Stella Dimoko Ritualists Confess To Their Crimes


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Friday, September 08, 2017

Ritualists Confess To Their Crimes

Three persons in the business of luring and kidnapping girls for the purpose of killing and selling their parts have been arrested by the Ondo State police command.

 They have also confessed to have been involved in the kidnapping of students of the Adeyemi College of Education in Ondo town.

While parading the suspects at the police command in Akure on Thursday, newly deployed Commissioner of Police, Gbenga Adeyanju said the suspects, John Adenitire, a.k.a Emir; Fisayo Fasanu, a.k.a Abore, and Abdurafiu Tijani, a herbalist, were arrested at different locations, and had confessed to killing three students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

He explained that one of the suspects, Mr. Adenitire, was arrested in a robbery incident in Ondo, and later confessed to the kidnap and killing of the missing girl for ritual.Further investigation led to the discovery of two other female students who had been killed for rituals .

Mr. Adenitire’s confession led to the arrest of two other suspects who participated in the killing.

According to the Police Boss, Messrs, Adenitire and Fasanu specifically confessed to selling the bodies of the ladies to Mr. Tijani in Ore, who promised to pay N15 million for the parts of the ladies.

Admitting his involvement, Mr. Adenitire, 30, said he was yet to get any pay for the parts of the ladies delivered to the cleric.
“They promised to give us N5 million for a left breast and left hand and we were able to send three different bodies to them but they have not send the money before the police nabbed me,” he said.

“We have killed three girls and removed their breasts and buried their remains in the bush. We gave the parts to the Alfa and Sile who is also part of us but has taken to his heels after our arrest.

Mr. Fasanu also made confessions, saying, “I was in my house when John Adenitire, Emir, told me he has business that can lead to cool money for us. He told me it’s about ritual and assured me there was no problem.

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  1. Is there still space left in the prison across the nation where they keep this people because all this everyday arrest, makes me wonder where police keep this criminals

  2. He assured you there won't be problem and you stupidly followed him..

  3. Thank God they were caught.

    Wonder when our young adults esp the ladies will stop going into strange cars and totaly stop talking to strangers. DO NOT talk to anyone you don't know! It's simple as that. Do that first and let God take care of the rest.

    I saw the pictures of the girls. Pretty girls and my heart ached to know these young girls and boy was juts killed for rituals.

    May God comforttheir loved ones.

    1. NWUNYE general igolo nwanyi,Ndi slay Queens and slay mamas on social media be making babes misbehave for peanuts, this is just sad, forget ,some Nigerian girls are so desparate, it irritates me, see how that malaysian based guy left that girl and girls were tagging him on facebook with racy pictures, so many cheap despearadoes, few girls carry themselves well.

    2. My dear Chickyclassy,soo desperate! And the Sad thing is that some are in denial over their desperation and desperado moves.

      The quest for material things have soo blinded some of our youths today that one can't help but wonder where they are headed to. And crazily many do it not for themselves o,but all for the Gram and to compete and compare.

      And I ask myself,for what exactly?

      Their rejection of parental moral up-bringing,Shattered self-esteem and Greed is what is responsible for this rising and alarming vice.

      Few girls carry themselves well my dear and I commend them. I know quite a lot. And I just added you. Keep at it you all! Keep doing us Super-proud. Your kids in turn wil do you Beauties super-proud👌
      Maybe l,just maybe with time the goodness will rub off on others👍

      May God keep you all safe,warm and much loved,Amen! And grant you all the beautiful desires of your heart!🙏🏽

    3. Thank you General,s wife,I wish you great great things, You are such a sweet lady.chai.

  4. Look at hungry they look! Illgotten wealth will never make anybody look any better...

  5. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    Hey, Guys. Read Mr. Fassanu's confession, "I was in my house when Mr..." LOL. what does this do, give him a lesser sentence, what is the sentence for kidnapping again, this cases shouldn't be judged, Mr. Tijani should be located and his cohorts, and some Bible age justice dealt to them, yunno ... they should be beheaded, nailed on a transversal cross, thrown in a boiling cauldron, throw in a fiery furnace, something drama-filled.

    If you read properly, you'd see the idiot trying to skillfully telling us it was his second attempt at the killing, which is the man in the picture, they all look hungry and malnourished, almost as similar to that uncle in the other story we read off here. LOL.

    The suit looked so funny. (:

    Yours Blogospherially.

  6. I'm really bereft of what to say!!!

  7. Aru mere ,jesus Nnam!ala owerri nwem o,heke owu nini ehhhh!😮

  8. I just don't know why a human being that cannot even mould ant will kill another, is still baffles me, God please continue guiding and protecting us

  9. The world is becoming so scary to live in

  10. ThankGod they were caught, this is another lesson to our young girls, they should be content with what their parents have and stop looking for rich guys for material things.


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