Stella Dimoko Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu Proposes Single Term Of Five Years For Presidents


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Deputy Senate President Ekweremadu Proposes Single Term Of Five Years For Presidents

The Deputy Senate President, Dr Ike Ekweremadu, has advocated a single-term presidency of five or six years for Nigeria and other African countries to deepen democracy and good governance.

Ekweremadu spoke while delivering a lecture entitled: ‘Constitutionalism and the Challenges of Leadership in Africa: an Evaluation of Tested Models’ on Tuesday. The event was organised by the Centre for Media and Peace Initiatives, a New York-based international NGO to mark its 10th anniversary.

He said, “A more modest proposal seeks not the abandonment of the presidential system per se but the re-designing of term limits for political chief executives.

This is in order to reduce the acrimonious conflict, divisiveness and instability arising from partisan or factional competition for executive offices in the federation. I support the proposals to transform the current tenure of two four-year terms into a single term of five or six years.

According to him, a single term of four years is also less costly as it will reduce the cost of conducting general elections every four years.

Ekweremadu also suggested a rotational presidency among the ethnic groups or geographical zones, saying it might prove reassuring to ethnic groups and promote loyalty to the nation. The rotational presidency will reassure every constituent part that power will come their way at a given interval.

Therefore, it may well be time to re-visit the idea of rotational presidency that was first muted in Nigeria by late military Head of State Sani Abacha.



  1. He should also propose single term tenure for senators. See the thief that has been in the Senate since 2009. Tell us about the huge and mighty allowances and salaries you guys take home for doing nothing. Recess allowance, inconvenience allowance, newspaper allowance, wardrobe allowance, Aides allowance, everything. These senators earn more the the president of the richest country. Ekweremadu, you and your fellow senators are thieves, crooks, corrupt people. You destroy Nigeria more than every other people put together. You have no morals to tell us how to run Nigeria when you guys are a worse as the most dangerous robbers on our high ways.

  2. See this one!...
    What of people like you that have been in the senate for so long without a single impact in the east?...
    Useless man that ate all the money meant for the restructure of all the roads in the east!...
    Enugu to Onitsha road is a dead trap oga and you are there talking rubbish with your over fed head!..
    Thief that is worse than Evans and Vampire!!...
    Onye ori!..
    Ekwensu kpoo gi Oku there!!...

    1. Loooollll! You dey spit fire oooo! Calm down dear

    2. Queen, I want to appreciate you because in all of this you make so much sense. U once talked of the disadvantage of cleaning up.with water, causing smell. I stopped it and it helped, thank you so much.

  3. Dey want to continue stealing but God will fight dis time.ole

  4. It will be good if same law is applied to the senators too

  5. All I see na selfish politicians everywhere


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