Stella Dimoko International/london tatafo season 87


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Sunday, September 24, 2017

International/london tatafo season 87

Which kind life be dis? 

If I tell una the things wey dey happen for this London ehn, e pass any other country wen my Nigerian people been dey live abroad.


This is yet another intriguing story of a london based gentleman who needs help urgently. This man is now caught between the devil and the red sea. He wants to know what he should do.

Make una read hin pathetic tory..

As was revealed to tatafo, this man was happily married in Nigeria with kids. Then came a time that he discussed with his wife that he would like to travel to the UK for greener pastures. He promised his wife that once he got into the UK, he would send for her and the kids. His wife vehemently refused, she said that she would not allow him travel because she's heard stories of how some men leave their families back home and never return.

Sharp woman. Na so nah!

So when the man's wife refused, he then suggested that she should travel to the UK instead if it would make her more comfortable. So they put their little resources together and the man arranged for his wife to travel to the UK, with the same promise that she would get into the country, work, and then arrange for her husband and kids to join her later. She was happy with this arrangement and she left for the UK.

According to the man, everything was going on fine when his wife arrived the UK. She started to work and was sending money back to Nigeria to sustain her family. She never for once failed in her financial duties. Her husband said that he enjoyed a good rapport with her over the phone.


Then one day, during their usual discussion he told his wife that since all seemed stable and a bit well for them now, it was time for him to join her in the UK. At least in preparation for their final migration with the kids. The wife discouraged him that it wasn't time for him to come. She gave him so many excuses that made the man abit uncomfortable. Then she became distant.

Na here gbege begin..

The man said that he had a childhood friend who also resides in London not too far from where his wife lived. He discussed his concern with his friend, he told him how his wife had suddenly changed and was no longer accessible. More importantly, he was worried that his wife had refused to help with processing his travel documents to the UK. The man's friend came up with a plan. He advised his troubled friend not to discuss his travel plans with his wife anymore, that instead, he would help him enter the UK without his wife's knowledge.

Ghen ghen..

True to it, the man's friend in London successfully got him a UK visa and he packed his bag to travel without his wife knowing anything. Meanwhile the man was excited because he wanted to surprise his wife, even though he wasn't happy with her sudden change in attitude.


Fast forward to the man's arrival in London. His friend picked him up. He decided to call his wife.. when she answered the phone, she was shocked and speechless. She couldn't believe it that her husband was now in the UK. She dazzed him with so many questions and later pretended she was happy. She quickly told him that she'd call him back.

My people, that was the last the man heard from his wife.

This woman never called her husband back. She disconnected her phone. Even her family back in Nigeria couldn't reach her. Then investigation began around East London where her address was last known to be, it was later discovered that this woman was married to an oyinbo man and she already had a child for him. She was living legally with another husband in London and nobody knew.

Ewooo things fall apart!!!!

The first husband from Nigeria almost committed suicide when he heard that his wife was married but was deceiving him. What shocked him more is that she also had a child and he didn't know. His friends stood by him and asked him to move on with his life. Moreso the woman became incommunicado. They put him through the UK system and he was able to stabilize after a while. He got a coded job and started living in London.

Story continues...

As nothing was heard from the runaway wife, the man met another lady in London and they started dating. Remember that this man didn't have his papers yet, the new woman he met was also without papers. But both of them were in love truly so a relationship started. Suddenly, one day, the man's friend who helped him during his issue called to say that the runaway wife had resurfaced.

Wetin happen? What does she want again?

The runaway wife started begging to see her husband that she had something to tell him. After much pleading from family and friends, the man agreed to see her. When she came she started crying that it wasn't her fault. She claimed that the situaton of not having papers in the country drove her into the arms of the elderly oyinbo man she married. She said the oyinbo man was her helper and he gave her all the Comfort she needed.

So what does she want again?

...Guess what..

This woman broke down and she revealed she was begging because the oyinbo man was now DEAD... now she was free to return to her husband and kids. Not only that, she was left with nowhere to stay because she could no longer afford to pay the mortgage the oyinbo left behind.


What she is now offering the man is that she would file for his papers, as well as bring in their kids from Nigeria. But the man refused. He was too hurt.

Also, remember he was now living with his new partner....but unfortunately, before the runaway wife came begging.. the new lady the man was now dating had immigration problem and was deported to nigeria. So the man is officially available but he doesn't know whether to take his wife back, at the same time he doesn't want to hurt the one who is now in Nigeria because she stood by him.

Present situation..

The one in Nigeria discovered she's now pregnant. The man hasn't told her that his real wife has resurfaced. He didn't also tell the begging wife that he has a new woman who's now carrying his child. He thinks that telling her may jeopardize his chances of getting her to file for his papers. But he's looking forward to having them bring their children into the UK.

He is yet to agree on what to do between these two women. This man is confused. This story is the present situation of a confused man in London. Should he accept the runaway wife's plea and allow her file for him and the kids? Should he tell her that he has a new pregnant woman in Nigeria? After all, runaway wife also came back with oyinbo pikin.

Should the one in Nigeria be told about what is going on in London now? Is this man not in trouble? Oya my people make una help tatafo.

Mbok I sitdon dey follow look wetin go happen. This story is known to a few people in London because he's been asking what to do.

*meanwhile the next story is gonna be HOT! That america based gigolo. Your story is loading.

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Catch ya!

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  1. Replies
    1. Very serious. But the truth is, that man might never take he back, considering the fact that another woman is carrying his child already.

    2. What will this man have done if that pathetic wife of his didn't come back?

      The hustle is real abroad but the way she went about hers is just not acceptable.

      She will never have come back if her oyinbo husband didn't die. A typical case of a selfish person.

