Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 198


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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Labour Room Drama 198

Hmmm Interesting!!!

Greetings Stella. Hope you're good.

This is my LRD. It'll be lengthy so please bear with me.

Got pregnant going to 19.
Tried every abortion method suggested by friends.(except going to the hospital) No way. I stayed with my friends then and just started working newly.

Not even a drop of blood. Rather, I had this pains like "many needles piercing my stomach".

Decided to tell my bf, he asked me to come over so we could go for an abortion.

I was so happy.
On reaching there, guy man changed topic oh. Asking me not to abort, and started preaching to me on how some girls aborted and couldn't conceive again.

He persuaded me until"fear" catch me, and I decided to keep it.

Mehn no be small suffer.(save for my friend who gave me food mostly)
No food, no medication. Had to relocate.

He's 10yrs older and had a live-in-girlfriend(not proud of it).
I was 18 when we started dating.

When I was 7months gone, my elder sis asked me to come stay with her.

Fast-forward, I started feeling pains on my joints.
I couldn't sit on the floor without feeling like my waist was pulling out.

I complained to my sister's neighbour(cos my sis wasn't always around), and she took me to a woman that does massaging work.

As the woman massaged me, she said I'll deliver by the following week.

Meanwhile, my sis asked me earlier where i'ld like to give birth ( hospital or massaging) and I chose hospital.
No money for ante-natal. (Guy man was busy enjoying/flexing with his girlfriend).

My sis later took me to another massager where she'd want me to deliver.

So on this fateful Sunday, my friend(now late. May her soul rest in peace), came visiting, and she insisted she should be the first person I call once I put to bed.

As I escorted her, we decided to branch the massager. And she said I should come when I start feeling pains and water start dropping from my body.

On reaching night, I couldn't sleep.
Headache! It was like someone using hammer to hit my head. Hmmm.

I lied down! no way!
Sit! mbanu.
Squat! Hmmm.
Bend down ! Elele.
Stand! For where!

Mind you, no pain in my stomach at all ohh.
I was just waiting for the pains to come before telling my sis.

Mehn! I couldn't endure anymore.
By then, water had started dropping from my body.

Had to go wake my sis and tell her what's happening to me.

Don't really know the time cos I didn't bother checking. But seems it was midnight.

So we got there, the woman checked me, and asked me to keep walking in the room.

Morning reached, no delivery.
That was when I started feeling this serious pains in my stomach and started crying.

My sis and her sis-inlaw said I shouldn't cry oh.
That if I cry in my first baby, that's how i'ld cry in all my children.

Mehn, the pain was too much i couldn't endure.

We did until around 10 am, nothing!
The woman became worried and started wondering what could be keeping me so long.

So she pounded okro with little water, and gave me the water to drink. After which she put her hand inside of me and brought out the baby's feaces.
And said the baby was coming with bum. Lawd! And insisted we go to hospital, that she knew of a female doctor who knows how to handle such cases.

My people, fear catch me!

All my fear was that, i'ld get operated on in hospital. ( Don't blame me. Cos the stories we heard of about cs weren't pleasant at all).

So she directed us to the doctor's house. (Though she followed us behind. Telling me not to behave like i was in labour, cos some people around were bad)). On getting there, we got her number and called her and she asked us to go to the hospital, that she'd meet us there.( See me for road dey roll for ground).

On getting to the hospital, i just laid on the floor in the reception, people where there but I didn't mind.
Not long, a nurse came and asked me if it's labour, I answered yes.

She took me to the Labour Room and left.( I was still wearing my bum short oh).

While there, I started feeling pressed.
I went to the toilet, tried pooping nothing came out. 5 good times, nothing. I now decided that I won't go to any toilet again, that if it worries me again, i'ld do it on my short.

Shortly thereafter, my sis and a male doc came in, I was already pushing.

They said I shouldn't push oh, else my baby's head would hit the floor.
They both carried me to the delivery bed.

Doc checked me and shouted, your baby's coming with bum.

Dunno if he tear me or I got tear from the push I was pushing earlier.
He asked me to push when I feel the urge.

I did, the baby's bum came out. He asked me to hold on. Brought out of baby's legs and asked me to push.

By then I wasn't feeling any urge to push again. So I said to myself "just relax till u feel like pushing, after all, the baby's dead. Yea! Heard of how babies that came with leg never survived.

