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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

What!!...21 times?LOL


Kudos to you Stella 

I need you advice and that of our able bvs. A brief catch up before I start my narrative, my parents brought this cousin of ours to stay with us in Abuja way back 2005/2006 being that she was orphaned. 

They tried enrolling her to learn a handwork, few weeks into the training she saw a man and she insisted she wanted to get married. We tried convincing her to wait a while but she refused, and that was how she got married and went off with her husband. 

Fast forward to recently as at 2015,she had 3 daughters and her husband wanted a son, meanwhile she has been at home doing nothing and she didn't even keep in touch with us until she had a problem. Stella she slept with another man on her matrimonial bed (21 times according to her), the man died and according to the beliefs of those who grew up in my village, that act of hers affected her husband and children.

 The husband's business collapsed while her children almost died. They ran to my parents and my mom took them in, cater for her children and even enrolled them in school while she went to the village to cleanse herself according to them. 

To cut the story short, the husband came back and told my mum about owning a pure water factory and all the benefits, mumsi agreed to invest but unfortunately he duped my mum, the matter even got to SARS. At the end my mum lost her money and my mum cursed that it will not be well with him(out of anger she slapped him and since then that hand has not been the same). His wife even insulted my mum and told her to leave her husband alone.

Back to this week, she has come crying, her husband is nowhere to be found since February, her children are walking corpse. She said her husband sold a land in the village and said he was traveling to Libya, all of a sudden she started getting calls from people demanding for money else they would kill him. For all we know he could be dead cos they threatened to throw his corpse in the sea after claiming he fell sick in their custody. 

Am even tired of typing and I left out a lot but my question is... After all these, should my parents even help them at all.???? .. She even has a 4th daughter now. Her children keep crying in the background begging my parents to forgive them whenever their mum calls. If my parents should help, how??? Financially or bringing them to our house. (When I asked her the kinda help she wants, she said both options I just listed). 

Pardon my long narrative, I wl look out for comments.
😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 to you Stella.


  1. Replies
    1. Poster, my first question is how is your Mum's hand. I hope nothing too drastic happened.

      Back to your cousin, She is possessed, the village cleansing did nothing for her.

      If your parents can afford it, let them send the woman and her kids money.

      Do not, i repeat, do not allow that woman back into your family house before she will start looking for how to seduce your Dad.

    2. Dear poster, DO NOT bring them to your house! If you want to help financially, let it be for her to start a business venture for her family or for her to learn a trade. Let her request be reasonable and make it clear that if they squander it there will be no more funds for them. Your family is not their personal ATM machine.
      Stop giving handouts because it will never stop. Your cousin has a sense of entitlement where she feels that anytime she and her family comes with a sob story and their hands outstretched, that your family will respond as expected and give them what they want. Once they are satisfied that they have gotten what they planned, they push your family aside (plus insults). This will keep happening and the cycle will continue unless you put a stop to it. Her children crying in the background, dear poster, those phone calls are stage managed. Your cousin, has not deemed it fit to learn a trade or start a small business all these years, is even still having more children. Issokay.

    3. Neither of them. Tell ur parents to stop taking her calls. That girl is evil n should b completely avoided.

      Btw, re u saying after knowing his wife slept with another man the husband took her bk in?

      Birds of a feather truly.

    4. Your mum can enrol the kids in school and be paying their fees and sending money regularly for feeding but she shouldn't bring them into your house AGAIN.

      As for her husband, your mym should not get involved.

      Hope your mum's hand is better now?

    5. Block their numbers Biko.

  2. Replies
    1. I believe in helping, in this life as far as you are blessed enough to help one should help, even if it was from afar . Your mum should help, she doesn't have to bring them close, she can even start a small scale business for the woman or be helping them with just feeding it's still okay but to disown them is bad

  3. Don't bring her to your home. Get her a room with and children and if you're buoyant enough, ask her what she will love to be selling, open a shop for her. God will lead you on how to go about this

    *Larry was here*

  4. The lady is shameless!...
    Coming back to beg After all the things they did to you people...
    With all her fuck fuck,she couldn't hold one of those men to open a business for her...
    Mumu village woman doing Osho free!..
    Well,you guys can help them but from afar!...
    They should stay in the village abeg....people in he village survive wella!!...
    Let her start cultivating for people for a fee and her children too should start looking for rich men to gbensh so they won't die of hunger!...

