigeria are those who lost money and political relevance having edged their bets in favour of former President Goodluck Jonathan being re-elected.

“Interestingly, Jonathan has moved up but these loser remained locked in the past and think their only access to redemption is to send our youths on suicide mission. We counsel such persons to desist forthwith for the Igbo nation is larger than the mess of pottage that they are bitter over.

“We have also noted the role of shameless politicians in Igboland that see the madness being advocated by Nnamdi Kanu as something to be milked for political capital. We have in the recent days seen such politicians rushing to tacitly endorse violence as the answer when other ethnic nationalities are pushing for restructuring. If violence is activated as being advocated the forget that our land would burn while other parts of the country continue with their life,” Mbani added.

Meanwhile, the Biafra National Guard (BNG) has declared war against the Nigerian Army.

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  1. IF IT IS TRUE..The Question is with all the problems happening amongst the Political Class, EFCC, IPOB ish..Where is the place of the COMMON MAN considered in all these..Wake Up Nigeria!!! 2019 is near..

  2. biafraud and its brainwashed people. violence pays nobody

  3. I dont know why we dont have snipers to take that idiot out of the way. Causing problems in the East

    1. Is he not missing his wife and kids in abroad? Let him go visit them pls

  4. Nnamdi Kanu is just a devil brought to wreck lives.
    Next thing you will hear he is in the UK.
    I pity the young men who have allowed themselves to be used as his bulletproof. Some are even willing to die. Anyways, die and rest. RIP in advance.

    I am guessing that members of IPOB are aggrieved victims of MMM, betting and other ponzi schemes venting frustrations against FG without reasons.

    I am advising all IPOB members to burn all the "zoo" money in their possession. This would send a powerful message to the federal government.

    I only pray the Hausa's don't retaliate and kill Igbo's today in the North. I have family there. Very beloved ones at that.

    On a more serious note, there are other ways to come to a referendum with the FG, breaking away or threatening to break away, treason and violence is not the answer.

    I am Igbo and a NIGERIAN.

    *typos? Correct them as you read.

  5. That Nnamdi Kanu should know that no individual or group of individuals fights against his leader or govt. In as much as l don't support the invasion of the Nigerian Army in Abia state, the traditional rulers council, political leaders, sons and daughters of ndigbo both home and in diaspora should as a matter of urgency call their Son Nnamdi KANU to order.

  6. That lunatic called kanu is the problem we have . He has brain wash the youth by telling them tales of the moon light about biafra. But god will

  7. These people should not start what they cannot finish.. The hausas hear "go" but no dey hear "come"..A word is enough for the wise..

  8. Arewa youths issued altimatum to the igbos, the python did not dance.

    All the ethnic cleansing going on in the north, python did not dance.

    Fulani herdsmen have been raiding villages, killing and raping women, python did not dance.

    What are armoured vehicles doing on the streets? They belong to the barracks. Those journalists were assaulted and equipment destroyed by the army because they were recording them harassing people.
    I have yet to see another country send out their military against a group of
    people asking for referendum.
    We don't need to support what Nnamdi Kanu is doing but armoured vehicles have no business in the streets.

    1. When there was an ethnic clash in mile 12 Lagos. Armoured tank was stationed on a street for over a month. Don't say what you don't know.
      Even the igbos are saying this guys are the theives and kidnappers in the north, and you still don't want security agents there.
      Armoured thank will be stationed there for as long as possible.

    2. The funny thing is Nigerian current constitution does not make provision for referendum or plebiscite neither is secession allowed. It is the duty of the representatives from the East at the National Assembly to push for constitutional amendment in this regard. However, they are there for their personal interest. The Igbos should hold their brothers and sisters in government accountable instead of embarking on a journey of destruction.

  9. Which group is this one?
    People can sit and write just anything just to be noticed.
    I am not pro biafra.

    Ipob had The first altercation with the military because a keke rider refused to give 200 bribe to the military in umuahia.
    In the heat of the argument that ensued, the soldier ordered him to remove his biafran bangle and started beating him up in the process.When the beating got worse, the boy disarmed the soldier and stones,sticks, pure water were flying up and down by market people and fellow keke operators who said enough of the intimidation. Did the government keep them there to accept bribe?
    Ofcourse they denied it has anything to do with bribe and blamed it rather on IPOB.

    On Sunday last week, the soldiers decided the best place to test their armoured vehicle was Okapara avenue, factory road which is Nnamdi kalu's hood. Why must it be in that neighborhood knowing fully well the tension there already and what their presence is likely to cause?

    I live in umuahia and IPOB have been doing their thing without disturbing anybody.
    IPOB did not cause anything.

    1. Can you explain the reason why Nnamdi Kanu will commission a separate army in a sovereign state. He definitely called for war. He flauts all his bail conditions, he called for war and you think the Nigerian government will keep quiet and allow him undermine their authority. The Nigerian army presence is just a warning. Peace in the south east if they receive sense.

    2. 'Doing their thing' in this our Nigeria or where. Abeg shut up. Since you live there, next time join to fight the military and come and tell us the story. Military should fear Kanu's hood cos he is what??? Mtcheeew

  10. Declared war against the nigerian army? Hahahahahahahaaa, na dem go still cry o, if the army decides to return d favor.

  11. Just getting weaker on this matter daily. May God save his people.

  12. My take on this matter is for both parties involved to thread with caution!

    The federal Government should not use force on this guy and his group, rather Carrot and stick method should be use!
    Buhari should allow the court to decide on the fate of this young man(Nnamdi Kalu)

    Nnamdi, you on your own should give yourself some brain and calm down! Thread with caution. No individual or group fights and win Government!

    1. Federal government can't thread with caution with anyone or any group trying to break the country into two.
      I'm waiting for the army to give them a bad treatment that they deserved.
      No one threaten a sovereign state with a military formation, tell Kanu and his men to thread with caution and channel their engery somewhere.

  13. I'm happy that people with lucid mind are talking now. I hope they better listening now, before its late.
    Kanu and the rest losers will run away and leave you guys behind to die of bullet wounds.

  14. when the time come all mouths will change


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