On a second thought, I told myself, please push out this baby once so you could just rest.

So I pushed! And that was how I heard the loudest, biggest voice of a baby. The voice covered the whole hospital and I was convinced it's a baby boy. Didn't even bother asking the gender. That was 11:10 am.
I nurse carried the baby to clean.

I started crying, saying thank you Jesus.

Shortly, I started feeling something rushing out of my body.
I called the doctor's attention to it.
He checked and said I was bleeding.
I had serious tear.

As soon as I delivered, that was how the female doc came, that she was in port-harcourt when we called. They stopped the bleeding.

So time to stitch me up, about 3 to 4 nurses and a doctor held me, while the one that took the delivery stitched me. The pains! Though I endured, and everybody was pampering me and saying I was even trying.

On getting to the finishing, the pains became so unbearable, I started shouting, crying begging for them to leave me.
They said it's for my own good oh and they'd soon be true.
I wasn't hearing that one oh.

I was shouting leave me oh, na my body oh.
Was finally stitched up, 2 pound weighs of blood were put in me with enough drip.

Then they started talking of how big and beautiful my daughter was.
I was like "nurse, na woman I born?" And the nurse was like "so na now your eyes come down wey you dey ask whether na woman you born?".

My cousin sis came with my sis oh.
My body started sweeting me, as in, I was having this sweeting something all over my body. My sis had to use dettol and water to clean my body.

When she's through, she and cousin sis decided to take me to my bed cos I was still on the delivery bed.
Meanwhile, all my attention was for me to see this my so beautiful daughter everyone was gushing about.

Next thing I knew was like some people were walking round me on the bed.
I wanted to shout and call out for help.
Then I recognized my sis. Hmmm.

My cousin sis now called me by my name, I answered!
She asked if I knew who was standing next to me?
I said yes now.
She asked who was that?
I answered, it's sister now.
She said ok.

Then and only then I remembered they were taking me to my bed.
And again my position in bed had changed.

I asked chei you people were taking me to my bed. They answered yes.
I now asked, then what happened that I'm still here?
They said, nothing!

My cousin sis later said, you have this beautiful baby, won't you live to take care of her? You want to leave her and go to where.
I was like, what happened? No answer.

Meanwhile, oga was home during the Labour wahala, my sis called and told him, instantly, toilet worry him.
I said, he talked that by the time he comes out of the toilet,i should give birth. And that was how it happened. He was so happy.

After everything, he came.(Doctor finished his life for him. You are wicked, you want to kill this small girl and all that) showed him the up to 2 custard buckets of blood I bleed.
His mom too came.
Imagine, his mom carried this new born baby, till when she drop her, see cry see shout.
When she carry her she stopped. It continued like that for long.

And i was like, chei them talk sey na pikin wen them don too carry dey know hand?
So how come this one wen I never touch sef don know hand?
Abi them bin dey carry her for bell?
Everybody laughed.

My sis later told us that as they were carrying me to go and sleep in my bed, that was how I passed out in their hands.
They had to rush me back to the bed and then rush and call nurse ohh.

Got to see my baby finally.
So beautiful, very fair and hairy all over.
Old woman sense want to finish her from birth. So wise a child.

She'll be 8yrs by November.

My question now is;
1. They said it's God that gives children,right? (I'm a believer, just can't get it), so why is he not giving to people mostly couples that are in need of the children?
Who are ready and capable of taking care of children?
Why give to people who aren't in any way qualified to cater/take care of the children?
2. If it's sin that's being measured, does it mean that those capable of taking care of children sinned more than those that had unwanted babies.

I'm asking cos most children born by parents who weren't ready for parenthood are really suffering.

So, in such situation, if the person decided/decides to abort, why blame them? Rather than bring the child(ren) to come suffer in the world?

To me abortion is the best option in most cases of unwanted pregnancy#myopinion*

*This your story was so scary eh..i thought the baby didnt make it.

Your opinion....I still stand that unwanted babies is wanted by someone...have the baby and give it to those who need it...Abortion is wrong,I will never support it oh.


