Stella Dimoko Church Issues Deliverance Receipt


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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Church Issues Deliverance Receipt

 On September 16,2017,this Church issued a deliverance receipt to One Mr Otude Joseph..I dont know how this receipt leaked online.....

Is this right?Shouldnt deliverance be free?


  1. Religion is a scam .
    There is only one way to live do good ..

  2. Hmmmm,i will say my own o,any church or pastor that asks me for a dime,that is bye bye to you,that is why i love my church,these priests go through 12 years of formation and charge you nothing

  3. That is a business ministry not a church.

  4. Business ministry.

  5. My kingdom keeps growing like weed.

  6. Deliverance fee kwa, hmmmmm

  7. Hahahahahaha...
    Church business is the new blood money!..
    The only thing you need is to visit that herbalist in PH...
    She will wash your eyes so you can be able to be seeing things spiritually!!...
    You will be giving correct prophecies to your magas!...
    You can even raise the dead and heal the sick!!...
    And Nigerians will be start patronizing you!!...
    Ego ana asu!!...
    Buru zie aturu taba!!...

  8. Aye me aye ma le
    Oro aye yi ahhh
    Otoju su mi
    Jesu Ku suru

  9. I am no longer surprised with what I hear and see daily about all these end time churches abeg. I just pity d gullible ones that so depend on dem kawai.

    1. I believe in God but I don't carry church for head.

  10. Who am I to fight for God
    If God is not happy with it, he should fight his battle alone
    I can't talk bad of any man of God..abeg

  11. Hahahaha I am sure it is the man that leaked it.

    Just like I saw a popular pastor selling blood of Jesus.

    Nothing surprises me anymore. End times

  12. @Queen ph is too far, there are now branches in Lagos here were they watch eyes 👀

  13. Only fools will still see thses churches and their fake pastors and believe them

  14. This is not new at all......

    @just Bella.

  15. Only fools will still see thses churches and their fake pastors and believe in them

  16. Only fools will be deceived...what they seek is what they get shikina.

  17. Maybe na deliverance fee for the Pizza wey the Pastor order during deliverance. You know "araba, ba, baba, dilifa, pepe, pepe, roni, pisa, pisa, Amen".

  18. Don't be gullible. Don't be too quick to judge and jump to conclusions. Kindly observe that:
    1. There are two different dates on the receipt.
    2. The purported address of the payer is written as "Cameroon".
    3. Nobody has really verified the veracity of this story. Anybody could have picked up the church receipt to pull this stunt. This could well be the handiwork of a prankster.
    4.Nigerian Christians are quick to believe any evil /negative story about the church /pastors.
    5.The devil's primary aim is to discredit the church of Jesus Christ by polluting the minds of people and make them hate church /pastors. Sooner than later many will realise that satan has pulled a fast one them.
    6. I don't doubt that there are bad eggs. But there are also very many good Christians, Churches and Pastors.

    1. What if the person came from Cameroon to Nigeria.

      But true tho, anyone can just do something like that to discredit that particular church. Maybe someone with a vendetta against that church


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