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Monday, October 30, 2017

Challenge The Obstacle!

 Circumcision in the scripture was done by the father to the son 8 days after birth. But a certain generation of Isrealites who were meant to circumcise their children had died in the wilderness, leaving the onus to Joshua.

So, this generation of Isrealites that was born in the wilderness did not get what they ought to have gotten as infants, hence they had to get it as adults.

Sometimes it is tougher fixing a 'boy' problem as a 'man'. As a result, they may have been traumatised and even tried to avoid it(if possible), but it did not change anything. The need to be circumcised was unavoidable! Sometimes confronting the obstacle in front of you is the only way forward.

Jesus, when it was time for the cross did not feel good about it, yet it did not change anything. God still allowed Him go though that horrendous process. Hear this, whatever God allows you to go through, He allows it to make you better.

Life will always throw lemons at you, but it is up to you to lemonades out of them.

Big opportunities are often disguised as trouble. Circumcision at adult age is Painful. For the male gender, the area to be circumcised is the unuseful, unreproductive, lifeless flesh in the genital.

Isn't it funny how something lifeless and unuseful can cause such excruciating pain? Just like that lifeless relationship that is causing you constant heartache. Just like that addiction that is causing you so much expense, more than you earn!

The bitter truth is; Things may never change until, like the Isrealites in the wilderness, you 'man-up' by confronting that situation, habit, addiction, default and saying to it, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, THIS PHASE OF MY TRANSITION IS OVER!

If you change your habits, you will shorten your transition.


- Amos Dede. 


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