Stella Dimoko Heartless Nigerian Man Confesses To Ending The Life Of His Wife Because He Was Suspicious...


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Friday, September 08, 2017

Heartless Nigerian Man Confesses To Ending The Life Of His Wife Because He Was Suspicious...


An Australian returnee, Stephen Ogho-Oghene Akpata, who had spent 27 years in Australia has been arrested by the Police in Bayelsa State for killing his wife Onyinye,an Employee of Glo Network after making love to her for about an hour.

Akpata, who confessed to committing the dastardly act when paraded by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Amba Asuquo, was arrested in Lagos following his failed attempt to flee to Ghana.

The Suspect confessed that he made love to the deceased at about 5am to 6am on the fateful day before killing her following suspicion of infidelity through a message he saw on her phone. He also confessed to stabbing her with a knife on the neck and shoulder.

The suspect also revealed that he has served in various detention centers in Australia.

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  1. Were leleyi oh! Were pombele!!!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

    1. Oti koba omolomo.. akoba adaba olohun ma'jeki ari

  2. He is not new to crime or killing.......renegade bastard.

  3. Just negodu his fat face.
    Murderer oshi.
    But one hour? can't deal mhen...

  4. Thank God he was caught. All these insecured men that do worst. He must surely rot in jail.

  5. This one is one proud killer o. See the angle of his head. And he is even "hipping" (putting hands on the hip)

    Poor Onyinye!
    He should be Hurled into jail and his wicked ass forgotten there.

  6. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    This is wickedness and cruelty at its tip top, this should go with a death sentence, an easy case in the court, afterall, he is an offender of the law, counting his many past detentions abroad, he should be dealt with and made an example to all the women-beaters, who treat their spouses like they are nth but masses of blood, flesh and bones.

    Look how short and ugly he is, he looks so frail and innocent, one cannot for once dream of such a person commiting this hideous crime, quite terrible.

    Yours Blogospherially.

  7. Wicked fool. See his face like a fist... may you rot in jail.

  8. I am sure there were signs but late marriage mentality in Nigeria no go gree girls see how wicked a man can be,I remember my ex who is highly temperamental,verbally abusive and mean, I left him and once I got engaged he was calling me like a mad person professing love and telling me he has changed, no time I stopped taking his calls,I weighed the future with him in my life I know say na war zone.

  9. Smh
    This is IDx Naija version . - i'd kill for you.

    Male- short man devil Australian returnee.

    Female- pretty working class lady but probably desperate

    Relationship duration-1 month of marriage(how sad)

    Reason for murder- lack of trust.

    Verdict- women never be too desperate to marry. Always run a background check on your prospect especially the 'abroadian niggas'

    Last words- may her soul rest in peace. What a waste. Sad

    1. Sooo sad.

      She was young too and pretty.
      I am kinda wary of not-too-young-janded-returnees coming to marry younger girls down here. And the poor youngies would think them don hammer "obodo oyibo" husband. So saddening a thing!

  10. Very wicked man, may you rot in jail, seems you are comfortable in there

  11. And this lady would have thought she finally found a husband. Not knowing she just married the devil.
    I saw the pic of the lady,very pretty lady that had everything going for her. Stabbed by mere suspicion and the marriage is just one year.
    I'm sorry to say I am always sceptical about these advanced in age returnees that come home to settle. Alot have deep routed issues.
    RIP to the dead.

  12. Everybody that wants to get married should do a back ground check first before tying the knob,especially with this obodo oyibo returnee..RIP to the deceased,abeg make una use beta jail term nak this big head murderer

    1. Especially the 40year olds and above.
      Though you can do checks and not find anything. Until the girl enters and he turns into the devil.
      But most times such men show signs of extreme jealousy and extreme anger when dating and some hide it till after marriage.
      The man probably has low self esteem being a short round man again. He knows he married a very beautiful lady and men will be after her; so he's insecure.
      Insecure men are a recipe for disaster.

  13. The man is a sick confirmed mad man. I got this from a comment about this same post on Facebook............The man was previously married in Australia, he raped his own daughter and was sent to jail, after serving his jail term, he was deported around July 2017, even in detention camp in Australia, he usually dupe people in name of being a pastor. He remarried the next month and killed his wife.
    My guest who visited me from Australia was telling me about this man before I saw it on Facebook. He claimed the man even defrauded him too.

    1. Nawa o. The girl and her family didn't do their findings ????
      How sad.

    2. Hian! He looks definition of evil sef.

  14. Why do they always want to run to Ghana? I beg stay in your country; we don't want your type here to come and kill.

  15. This man is a disgrace to all Isoko people. I spit on you Stephen. It shall not be well with you!

  16. stella post my comments oooh. I dnt hv tym to be a drama queen o jare

  17. Oloriburuku le le yi ll surely rot in jail pig head.

  18. Some people can do o!


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