Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman Calls Out Her Brother In Law's Side Chick


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nigerian Woman Calls Out Her Brother In Law's Side Chick

Nigerian lady Olatayo Gold just called out the mistress of her brother-in-law on her facebook page for being a home wrecker and causing her sister so much pain.


"I don't know why some girls are stupid and shameless, This unfortunate home destroyer despite you knows that he has a kid and wife your still have gut to be telling his wife that there's nothing she can do...lemme tell you, u will never enjoy the rest of ur life coz for him to even sold his car bcoz of you I know it's not ordinary but I know one thing for sure that it can never last and it will surely bounced back on you the useless bitch called MARIAM BELLO your a disgrace to your family and a source of sorrow"


  1. I am tired of these senseless call outs

  2. Gbam, lobatan! Karma is a a biatch!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

    1. Truth be told ehhhh, the lady am sharing her husband can't try such.
      And ahe knows, stunts like this gives me an edge, the few time she sent me a msg, I didn't even tell her hubby, na she tell am say I sent ur hoe a msg.
      Guy man was running around because I didn't react, I jst keep quite.
      My silence isn't because am afraid to fight bck, naaaa.......she's his wife n I respect that, am not a fighter, have neva been.
      Last time she contacted me, she drop her brash tone and we reason woman 2 woman, she kukuma know am not here to exchange words, we both have peace now, all those her drama didn't count instead it endeared her hubby to me.
      Married women need to study the other woman, identify the hold she has on ur man and knw how to deal wit it. If only she took the calm /disadvantaged wife side, we for no dey here now. Wisdom is profitable to direct my people, seek wisdom.

    2. Madam husband sharer, if nd when you're married, pls endeavour to practice what u preach ok.

      Hold on your husband indeed.
      Ok o.

    3. And you think you will escape the wrath of God and karma? Tomorrow you people will be running up and down looking for kids just to save your marriage.

    4. If only she knew how to take your case to the the one who slew Egypt and all their firstborn( including animals)

    5. Shameless you. So because some woman had to crawl on her knees for you to leave her man makes you feel like just won a trophy? Let me just decree as long as the LORD Jehovah liveth and reigneth, if you don't repent of your home destroying ways before the end of this year, let you peace, joy, happiness and good health be held until you are ready to hear the word of the Lord, that what God has joined together, no man shall knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or mistakenly put asunder.

    6. @Anonymous 13:25
      Since you began to quote Solomon's Proverbs "wisdom is profitable to direct . . ."
      Let's continue;
      Proverbs 23:27 A prostitute is a dangerous trap;
      a promiscuous woman is as dangerous as falling into a narrow well.
      28 She hides and waits like a robber,
      eager to make more men unfaithful.
      Proverbs 30:20 An adulterous woman consumes a man, then wipes her mouth and says, "What's wrong with that?"
      Eccl. 7:26 I find more bitter than death the woman who is a snare, whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains. The man who pleases God will escape her, but the sinner she will ensnare.

      Revelation 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

    7. It's love that makes a woman want to fight for her husband, plus I assume the man is still of value to her. I attended a big man wedding. The man married his side chicken and his wife threw a big party. She had her own aso-ebi with her friends and families in attendance. You need to have seen her dancing and being sprayed. In fact to me, she stole the show and people kept wandering the cause for her over joyful attitude. You will know the man is bad market. If someone comes to be my hubby's Sidechick, I will pray for you to chop Belle. Then u will know that all wives were once a chick.Na the things person see for inside the marriage, make am become a fowl.

    8. Anon 13.25 and to think you had the guts to sound spiritual....i wont be shocked if you are a Sunday school teacher in the church..... You sound extremely wicked.... But i 😁.... Because when it is your turn your husband go bring the babe come house and you will keep quiet just like you did when the other woman contacted you.... Wickedness personified....Chukwu Aju!

    9. You mentioned wisdom lol but how come you don't have it, cos if you have wisdom you won't share another woman's husband.

    10. Thank you all for replying this evil Anon. Big amen to your prayers anon 14.02. I am so so upset but your prayers are apt May Gods judgement come rapidly and swiftly on her and her likes


  3. Replies
    1. U can imagine the effrontery.
      That she can't do anything.

      If she kill her now, pple will call her bad woman.

  4. Why d guy no just marry her?
    This one d wife can't do anything o, cos d sidechic knows he's married n not ready to let go.
    Unless she'll remote control her bladder spiritually so she starts bedwetting anyhow, or give her permanent bad perfume....enter jungle, queen knows, lol.

    1. Most of them don't want marriage. Just suck dry and dump them move to the best target.
      See the small girl causing her fellow woman pain.
      Na wa.

      Sorry bout your health BB.

  5. Call out your brother-in-law too. There's an adage in Igbo(Imo especially) that 'obu onye IMO(river) guru ukwu ya ka o na eri. That is it to say, only a person that goes to d IMO river that might get drowned. The guy can't jejely be on his own and this lady Summersaulted into his laps. I'm not supporting d side chick mind u, but it's high time the men are made to be responsible too. Not everyday side chick this side chick that, men should respect themselves, wives and family. Shikena!

    1. My dear, wives deal with their husbands inside the house cos they live together. But the chic is an outsider,there's no how the wife cld've called her to order in privacy.
      Even if she does/did the chic will insult her(u know chic of these days).

      Girls, stop falling for all these married men.
      Shld their wives kill u u re gone nd he'ld forget u nd go for d next available whore.
      #Bethey sister'skeeper.
      Stop destroying children'shappinessinthehome.

