Stella Dimoko The Meeting Point -65


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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Meeting Point -65

This Meeting point sweet like

Hi Stella,

I finally gathered the energy to type my meeting point story below, lol. Enjoy.

I met hubby in the University as we were in same church group then. We were friends, I mean great friends. When we got to 3rd year, we decided to try dating. We separated after a month as he had many girls flocking around him and I hate competition. I moved on to my part-time boyfriend and dated him till we left uni. The thing still dey pain hubby till now, lol.

Anyway, we lost touch after I left school and went for NYSC. He came back after 5 years declaring undying love but I wasn't interested as I was doing really good career-wise and wanted to make more money. 

So I turned him down. (I also had some super rich bobo distracting me, yes I love money like that)

Hubby left and came back 2 years after; he was so persistent and all over me so I decided to say yes just to get him off my back. I didn't make it easy for him at all, but my friends and sisters fell in love with him and I decided to promote him from side-boo to main boo. Sex wasn't allowed (the fear of hit and run)

He proposed the day I went to visit him and I didn't show anyone my ring o. It had a permanent place in my wallet, I can't come and become Lord of the rings. 

Always told myself that the only ring I will wear will be at the altar on my wedding day.
Two months later he asked to see my parents and I agreed. And they loved him also.

We got married in our birth month, and 4 years down the line+two vivacious boys later, I will say I have no regrets. He loved me more and was consistent in pursuing me. The depth of his love for me convinced me. And he doesn't get tired of telling me I'm his grace, a companion sent to him by God.

We're of same zodiac sign so sometimes we disagree strongly but in the end, our need for our bond/friendship and mutual respect pulls us through.

Ladies, it is absolutely more fun and enjoyable when he loves you more. You can take this to the bank. And yes, there are still good/solid marriages. All you need do is to BOTH have the desire to make it work, desire to be together; well especially the man.

I believe women (normal ones o) respond to love and turn to love their partners more if they're well loved. No wonder Bible urged the men to love their wives like Christ loves the Church.

*Hahahahhaha funny,inspirational and Educating.......
So what happened to the rich bobo?was it easy getting rid of him?did he find out about the new main boo?...Madam come and complete this gist oh.LMAO!


  1. Your voracious appetite abi lust for money though.

  2. Truly if he loves more u enjoy it... Even iya akpati like me is experiencing it too... Lol

  3. Congratulations to you, may your home be blessed.

    I'm ♌ Leo and I can't date my zodiac sign mate, NEVER!!!

    *Larry was here*

  4. Cool. The marriage go sweet forever

  5. Marriage is a beautiful thing,I always envy my parents marriage,old love that's still very beautiful to watch.

  6. Cool story, poster come and tell it again

  7. Wow that is really lovely..

  8. Thank God for you ...
    The bible is accurate
    Men are to love while the woman is to be submissive.

  9. Nice! May God continue to uphold your marriage.

  10. the way I love reading WNB eeh. congratulations to you madam strong head in the beginning. enjoy your marriage.

  11. STELLA and gist sha!
    I was watching TVC and the big issue was showing, the discussion was about love, money and marriage. They laid emphasis on love must exist before marriage and money makes the journey smoother, but nobody talked about respect. The bible tells the man to love his woman but tells the woman to honor and respect the husband. The man must love you more. Your duty is to respect him.

  12. Wow! Nice one dear

  13. Such an interesting read....yeah, I agree it's always cool for the man to love the wife more.....

  14. Yes poster is actually right, it absolutely more fun when the guy loves you more

    Nice story poster

  15. Love ur story. If he loves u more, u r blessed. Hmmmmm. Learn from other people's mistakes ooo. Don't allow desperation push u into d wrong hands. No matter ur age. Cos answering 'Mrs' then won't be fun...

  16. Nice one, God bless your union! I'm not a fan of Zodiac sign though...

    ... Jesus is my worth!

    1. Indians can cancel a marriage engagement because of opposing Zodiac sign o... Like WTH 😂😂

  17. Beautiful story
    God bless your home poster

  18. Beautiful story!! I will continue saying it love is a beautiful thing I love LOVE!! I pray it finds me

  19. Me love ❤️ your story, very interesting

  20. Hahahahahaha this poster go like gist , see how you analyze everything , very interesting story, God bless your home.

  21. Nice story. See persistence! 👏👏👏


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