Stella Dimoko Dino Melaye's Life Allegedly In Danger For Attempting To Deliver Rice To Kogi Sstate Civil Servant


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Friday, October 27, 2017

Dino Melaye's Life Allegedly In Danger For Attempting To Deliver Rice To Kogi Sstate Civil Servant

Some people do not want the Controversial senator to deliver the rice gifts gifted by Abuja senators to Kogi civil servants...

Paid police men have allegedly been mandated to barricade the entry to Lokoja from Abuja with the intention of attacking Sen Dino Melaye and the rice meant for the suffering Kogi civil servants not delivered to them

This is developing...


  1. My own is why will he be the one to deliver the rice. This senator is too dramatic for my liking. He wants to go and show himself that he cared for the people.

    anyway bello is a foolish governor. Kogi people should stand up for their right by taking the rice (national cake)

  2. So a senator cannot come to his state again?

  3. Yahaya Bello is the definition and embodiment of Ebira wickedness. Haba! You won't pay, and you won't allow someone give rice again. The people who died as a result of hunger and poverty are so much. Isn't the blood sacrifice too much already?

  4. We all know Dino as drama king that wl want to use every available opportunity to do his campaign of calumny against Yeye bello , i don't want to believe this until i get the information from a reliable source but for now i reserve my comment. As for the evil Yeye bello ur cane is still romancing wit the devil in the hell fire.
    wicked soul....

  5. The rice gift is not out of concern for the people but a blackmail... Eye services, when did he start being generous to constituents

    As for the governor that man should be impeached! Heartless criminal

  6. Regardless of intentions, the survival of the civil servants is of utmost importance. Please let the people get their rice in the quickest way possible. The lives of these people and their families is what is important here! Please put aside partisan politics and put the people first for once.

  7. Is high time Kogi people know that Bello is a beast. Pay salary, you no pay, collect Rice you block road. You go suffer in this your Administration.

  8. Kogi and trouble is like 5&6. Maybe their Governor want to kill the workers with hunger.....hian

  9. I blame INEC that declare this evil scam Bello the Governor....Tinubu is vindicated

  10. E wan piss or shit, him life dey danger.
    E dey house dey nack, him life dey danger.
    E dey inside senate dey brag or fight, him life dey changer.
    E dey inside him house, Arsenal dey play for England, him life dey danger.
    E just acquire new antic ride, him life dey danger.
    Snow fall for Russia, Dino life dey for danger.
    Dino, the only senator in Nigeria.

  11. I have never like the drama king senator called Dino. But I will put my resentment a side. At list he made effort to speak on behave of the civil servants in kogi state. He is not the only senator from that state, others just kept quite. That governor should allow him to deliver the rice and stop acting up after all if he was paying salaries, Dino would not have had something to capitalize on. Shameless governor. Pay salaries u will not,allow someone else to help u will not. I wonder if civil servants are your personal servants.


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