    2. That's how One Annabel...Anny told my husband she won't abort again should she get preggers for him again.

      Trust me, he confessed everything he does to me later.

  6. Side chicks getting more bold with each passing day...the side chic will eventually get what she deserves,payback is a bitch...and the dude aint no better either

    common! stay with your family, love your wife and lil kid..i mean why tha hell did you get married ind the 1st place!!!

  7. Your brother in law too is a bitch.
    Your sister has decided to still stay?
    And you turned the defender?
    Ndi bitches unu ncha.

  8. Why are some men so heartless? U are cheating on ur wife and that is not enough, u are now rubbing it on ur wife's face by making the side chick call ur wife.

    U side chick, karma is very close by.

  9. If you want to do a call out, please do it in proper English or get someone who can to do it for you. That said, what is your business here? Is your sister married to the side chic? Call out the mofo and leave the babe alone. You've only ended up advertising her hustle. The era of blaming the side chic and leaving the man out should be long gone. I will never ever fight a woman because of a man, hubby or not. If he hasn't looked her way, would she "knack pigeon"? Even Nollywood shows that the side chics that get no green light from the man had at one time thought the man was green lighting them. I'm guessing you're not married, hence your pokenosing into your sister's affairs.

  10. I can see this young man inside the bottle already! Chai!Umunwanyi

  11. Such a useless home destroyer.You know you have a wife and kid yet you stupidly went outside after a single girl who has nothing to lose.You sold your car for someone who is only loyal to herself when you have a wife who would stand by you through thick and thin.Shameless homewrecker like you!Karma is coming for you Mr.That woman you are hurting right now will have the last laugh.

  12. All these pointless call outs are becoming boring.
    What will happen is this. The side chick will feel bad for some days but will ultimately stay because what's the worst that can be done after this. The guy will pet her with extra gifts because she will get upset that she was disgraced because of him.
    Later when he gets tired of the side chick (that is if he even gets tired) he will eventually stroll back to his wife who has been praying and crying that her philandering husband should come back to her and claim that the jazz has stopped working and he is ready to make things work again. Then the prayerful fool will go and do thanksgiving in church thinking she has won the battle.

    Stop these call outs. When women start reading men the Riots Act for their unfaithfulness it will decrease steadily. If a man cheats on you and still has the guts to disrespect you about it dump his unfaithful ass! Simple.

    1. Wow. 100% agree with u Miss Kenefo. Until us women start holding men accountable for their misdeeds, they will never stop.he even get guts take loved up pics with the chick. Asin.....the chick ain't Ur problem babes. The disrespectful mofo is....rather than ranting...the guys fuckup needs to be treated.....infact the wife the wife needs to team up with the side chick make dem treat the guy fuckup so that he will learn to respect women in general. Wife or no wife. Anyway me no Kuku believe in those prayer bullshit. You fuckup as my husband......I will treat Ur fuck one. I m fucking two.what rubbish.

  13. Side chick and home breaking are like 5/6

    1. Women and call outs, just relax ,take care of yourself and kid, be faithful to God and let Him take control. Believe me karma is a badass bitch, a friend of mine used to be a serial side chick to married men, she is now married and her husband is an unrepentant chronic womaniser. He even flaunts it in her face, disappears for days with his mistress etc , infact she is no longer begging him to stop rather she begs him to atleast be giving her money for the kids after spending on his side chick. She don go prayer house tire, all she asks is that he show her some love and care and not give all to his side chick. Karma! Hmm

  14. I am not saying she should not be a side chick . But pls respect the other woman . You cant be insulting her after sharing her husband with her. If this woman goes into prayers it will back fire . You are meant to be a side chick , just be a side chick jejely without causing trouble. You have no shame .

  15. Typically women. Instead of dealing with the problem under your nose, you are calling out his side piece. He is a f**k**g grown ass man, he made the choice to keep a side piece, so it is his responsibility to deal with the wahala. If he decided to go in then he is capable of making that decision to pull out.

    Let me say something, there are some girls, women who don't give a f**k being a side chic, they enjoy it. They loath leaving under the same roof with a man for ling years. They prefer a an who comes and goes, while the take what he can provide for them. To some, it is like a profession, they have grown to excel in it and are very comfortable with it. No amount of cursing, swearing and call outs will move them. If the man withdraws, they'll move o to another married dude.

    Ladies deal with that penis wey no get eyes, but can travel to and from a known destination to another.

    You called out the side chic, yes you can bully her to stop seeing the husband. Problem is not solved, bc the underlying problem is the wandering dick you have as a husband. That wandering dick will still look for another hole to dip, bath, swim & remain there .

  16. Anon 13.25, it is because she is a weak woman. Try such a thing with my sister, friends in fact anyone that comes to me complaining.

    You will run mad on the streets for 7 days. When you return to your senses then you will understand what's up.

    I pray that wife comes crying to me for help, let me use you to practise my skills.

  17. Lol I laugh in Swahili. Mtchew who call out EPP?

  18. Some men are so shameless sha,how do I get a blog Id biko???

  19. Im tired of married men, 90% of people asking me to have relationship with them are married.I have prayed, reject... Im tired..Anyone with solution pls? im really tired of their this morning help to drop me off at work, inside car was trying to touch me dat his hunny, i was like u just left ur house, y u no have sex with ur wife at home. God help me but the rate at which men cheat is becoming unbearable.


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