Stella Dimoko Actress Yvonne Jegede-Fawole Refutes Instagram Post That Claimed She Lost A Baby Recently...


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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Actress Yvonne Jegede-Fawole Refutes Instagram Post That Claimed She Lost A Baby Recently...

Actress Yvonne Jegede-Fawole took to her Instagram Page to react to a false report claiming that she recently Lost Her Bum in the oven...

Debunking the claim, she shared the Culprit photo from the blog above and wrote;

"If you want any information about me, my phone number isn't that difficult to get.. It will be appreciated if you referred to it as rumors and not claiming you called any bloody "Sources close to nobody". Miscarriage means the death of a child and should not be joked with. You don't have to wish me bad because you are looking for news. Miscarriage is not what you joke about. I reject miscarriage (It will never happen to me, because I am God's own)".

The report has since been deleted and apologies made.


  1. hmm. If she miscarried nko, is it their miscarry? awon womb watchers. ..nansens and ingredients news outlet.

  2. People are always waiting for someone's bad news..Bad people every where!

    Miscarriage is not our portion in Jesus name Amen!

  3. God forbid. I reject it foryou you tdear in Jesus nameear. Na wa!

  4. God forbid. I reject it for you too dear in Jesus name. Na wa!

  5. This is why it's never okay to assume a woman is pregnant just by looking at her tummy, I don't care how big her tummy is. Mind your damn business! Why the public feels entitled to know when someone gets pregnant is beyond me, it's just rude.

  6. 😀Womb watchers wehdone o

  7. I reject bad news for IJN Amen 🙏

  8. Womb watchers everywhere: social media,place of work,neighborhood etc.these days I feel uncomfortable going to work cos all I see around me are womb watchers,desperate to ask what happened to my pregnancy, some ask indirectly, trying to force it out of me,naaah I wasn't born yesterday, two can play d game. God help us.

    1. My dear, don't mind them. That's how someone came to visit me after I put to bed and was telling me my tummy wasn't big oh. I didn't waste time in telling her what God did for me( I had my baby at 27 weeks). And baby is doing great to the glory of God.

    2. Wooow..u are really mama miracle.A big congrat to u dear and plenty kisses to ur angel for me.

    3. Whattttt 27 weeks? Amazing

  9. I reject it for you too in Jesus name, Amen!!!


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