    1. Did you say "fuck, fuck?"
      How about your "sugar boys, cheating for pleasure?" etc.
      In one hand you taut her as "fuck fuck" and on another
      You encourage "children to prostitute themselves to rich men?"
      Deluded or confused; which one?

    2. Her children should look for rich men to gbensh?? Children that are not up to 15! Kpachalu anya gi o

    3. Lol @ Queen and boss.
      Your advice sef! Hahahaha

    4. Queen and boss, it’s all fun and play until it happens to you. What sort of demented advice is that to the kids? I’m not surprised, you are sick, a pervert, delirious, foolish and psychotic person. Namaste

  5. Poster tell ur Mummy to help her financially if she can..I know some souls are evil like dat woman..😱😱

  6. Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”d says the Lord. 20On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”e
    21Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12

    1. coals of burning sulfur on their heads;
      Yes, the correct way to send "the fire of the Holy Ghost!"
      But please, you can just send money to them.

  7. Lazy woman!
    If you guys want to help her do so but know you are doing it for God it's not like she will ever appreciate it.
    Is her market not selling again? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  8. Your mum should send them any amount she can afford. Even if its to give her money for accommodation.there is no need to bring her to your house. You already know the kind of person she is. She is calling again cos things are hard. Not everytime bring people into your home. Sometimes help from afar abeg. How is your mum's hand?
    Once bitten twice shy.

  9. You all should have just ignored her. She clearly has no sense of judgement, is lazy and deviant. Even if she came to you crying you help her from far. Tales by moonlight.

  10. Tell your mom not to help her again.
    She choose not to go to school or learn skills before now, why becoming burden to others now?

    Make she go sell gala for traffic abeg.

  11. They should not come to your house and your mum should not let her raw cash touch their hand. Everything they need that your mum can help them with she should buy it and give it to them simple.if it is school.fees she should go to the school and pay it for them. I will repeat myself IF your mum wsnts to help her raw cash must not touch their hand.


  12. An ingrate will always be an ingrate. Your mum shouldn't put a lot of effort on the children cos, after everything na their mama go enjoy it, later in the future. Your mum can assist financially, so that she can start a trade and cater for her children. The world we are now isn't frndly. Once beaten is twice shy (hope my adage is correct). I believe in a New Nigeria.

  13. Abeg make she leave your mom with her leeching attitude! SHE'S AN INGRATE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! Make your momcy no help her! She will still bite the finger that fed her! Once bitten... So use to tongue to count your teeth & tell your mom to run! Your mom's NIT God! So, make she go ask God for forgiveness! She's even a whore, hoe, slut! Make she carry her smelly attitude, character & body commit for una side! She's baaaad! Make your momcy tell am say, she's forgiven her but she cannot harbour her! Send her away before she bites you people! The best you guys can do is to give her financial assistance! BUT NOTE THAT IF THE TABLES ARE TURNED, SHE WILL HURT YOUR MOM AGAIN & AGAIN! HELP HER FROM AFAR!

  14. This is my problem with all these relatives with entitled mentality.I just don't go close to them.

  15. The only way to help her is to go back to the initial plan you guys had for her before her foolishness got in the way

    Enrol her to learn a trade and she picks her life from there.

    She is now an "adult".
    A "married" woman with children.
    She is no longer a baby and can no longer be spoon fed.
    She should be responsible for herself and the children she brought to the world.
    Nobody is gonna do that for her.

    Let her learn a trade, set her up in the field and that's it.

    1. From afar that is...
      Do not accommodate her.
      I repeat, do not accommodate her in your home.
      Woman wey don sabi prick born childrem join is gonna be a very DIFFICULT one to live with. She fit even turn madam for una house sef.
      Eating whatever she likes with her children and doing whatever they like
      And when you try to caution, it escalates.
      Cos from all you've written, she is an ungrateful person.

