Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -The Role Model.


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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Iya Ibeji Series -The Role Model.

This is the first part of the IYA IBEJI Saturday series......
She is about to blow you away with stories that you can relate with....

I had this friend in University that had accommodation issues so she stayed with a relative in town. She came to my room one day and the following conversation ensured:

FRIEND: Iya beji can I come squat with you until I sort out my accommodation ish.

IYA BEJI : Squat bawo? You know my hips don't lie. They have taken half the space so where will you sleep?

FRIEND: Do you know how to calculate distance and bearing?


FRIEND : what about latitude and longitude?

IYA BEJI: between my hips to the bed or what, because I don't get you.

FRIEND : Yesterday, just yesterday here I was going outside my compound to fetch water, na one secondary school boy came to meet me and said aunty please can you help me with my assignment. I said what subject, he said maths. For my mind I said maths of all subjects. But make e no be say I dey vex I asked what topic. He said latitude and longitude.
You know that kind maths wey be say If you no know am you no know am, you can't guess or pretend. Na I say OK so na me this boy wan embarrass

IYA BEJI: (i busted into laughter) So what did you do?

FRIEND : I tell am when I finish fetching water. Na so I start to fetch water, I fetch water enter night no be person tell am to and find another person. Bros carried his books and went to look for someone else.
IYA BEJI: (when I finished laughing) So what does all of this have to do with me?

FRIEND: See being the only university student in that compound is putting too much pressure on me. And my small stature isn't helping, they think I got into school at a very early age. So they use me as a point of contact and reference. Person no fit drink water drop cup again. If a girl is misbehaving in the compound the parents will be like una no see Aunty, she put head for ground finish secondary school, how many men you don see come here to ask of her. Like I will bring guys to that kind place. It's hard for me to let my hair down and be myself. I go dey form wetin I no be.
The pressure is high men.

IYA BEJI: So them dash role model and you no want again?

FRIEND : I don't want, abi you want?
(I shook my head )
I sha let her stay after considering many other things.

So BVs have they ever dashed you role model and you said you didn't want again?


  1. They are looking up to her in vain, abi, lol.

  2. Tell that Aunty that her reasons for wanting to run away are not strong enough.

  3. She was embarrassingly embarrassed. Another good one coming from Iya beji.

  4. Make I no go there cause e plenty
    And it makes one feel like you are in box,too cpncious to live your life

  5. Beautiful write up, I can relate

  6. Weldon iya ibeji.

  7. oh... I remember when I was in my former church then I just finished my Uni and I was close to my pastor and his family.
    But me I was just forming for Church members because I don't want any male church member coming to toast me. If any guy in church approach me, I will tell my pastor to warn him..

    Na so I take turn role model. Any little thing pastor will say can't you learn from Cleopatra.. Bla bla bla.. The thing come tire me self..

  8. What of the ones that use role model to choke you up and tax you when they're broke? If they pray for you today, by tommorow expect a request.
    Come to your house uninvited and start doing chores you didn't ask them. Role model that you can't give breathing space is one role model?

  9. I can so relate to this...People looking up to u and expecting so much from u, cos of ur "good church girl" looks

  10. Iya beji I love love

  11. Beautiful write up mama twins, I'm your no 1 fan๐Ÿ˜˜

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  12. Mine was not a role model ish per say. I did Logic and Linear algebra in my first semester(logical maths). It involved simple logic so I was doing very well. The lecturer now encouraged my coursemates that were finding it difficult to meet me for extra lessons.
    At first I was overwhelmed when I saw slay mamas and papas in the class coming to meet me. That was how I was chopping free lunch everyday. I enjoyed teaching them and I even began to understand somethings that were not so clear in the beginning.
    I noticed this particular slay mama amongst them,always on point(hair, makeup and all) She seemed eager to learn but just couldnt understand anything. We became quite close, always helping me out with cash. Then exams came, i was determined to help slay mama seeing how hard she was trying. I made sure I sat close to her in the exam hall. Invigilators were quite strict but we managed to outsmart them. Then I noticed slay mama stopped reading. instead she began pumping me with more cash. I understood her game but kept quite. On the day we wrote the last paper for that semester, slay mama couldnt attempt a single question even the one we all saw as bonus question. She saw I wasnt in for any rough play. She was waiting for me to finish mine and help her thinking it's business as usual. She was surprised when I finished and went straight to submit. She stopped talking to me since that day.
    That is the end of my story. Hope I didnt go off topic?


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