Stella Dimoko Pete Edochie And Emmanuella's Wikipedia Videos Launched....


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Friday, September 29, 2017

Pete Edochie And Emmanuella's Wikipedia Videos Launched....

Oh wow, have you seen the Pete Edochie and Emmanuella Wikipedia Videos?

I twale for them…coming to Nigeria to shoot the videos, and using our own people.

An excerpt from a blog on what it’s all about...

“Last week, Wikipedia, in partnership with Anakle, a digital marketing agency in Lagos, released two videos featuring YouTube sensation, Emmanuella, and Nollywood veteran, Pete Edochie. The campaign is in line with the organisation’s awareness campaign in Nigeria.

In the second video starring veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, Wikipedia travels back in time to reveal how all the world’s knowledge has always been available to those who know where to look.”


  1. I love love love wikipedia!😍😍

    I remember when I was younger, my mum went somewhere and packed encyclopedia(s) for us. Very boring and annoying looking things, but from it we learnt alot. I especially loved the ones about greek mythology, and ancient kings, leaders etc.

    So, the first time i came across Wikipedia, the name sounded like 'encyclopedia'. And I remember thinking to myself 'who has time to put all that content into one place?' I kept putting in various words and answers would pop up. Waaaawwu! Magical ☄

    Only for me to find out they do it for free. How can I not donate to such a resourceful initiative? I really don't know where those books are, I'm sure they must be somewhere at my folks. Maybe old and filled with torn pages. But everytime I want to re-live a memory of some of my childhood literature, I go to Wikipedia. I would even see some artistic illustrations as they appeared in the encyclopedia gaan gaan.

    But do millenials know this? Yeye children! 😐

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. And here again. ......... the 'Broken Africa stereotype' showcasing the main ways 60% of the world picture africa :slums, disease, failed states, refugee camp,illiteracy, poverty, point? There are other ways to advertise Wikipedia or reference 'things fall apart'rather than showcasing old illiterate men in sack clothes living in mud houses .I find that international media on Africa are attached to colonial tropes of savagery, exotica and rhetoric of benevolence. Although the physical instruments of brutality associated with imperialism are no longer in direct use, these colonial instruments live on in contemporary advertising.

    My opinion!

    1. I was expecting Nigerians to call this stereotype out but they are covered in the fallacy that this is a beautiful video. Sadly, Pete Edochie was used to showcase this stereotypical representation of who we are. 21st century??? These people are kidding me. Thanks Eze for pointing this out. This video is absolute nonsense. Nothing special about it. It is an insult to our intelligence and progress over time. Will they make such a video in Germany, Canada, Austria or their so-called first world nations? Obviously no.

    2. Obviously you are missing the point! The advert is for Nigerians!

      Nigerians can relate to this because the "English" used is Nigerian as opposed to western.

      Nigerian audience is targeted in this advert & not Cameroonian for a start.

  3. I love this esp that of Emmanuella. Hers really cracked me up.

  4. Good
    Olybekee Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

  5. Big aunty that cannot pronounce Wikipedia is that one big aunty? Abeg let me not go and Lee myself with laughter.Good one.

  6. Like play like play Emmanuella is going places. Na waaya

  7. Big aunty that cannot pronounce Wikipedia is that one aunty? this emmanuella get bad mouth


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