Stella Dimoko Buhari's Aide Femi Adesina Replies Former President Jonathan's Jerk In Pump Price Comments


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Buhari's Aide Femi Adesina Replies Former President Jonathan's Jerk In Pump Price Comments

Femi Adesina, spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari, says the difference between his principal and former President Goodluck Jonathan is trust.

Adesina said this in response to Jonathan’s comments on the reaction of Nigerians to the hike in petroleum products under Buhari.

In 2012 when Jonathan’s government increased the price of fuel from N67 to N97, there were a series of protest across the country. Three years later, when he was seeking reelection, Jonathan reduced the price to N87, a move that was seen as political. Last year, the current administration pushed the price to N143 and there was little or no resistance.

But in a tweet on Friday, Adesina replied the former president and said;


  1. Replies
    1. Pmb apparently doesnt have smart people arnd him. Always misyarning

    2. He is just a fool, couldn't help but comment. Is it now funny that your president made the country harder? Mtvhew. Just to take a jab at goodluck he ended up sounding foolish

  2. who?#smh

  3. Femi Adesina! It haf do biko!
    Stop ranting!
    You are behaving like Abati under GEJ administration.
    When we flush your borrow borrow boss out like we did to GEJ, you will sing like a canary.

  4. Femi I just like you but stay your lane and don’t ever reply uncle Jona again inugo? Which mumu trust? If ur Oga was there in 2012 his reaction would be to unleash soldiers to shoot the unarmed masses. The police man that shot and killed someone during the protest was discharged from the force and was prosecuted accordingly. Don’t just mention the word trust again.
    Una wan borrow $5.5b while someone in one office illegally spent $25b. Should the next government decide to probe this APC govt ehh! We will know that pdp looters was only in primary school to compare this regime.

  5. Pls park for one corner.🙄 Always coming out to yarn dust in d name of hes trying to defend his boss.😏

  6. @anonymous 08:25, we are definitely going to flush PMB out of office just like we did to GEJ. And if the next president messes up, we vote him out. We will keep doing this till we get the right person.

  7. Which dirty smelling trust is this manic talking about? It's called tyranny, deceit, fake and devilish of your stupid party. They sold bread and fish during campaign but Nigerians got stone and snake. I pray you receive your conscience back afy2019 and let's hear you speak against other government again since you have sold your soul to the devil.

    1. You said it all. This is the worst govt ever in the history of Africa

  8. I totally agree with that human being who said The past 3 Presidents and even the present Aso rock occupants are accidental presidents. A nation that is progressive will never allow situations or opportunities for such people to come up. All emerged on the grounds of compensation. Onebto appease a region and democracy thirsty Nigerians, another for a loyal senior brother and to give a power thirsty region their due, the third....hohohohoho, the proper 'tipper jam motorcycle' and was allowed to appease the 'hen that lays the golden egg'. Then this current one who is probably the wrongest of all, for the persistence, the idolatry of his followers, the misguided hope and to give his region 'their due'.

    Poimt i am making is, non of these presidents prepare themselves in totality. In my head, a president must first thoroughly discover him/herself, love people just for being human beings, love the country thoroughly, be passionate about how every action betters the life of the very least and most importantly has a realistic blue print. A blue print that encompasses an informed idea of what plagues the people and it's economy, well prioritized needs and ensuring equal access to basic needs... for the very basic leaders that is.

    Looking at Nigeria, it is very clear to the blind that Our population is too big for our revenue genration, even when it is not looted, let alone when it is free for the cabal. Then our politics is totally crude and has no iota of discipline. No Nigerian president sees the citizens as human resources that should be invested in, at least by their actions. They see electoral figures and people to affirm their rulership that's all. Every other action that follow is based on interest and to fulfill simple presential duties.
    The reason i don't get why GEJ should be talking or Femi Adesina reponding as if they have Inspiring Leadership as a common interest. Both reperesent different range of leadership failures and should please be quiet.

  9. Increase in petrol price is one of the factors that contributed to the hardship Nigerians are currently facing. Anyone that owes a car will understand me better. I do not want to reply Femi Adesina but want to make it clear to APC govt. that 2019 is around the corner and Nigerians will no longer be deceived like in 2015 election. APC has failed Nigeria woefully. They do not have explanation why the economy is continuously bad. Let me just reserve further comments and enjoy the weekend.


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