Stella Dimoko Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Cha-cha And Mimi


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Friday, October 06, 2017

Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Cha-cha And Mimi

These are photos from your favourite celebrities Instagram pages...


  1. Adesuwa and My Chacha all the way. Umu oma umu oma.

  2. Chacha is more like for ever young

    1. Before the #teamyouarehating come for my head.How do girls who look extremely different in real life from their pictures sleep at night? I saw ChaCha Eke some weeks ago at Gabbs mall in Asaba.It took me a long time to figure it was her,if my friend didn't tell me.I thought her skin was as smooth and beautiful as her IG pics and movies. But babes, pimples were huge on her face,her skin were different tones,her wig was of the cheapest(if she had brushed and applied hair oil to untangle the weave it wouldn't be as bad as it looked) And to think she was feeling like one Beyonce like that, walking and doing her face and nose like everyone around her smell like poop. Trust the posh Asaba people, nobody even send her 😁😀 everyone were busy with their shopping and minding their business.But I must commend the babe's height and post-baby bod. She's hot no doubt. But babes easy with the editing abeg.Filters are great and all, but don't be afraid to let people know what you look like when the makeup and filters are not there.

    2. Chacha go and make peace with your Sister Peace Eke after sleeping with her sugar are mean shaa! Kai!!!!

  3. Adesua so gorgeous,
    Ubi Franklin (I love him like that)
    Chacha Eke and Wole Ojo.

  4. Babies are so adorbs!! Mimi, please try to be cordial with your EX for this child’s sake.

    No hating, but Susu is beginning to look basic with each passing day. See why overdoing of things especially on SM isn’t too healthy. However, she looks good in this pic.

    Warris going on here? Who is the lady beside him, is she bleaching? This pic did not do justice to her hands and thigh.

    Is Ubi wearing his wedding band or is this a throwback pic? Adeola, looks good here, as for Mai… basic. Wonder if his wearing those ugly ass feather shoes that he loves.

    Chacha is bae

    Dija’s son is so grown. I hope his actually Eh lo Ehling

  5. Chacha looking fly as always
    Dija's Son is all shade of cute
    Ubi Franklin can do no wrong in my eyes

  6. Stella please tell Ubi Franklin my hunger for him no be small ooo! Chair see fine man, one idiot gal dey do him anyhow.

  7. Chacha and Adesuwa 😘😘

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I just love chacha

  10. This cha cha as fine as u are so it is true you snatched your sister's man even while pregnanthe in your husband's house??? Heeei! At 1st I thot it was a lie but noticed u dn't post her pics anymore like before and she also deleted her old account and started afresh and she is not even following u again. Your sis also did not congratulate u on your child birth. Nawa ooo beauty isn't everything oo. The heart is something else.


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