      Mr Man should forgive her but we all know a reconciliation is not possible. Things can never be the same. Let him not start what he can't finish. Does he want to be at her beck and call because of papers for the next say 6years ?

      We have seen cases where people file for their spouse and along the line something goes wrong, they will refuse to renew the visa and even contact home office to mess things up for that person.

      Anyway, let him think it through.

      If that woman is really remorseful, she should file for her ex husband and kids with no conditions attached, at least to make it up to them.

    3. Tarafo wetim dry confuse d man? To hell with d wife jor. How sure is he that she will actually file 4 his papers? D man should hustle, save up n return home to his kids n baby mama. To stay London na by force?

    4. End time runaway wife.

  2. Hmmmmm complication

    1. I am just laughing here, the man think it's easy applying for an illegal husband, asides getting a good lawyer, he will still stay 5 years before he could apply for and get his permanent residency(the wife will be his sponsor and can withdraw his visa anytime within this period) let alone devorce the woman and bring the Naija lady. We are talking of nothing less than 7-10years(will the Naija lady wait that long) that is if the deported Naija woman didn't get a ban o. Most people commenting obviously did not know how uk immigration works. Ko easy meen,we are talking of an over stayer here, his eyes go clear, if the same woman bring in the kids and immediately curtail his visa after hearing about the Naija woman. The woman just want her kids, London is very small and gossip dey spread like wild fire, you think the woman would not have been told, I laugh.

  3. It wouldn't be bad if he used her like she used him...get the papers, divorce and file for the other lady. .abegi!!! if she sees another willing oyibo man, she'll still change face...

  4. Awooooooo

  5. The man will go back to his wife and's too risky getting involved with a man seperated from his wife especially when kids are involved...I can only marry a widower atleast the wife is dead and every marriage is till "death do us part"...

  6. Na wao, this is a very complicated matter, the man should allow his run away wife to file for his paper's and bring the children, when he is legally stable, he should dump her sorry ass and marry the Nijja woman, better for him to tell the nijja woman the truth.

  7. Hmmmmmm!!! Complication and Implication

  8. Na wa o...he better look to papers another way and leave that first wife o. She is bad luck

  9. Na wah, na real wa. This abroad thing has complicated and destroyed many destinies, the devastating effect can not be quantified. Broken hearts, families and shattered destinies. My take let the man accept the wife since the oyinbo man don die. Get his stay and relocate the children. Life and I repeat Life goes on. That sums everything up.

  10. On judgement day Stella, the line for marriages, fake and real, abroad husbands and lovers, broken hearts, green, white and red passports, use and dump issues will be long and full of Nigerians leaving in the UK. Baba God will spend time thrashing them.

  11. I agree wit you Spoiltvirgin

  12. This is a serious something

  13. What if the runaway wife didnot resurface? Wouldn't he still be looking for how to get his papers? He should move on with his life o'jare. Remember the runaway wife is now broke and has nowhere to go so she'll be solely dependent on him.

  14. The man should let the wife file for his papers. After getting it, get the deported one back.. Life continues.. Do me I do u.. Shikenaaa....

    1. Lol do you think the deported one is willing to wait 5-10 years lol ?
      U.K. Migration is not easy oh

  15. The kind of rubbish one reads about this people that have run abroad sef, is your condition in Nigeria that pathetic that you have to go throw all this just to be abroad?

  16. Please the guy should not get involved with his estranged wife. He would be a slave. She should file for her kids. Trust me such selfishness comes with a price. She's thinking of herself, who will be sharing bills with her etc. This bondage. Be a man and fight for yourself. Better cut ties with estranged wife.

  17. He should better stick with the second woman. His first wife is obviously a gold digger. Mxw

  18. Tatafo so you mean the man got a mortgage but totally forgot to get an insurance policy? Ok o keep bringing all sort of shady stories here. Ps better not let that your so-called American gigolo story be Tajudeen Kolajo. A word is enough for the wise.

    1. If na him nko? Wetin go happen? Shior!

    2. For you to mention dis name it means the tajudeen is a confirmed gigolo. Who ask u? Plz tataafo shud kukuma dig into d guy. Thanks for hinting us mumu🙄

  19. Mschewwww! Be advising there. Lemme tell u what will happen , this asshole will abandon the deported lady go back to his wife,despite the whole shit n at the end of the day she will still continue to trample on him. The stupid man will now change storyline ..she's charming me with juju!is it not these fuckers called men haa i fear who no fear them. Na deported madam goodness i sorry for o. Hmmn my 2piece.

  20. The man is so fucked up in the abroad, no be small. Not only emotionally, psychologically which he has already survived, but mostly physically in regards to doki (documents).

    The devil is the details. The details is the ex wife!

    Please let him forget about getting regularized through the original wife. The woman will turn him into a slave just bc of the doki. The lady can single handedly bring the kids, after all na she born them.

    This man should just continue with his coded hustle, make a plan, i.e. time frame to do that hustle. Save the money. He should return back home to his true true lover and kiddo. The money he saves would give him some leverage to start something back home.

    Please let him forget about this abroad tinz, GO BACK HOME mbok! God will have mercy upon him and open doors he wouldn't have imagined. Go back home to the other lady that gave him peace and loving care. Legally divorce the ex wife. He should make an honest woman out of his partner by marrying her, and 'unbastard' the baby on the way.

    May God give us all wisdom to deal with curve balls life throws at us. Amin.

  21. This gist na die. The man yaf suffer.

  22. Imagine. What the woman was avoiding to happen is what she now did to the husband. Goes to show that no one is immune to cheating. Women cheat more these days, but her case is kinda understandable cos condition caused it. She should have carried her husband along instead of running away. Daft woman.

  23. Abeg what happened to our Chicago tatafo gist Aunty Stella? We dey expect am!


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