Stella Dimoko . Peter Obi Calls Out His Successor Gov. Obiano Ahead Of The November 2017 Governorship Election


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

. Peter Obi Calls Out His Successor Gov. Obiano Ahead Of The November 2017 Governorship Election

Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has advised his successor, Chief Willie Obiano to focus on telling the people of Anambra State what he has done for them in almost four years, rather than using the non-existent demand for N7 billion as an excuse to hide his gross incompetence.

Responding through his Special Adviser, Mr. Valentine Obienyem, in a statement made available to newsmen, the former governor said He (Obiano) should go ahead and tell Anambra people what he used their money to do, bearing in mind that major projects in the state such as roads, Awka and Nnewi malls as well as Onitsha and Agulu Hotels, among others remain abandoned.

We know the governor has many questions to answer and cannot run away from them through blackmail. For instance, on the issue of the N75 billion Obi left for him, he tried to deny it by saying he met ‘near cash’, we went on and published the banks and account numbers where the money were and the bank certified statement of accounts, but they tactically kept quiet.

”To refresh our minds, Obi left N2,139,951,400 billion in First Bank (Acc no. 2018779464) for Oko erosion; N4,909,576,925.98 billion in Sure-P Diamond account (0026290200); 1,782,568,032 billion in UBEC 1 Diamond account(0023484282); N2,101,864,766 billion UBEC 2 Diamond Account (0031151473); over N4 billion in many MDG accounts one of which was the N3,048,355,196 billion in Fidelity Bank (5030047097); over 35 billion Naira cash (set aside funds added) in all the banks.
Obi also left $156 million in Fidelity Bank ($56 million); Diamond Bank ($50 million); and Access Bank ($50 million).

If left as Anambra’s Future Growth Funds as conceived by Obi, the money with interest and accruals would have been about 200 billion Naira, but Gov. Obiano has sold all of them. In fact, it was one of the disagreements about the sale that led Mr. Oseloka Obaze to resign. Obiano should be busy telling us the status of these moneys rather than his current blackmail.

The statement further said: “Now is also the time for Obiano to justify before Anambra people why he takes 1.2 billion Naira as security votes, which is biggest in Nigeria relative to income.

The statement further said that now was the time for Obiano to clear so many lies his administration has been dishing out to the people of the state, with the phantom $5 million ugu export as an example.

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Hmmmm na wah oh!


  1. Nigeria my country!!

  2. I am tired of Peter and Willie saga, we ndi anambra is gonna decide

  3. Hahahaha.
    Lets see what will happen.
    There are too many aggrieved people during the primaries that will work against the flagbearers.

  4. I like Peter Obi. He is a prudent man.See the amount of monies he left for all down the drain.
    Very exemplary politician Obi is!

    1. 🙄😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🙆

  5. Peter Obi has remained the only ex governor without stain.
    Which governor in Nigeria history could leave such a huge amount of money stashed in various banks for his successor to further complete the state projects.
    May God continue to bless Peter Obi.

    1. In a developing state that needs tremendous infrastructural developments in diverse fields, banking such money amounts to absolute failure.

    2. Anonymous 8:18. You are very correct. He's one of the ex governors with clean record.

  6. Wow....
    I'm waiting for a response...
    Obiano what did you do with the reserves

  7. I've a personal grouse with all the SE governors and I go talk am here.
    If the govenors of all the SE states were a little less greedy and self-serving than they presently are, the clamour for federal presence in the region will be less; the region would have made far more progress than it has done presently.
    What's wrong with having a functional economic development board to steer infrastructure and economic development for the entire region? What's wrong with coming together to form a strong force that will champion development progress for the entire nation. What's wrong with funding the building of all major highways, airports and perhaps seaports that will service business and create employment within the region?. Come to think of it, this region speaks a common language, predominantly has a single religion (two out of the four common factors for development of any nation) and is blessed with a very hardworking people. So mai ne massalan? Why have we turned our best efforts at been the most flamboyant state treasury looters instead of dealing with the present problems for the sake of the future.
    I don tire to type...person wey get ear make him hear.

  8. As I was coming back from abuja 3weeks ago, Mr peter obi was seated next to me in our air peace flight. Economy class without entourage, just that his driver and Mopol was waiting for him when we landed in Lagos. Such a humble man. Which ex governor in Nigeria flies economy? The N7b allegation Obiano is accusing him for, if he was that desperate won't he just remove it from anambra account before handing over? People be wise but in all I think Obiano is still best candidate for now. In all contestants he remains the lesser evil.

  9. I like Peter Obi, if not for politics, he's a straight forward man.

  10. Why did obi hand over to obiano in the first place when he knew he will not deliver.too late to cry.

  11. Peter Obi’s antics are all staged. He’s doing it all for politics, he wants to be VP. He wants control of Anambra. You can’t be simple and your wife who has no record of a successful business from years lives an immense flamboyant lifestyle. Each time you see her, crocodile skin bags, Hermes bags, and diamonds in latest designer gear. They say he made money before politics but why wasn’t he’s wife dressing like this before politics? Peter took money from a Anambra but downplayed it. He’s not at all without a stain. All of them are thieving politicians. None of them are perfect but he should allow Obiano and let the people decide at the poll not causing unnecessary tension.

    1. Peter Obi continues to be a good exemplary to all of them. Tell the truth joor

    2. For ur mind nah u make sense. Ndo. Common sense fall on u


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