Stella Dimoko Wedding Night Brouhaha 90


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Monday, October 30, 2017

Wedding Night Brouhaha 90

Hmmmmm...The wedding night Brouhaha is still there....

We had our wedding on Thursday and Saturday.

 Thursday was engagement which was in Badagry ( outskirts of Lagos) and the white was at Ikeja, so after the engagement on Thursday we lodged in a hotel with my girls on Friday in Ikeja.

 Hubby was in the same hotel with me but different room. After the whole running around on Friday, don't know how I ended up in hubby's room ooo and 1 thing led to another and We  got down to business against hubby's wish (but he can't resist me naaa). 

Come and see me doing walk of shame back to my room after because his friends were teasing us.

 After the whole programme for Saturday, We moved to another hotel on the island and from there we went clubbing with friends before we got back everybody was tired, that was how my able chief bridesmaid gave me a drug ooo that it's meant to relax you and make you sleep well and since I had already satisfied hubby the previous day na so me sef take drug ooo.

 People of God, I slept from Sunday morning to Monday, through out Sunday I was sleeping. Hubby was so mad so he just left me and went out with his friends. On Monday when he handled me ehnn, We did it all over the place non stop. had never seen him that aggressive before, 9 months later i gave birth(got married December 17th, gave birth September 17th).


*LMAO......Please dont take drugs not recommended by Doc next time...


  1. No be small thingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Biko what we are expecting whenever we open WNB is to read about ILA OTU and bedmatics.

    HML to you poster but I did not enjoy your post.

  3. Congrats dear. More blessings in ur home

  4. Hehehehehe... the thing sweet sotey him upload pikin immediately...kai.

  5. Chai! I would have not even read this your dry story

    What was the DO you did?

    How did he penetrate?

    Did u scream!

    Did he moan?

    Are u both boring in bed

    Talk like an adult all ye writers

    1. Chukwu okike abiama gozie gi nne.
      I don't understand this kind of dry WNB.

  6. Not our usual WNB oh.... Resend pls

    1. Gorgeously Human30 October 2017 at 14:42

      Lol@ resend

  7. Hope your chief bride's maid didn't gbensh your husband after giving you sleeping pills?

  8. Hehehehe. Very Funny WNB. short but straight to point. Congratulations on your Baby. Cheers

    1. Enter your reply...I'm crushing on u oo. How old are u?

  9. Lmao.... Bvees are not smiling ..
    Congrats dear

  10. Alright


  11. Congratulations, i recieve my miracle babies

  12. Sweet story Stella when is the next SnM so that I can marry and send my own sweet story

  13. Congrats on your new baby


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