Stella Dimoko Former President Jonathan Is Still Surprised That Those Who Attacked Him Over N87 Fuel Pump Price Are Silent Now That It’s N143


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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Former President Jonathan Is Still Surprised That Those Who Attacked Him Over N87 Fuel Pump Price Are Silent Now That It’s N143

Former President Goodluck Jonathan says he is surprised that those who criticised him for leaving the pump price of fuel at N87 are not speaking out now that it has been jerked up to N143.

In 2012, Jonathan’s administration increased fuel price from N67 to N97 but reduced it to N87 in January 2015. At the time, the move was seen as political, given that it was in an election year.

Speaking on Thursday when Tunde Adeniran, one of the chairmanship aspirants of the PDP, visited him in his Abuja office, Jonathan defended the decisions he took on the price of fuel.

In what seems to be an indirect attack on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Jonathan said the PDP led Nigerians well in its 16 years of being in power “even though some people came up with propaganda and lies that 16 years of the party in government was a waste".

My government was severely criticised for increasing the pump price of petroleum from N67 to N97 at a time that global crude price was going for over 100 dollars,” Ikechukwu Eze, Jonathan’s spokesman, quoted him as saying. The pump price was later reduced to N87 when the price of crude oil dropped and they attacked us that it was supposed to be lower.

Those who criticised my administration are not talking again now that the global crude oil is about 53 dollars per barrel and the pump price of petrol is N143.

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  1. Eeeeyaaa...Jona It's well. We will be alright last last

  2. Jonathan has pointed something out.
    Subtle criticism

  3. GEJ, silence is honourable. Especially for elder statesmen...

  4. @Charity, what point does he have? He doesn't. All the money his administration made during oil boom what did he do with the money? He was even owing oil marketers trillions.
    Nigerians did not trust him, we saw how the trust played out. He made a lot of money, fuel marketers robbed us and put us in debt. Do you know how many fuel marketers his administration turned billionaires? Forget Jonathan he shouldn't even be talking in public because he put us in this mess.
    If he was still in power,no one would have seen the amount stolen by Deizani and co.
    A man that said looting is not corruption really have questionable character.

    1. @8:10
      I understand your pain, ur too broke to think straight and that is why you can't use your own brain rather you say what others think.if abacha did not die we won't hear about what they said he stole and if GEJ was still in power we wouldn't have heard of what they said diezani took. The man asked a simple question and you have given the answer indirectly. If you can try and use a bit of your brain then you will know that if you sell oil at $100 where your refineries are not working,you stand to buy finished product at $200 a barrel what that means is simple you sell expensive and you buy more expensive hence the man asked for removal of the said subsidy which the same marketer you claim he made rich were the benefactors, but loaned thinking people like you came out in thousands to fight ur progress to death. Today your dead progress is suppose to rise and say no to 145 naira and ur still saying plz rest in peace my progress. You call dieziani a thief? Now,since you don't have brain ask any 4yrs old to help you calculate all the money she said to have stolen to the amount Nigeria made in 5yrs GEJ was in power and ask your self was she just helping her self with more than what Nigeria made in 4yrs? I don't know if your married or not or if ur a male of female but i pray someday you will be accuse of something and you will not be given a chance to clear your self.

    2. Ann:8:10
      So GEJ is responsible for the civil war? GEJ is responsible for all the bad roads and poor power? GEJ is also responsible for poor health care and all Nigeria dead infrastructure? GEJ is responsible for you not passing your exams? GEJ is responsible for OBJ's tenure of 8yrs? GEJ was responsible for the coming of ABACHAS to power and the death of yaradua? GEJ is responsible for the 2012 and 2017 flood in benue? GEJ is responsible farmers and aboki clash? Stealing is not corruption abi? Now you define corruption to us so we can know the real meaning of sure you dint watch the interview where he said it." Stealing is not corruption, people should stop calling it corruption to make it sound nice. A thief is a thief and we should not call a thief a corrupt person we should address the person as a thief" don't blame you sha it's normal to hear what you want to hear.

    3. Ann:09:35
      Thank you ann @8:10 when ever you catch a thief,kidnapper or armed robbers try them for corruption since you say stealing is corruption. Evans is a corrupt man lol


  6. Sweetheart God has vindicated you. You have the interest of the masses at heart unlike this evil, devilish, demonic, deceitful, corrupt, heartless Apc, buhari government. God will continue to bless Jona bobo.


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