  16. I would advice u help w what u have, from a distance. Don't let them stay w u people or around u. Pray for them also.
    If ur mum can afford to set her up on a very small scale business, it will be best. So, she doesn't come running down every now and then for petty needs.
    Remember, to do what u can only, as no amount of what you do will ever suffice to them.

  17. Don't bring them back to your house again. Your mum should just give her small money to get by. Dazzol

  18. If your parents must help her and the kids this time out of the goodness of your hearts... You must let her know that this is the final bus stop... So she should be serious now and use whatever means of help you guys will give her to better her life and the kids.... They won't be a next time no matter the sob story... If she agrees no P

  19. If ur parents must help, let it be from afar. Don't even let her near ur house again. She is just an ingrate.

  20. The best your parents can do is to help her from a distance. People like that are difficult to help. Bringing her to the house, in my opinion, would be a mistake.

  21. I won't b surprise if it was d husband DAT forced/cajoled her to sleep with those men for benefits bcos his post attitude smells shady all the way!!!!!!

  22. You still want to help abi?
    The ones you did haf not bellefull you. Issok na.

    When they kill your mother and turn you and your siblings to pendant for neck maybe you will receive sense. But then again, you won't need the sense sef cus y'all would be finished. Lmao

    Even the Bible says Be WISE in giving... carryon o not my life, not my business.

    1. Poster how is your mother's hand now?

    2. Still having pains, she has taken drugs given to her at the hospital but still no improvement, she is just being strong and hope it stops

  23. Your guy better be wise. For sure, that whole kidnap story is just that -story. She and her husband are concocting stories to elicit sympathy. You better beware of her. And never think of bringing her to your house. And truly, do not be quick to even help from a distance.
    Make it the whole extended o family matter and gauge others response too. Think it through, before she will use envy to destroy our family. Its beat you stay away from someone like that.

    If you MUST help, pray hard and ask for God's covering so your good doesn't turn to evil. And help from afar! Do not accommodate those kids or her. Let her stay where she is with her children and be responsible for them until she shows good faith

    1. Thank you, that's what I thought too. I don't think d husband was kidnapped, it's just a smart way of extorting money from them. The husband has offended them, so she's using style to lie d husband has been kidnapped.....

  24. Your mum should help them if she can but bringing them into your home is not advisable...

  25. Your family can offer assistance to her but don't accommodate her in our house.

  26. Sory poster, how is your mum's hand? Please help from a distance, do not accommodate her.

  27. Your mum should help them from distance...

  28. How can She remember gbenshing 21 time, after 3 times i loose countingπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  29. How is your mummy's hand?? Well,she should allow them stay with their mum if you guys must help,mummy can send them money to start up something meanwhile your mummy should remind her of their ill treatment and all telling them also that it is because of God and the fact that her both parents are gone that she is doing this charity..

  30. She should be helped from afar..let her get something to do to train her kids.

  31. don't bring her to your home that girl has no moral values and can do anything even hurt your family. she needs to learn a trade or hand work you guys cant keep training her kids for ever except you can afford to. she should move back to the village and start from there. Its not compulsory to live in township. Its a pity but the likes of this lady never amount to anything. I just pity the 4 innocent kids she has brought into the world to suffer.

    I dont understand why the poor love sex so much. you are hungry but still remember to sleep with a men. Tufiakwa! tell help to transfer the sex drive to business drive. Don't bring her into your home! send her money and provisions, assist her to learn a trade and monitor it she seems like a weak person and would need moral support

  32. Help them from afar. Don't allow your mum to take them in if you guys want to help them, they need serious cleansing. Serious deliverance so that all the curses on the mum should be removed because it has affected the children badly except by God's grace. If you help them it will still be the same until they go deliverance

  33. It's better your mum help them from afar

  34. This one pass what I can deal with.....Infact.......

  35. Poster I hope your mum's hand is not badly damaged? Your parents can assist that your cousin but from distance. They should not allow her and her children to come staying at your house.


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