Stella Dimoko EFCC Releases Photos Of Sealed Near Dilapidated Kaduna Properties Allegedly Owned By Former Pension Boss Maina


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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

EFCC Releases Photos Of Sealed Near Dilapidated Kaduna Properties Allegedly Owned By Former Pension Boss Maina

Yesterday the Kaduna office of the EFCC released these photos of properties allegedly belonging to Maina.
He is accused of massive pension fraud scheme amounting to more than N100billion.


  1. Nigeria! One week, one political trouble.

  2. Shame on EFCC. They should try harder. Now we see how they are fighting corruption.

    shame on all who says they will make sure corruption is no longer available in this country. The fight should start with EFCC, then the ministries. They are all corrupt including their cleaners, secretaries etc

  3. Abeg EFCC should change this their style of writing with paint and find a better way. Looks too elementary.

    1. anonymous to bahd25 October 2017 at 10:20

      I've always wondered, why not a civilized banner? Why chalk or paint? So after I'm declared innocent and free of all charges, who pays for the painting of my walls and gates?

  4. I don't understand how wicked people can be. How can you live with yourself knowing that the money you are enjoying is someone's pension money. Old peoples money for that matter. Shame on you sir.

  5. anonymous to bahd25 October 2017 at 10:22

    Hmmmmmm. I have come again!

    Did anyone else hear the recording of the conversation between Maina and people of brekete station? Hmmmmm. Dancing senator post was like 46 comments. Cheating I'd physical, no sexual, goodness knows how many comments. This one? I'll propose to Eka and doppelganger simultaneously if it reaches 30!


  6. anonymous to bahd25 October 2017 at 10:36


  7. Thank God for social media that is the only reason we are hearing about Maina's case if not APC will cover this like its normal. Imagine the nonsense this guy did

  8. very correct. Who pays for the painting after am found innocent? very elementary. What happens to the businesses located in the shopping mall who have paid like two or more years rent? Will the building be stolen before day break?


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