  1. Nice story o,we give God the glory, abortion is bad really really bad,how I wish I never aborted in my life b4,but I know the Lord has shown me mercy, to God be the glory

  2. I enjoyed reading it, but twas scary. May I, default smile, fan Emmanuel and others that are pregnant deliver safe and sound and I pray that God opens d womb of those TTC.... Amen

  3. "They said it's God that gives children,right? (I'm a believer, just can't get it), so why is he not giving to people mostly couples that are in need of the children?"
    Silly question. Didn't that same God tell you not to engage in premarital affairs. You r luckycyou didn't die cos this is the most scary movie I v ever watched. I hope u r celibate after this encounter ka I ka na akwayari iko agayari. Use condom,boy friend will say No. Who suffers the consequences? Na we women. Nonsense and ingredients.

    1. Hehehehee, idi bad men. She has learnt her lesson. 5 minutes enjoyment and long time suffering. We thank God for saving her life. Your baby will be great in life.

  4. God gives children..yes.

    But people dont inhale pregnancy, if you are broke, don't have sex.

    As for the people who have money yet no kids, well, only God understands. There was nowhere it was recorded that Hannah sinned hence her years of barrenness. One thing I know is God is never late.

    Frankly, I am amazed that after your whole narration and taking care of your baby for 8 years. You still think kids should be aborted....are you having it that hard? Or does the child give you grief when you look at her?

    Anyways...all is well.

  5. So scary a story. Your baby came out with bum bum? What a mighty God you serve. I receive the grace to birth my baby without stress in the mighty name of Jesus . Amen!

  6. Congrats dear
    I wish i had my first child, am still regretting it until dear after the abortion the guilt will be with u forever, am still asking for forgiveness..
    My neighbor is pregnant after 8 children, she try to abort it,I have to beg her not to..
    God pls have mercy, open my womb to conceive in Jesus name Amen

    1. After 8 children? Why will you discourage her will you help her take care of any of them? Na wa

    2. Dont beat yourself too much. As long as u have genuinely asked God for forgiveness,he has forgiven you. Just put your faith in God. We will laugh soon Ok. Love you

    3. God will show you mercy for disgracing your past and shaming guilt..
      We all have past which we are not proud of..

      Your case will be solved through Christ that strengthen sister,you are mother of Nations. Believe nothing less..

      Official prestige

    4. God will show you mercy for disgracing your past and shaming guilt..
      We all have past which we are not proud of..

      Your case will be solved through Christ that strengthen sister,you are mother of Nations. Believe nothing less..

      Official prestige

  7. This is one scary labour room drama. Thank God for your life and that of your child. Abortion is a no no for me. I don't support it whatsoever.

  8. Ahhhh.

    Thank God it ended in praise. Childbirth is no joke.

    God bless you for keeping her.

  9. D'Royalty is that you? Thank God for your life and your baby.

    1. How??? You people should stop this pls.

  10. Scary and funny LRD. Lord please remember me. M trying so hard to be strong but I'm human afterall.

  11. Oh God you scared the shit out of me. I was waiting for the worst as I read on but thank God it ended in praise.

  12. Thank God, so you and your ignorance sister would have kill the baby and yourself too.
    What kind of hospital did you go to that left a woman in labour to herself to roll on the floor and go pulling in the toilet.

    Yes, God gives children but he doesn't force them on anyone and at the same time if you're not ready for baby don't go fucking.

    Hope you are now wiser

  13. Hmmm. I think of those who abort daily while many of us are praying and crying for children. My dear God showed you mercy. The suffering of taking care of an "unwanted" child can never equal the pain and suffering of barrenness or infertility. Sharon Aminu, Mercy and Co, the God who answered default smile will do ours. #MyLaborRoomDramaLoading

  14. Wow!!! God knows everything whether he gives to couple or singles... No child is unwanted and he could delay giving children for a purpose like Hannah's Samuel, Sarah's Isaac, Elizabeth's John, Manuel's Samson etc.

  15. Abortion is not an option. Abstain completely. Sex is for married people

  16. Pls @ Bipolar that your bible quote, can you mention the bible book and verse where it was mentioned that Hannah sin was the reason for her barreness?

    1. Go back and read what she wrote again. Try to comprehend please.

  17. Very scary lrd, ThankGod you and baby stay alive to tell this story, i asked myself that your question too at times but my dear abortion is not an option, don't even try to advice anyone to do it. It is well with you and your baby she will always be a reason for you to smile in future


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