Stella Dimoko Femi Fani Kayode Talks About Wife Precious Being His Everything


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Monday, October 09, 2017

Femi Fani Kayode Talks About Wife Precious Being His Everything

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, talks Endearingly about his young wife, Precious and his only son Aragorn...

Tell us about your wife, Precious?

I love Precious very much. She is everything to me. She is focused, clear-thinking, dependable and totally fearless. She is far more than just a pretty face. She is a woman of class, distinction, courage and integrity who constantly manifests the traditional qualiites that are expected of the biblical virtous woman: loyalty, compassion, love, dedication and patience. 

She is a great mother and a wonderful wife. She has also done Nigeria proud by winning the Miss United Nations (World) pageant in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2014 where she defeated contestants from 115 other countries and was crowned queen. She is an actress by profession and has played roles in quite a number of Nollywood productions and films. She has just started her own film production company and clothes line and she works exceptionally hard. When it comes to politics, she is a real firebrand and has very strong views too even though she only shares them with me.

In her, I have found a good wife, a worthy friend and a dependable soul mate and I am very proud of her. I am also very proud of our beautiful son Aragorn. He is my first son and he is my life. He is my strength, my pride and my joy and after I am long gone he will carry the Fani-Kayode name and flag till he passes it on to his own son. I am proud of all my beautiful daughters as well and I love them all. Their names are Folake, Temitope, Tobiloba, Tumininu and my darling Princess Remilekun. God has been very good to me and He has blessed me with a wonderful family, healthy and happy children. I may have had my differences with one or two of them in the past, but they remain my children and I will always love them. No day passes that I don’t pray for them.

You are also a poet, how often do you compose poems for your wife?

Poetry is my first love. I have written as many poems as I have essays. And yes I have written poems for my wife. The fitst is titled “Snowhite” and the second is titled “My Precious”. They are both on my website just as my other poems are.

From Punch

*no comment..LOL


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly what I thought Miss Ess. Why he is reminding me of Frank Edoho, I don't know. πŸ˜’πŸ˜Ž

    2. He said it all that he is a Poet. Reason for his gibberish. He said same too about his ex wife ( the Ghanian woman) before she left his crazy ass. This guy is a serial husband and none of his ex wives have nothing good to say about him except that he is crazy. Are we going to talk about the man that wasnt at her first daughter's wedding while he is alive? Everyone's prayer in life is for another woman or man never to represent them on the day of their child's big day while they are alive but in his own situation, another man replaced him as a father on her daughter's wedding! Shame on you Femi and im sorry for that Your Casper the ghost wife of yours

    3. The guy is just an idiot, mumu.
      Irresponsible thing, go take care of your daughters.

  2. Does it mean he fucks her that rough like drogo? Just curious.

  3. Lol, Mr lover lover

  4. Awwwww, I go love o!😁 This is nice. Make dem enjoy!

  5. Love is good. He too like precious of a thing. Poem title "Precious" wife "Precious". All the best Kayode.

  6. Awwwwwwww love is beautiful. It can tame even the wildest beast

  7. This one that cannot keep marriage. This is his third trial. Even his children, he did not train them himself till they grew up. He was not even invited to his daughter’s wedding. Yet he is the same man who insults others as irresponsible. A very bad example of pot calling kettle black. I hope he doesn’t end up divorcing this one after few months.

    1. 3rd time's the charm, maybe...

    2. He has been married more than 3 times

    3. He is an irresponsible man, anyways Igbo's will not tolerate nonsense like we Yoruba's do. We will do all for men, train the kids even when father is very rich and decides to be irresponsible and absent and still forgive.
      Absentee father, Aarogon will carry your last name abi? So Fani Kayode na name! Cursed generation, why did you change your name?
      Sebi your grandfather cursed your dad because he slept with one of your grandfather's wives.
      Stupid and cursed family, your cup will soon be full FFK.. After being one of those who ruined Nigeria you still blow your trumpet around.
      Shameless goat.

  8. This writeup is somehow shaa.
    All d best to him n his family.

  9. Children of anger. They haf come.

  10. What would have happened if she had given birth to a girl? Cos ffk was looking for a male child and luckily he got it.

  11. Love in coconut..Enjoy yourself jeweee...

  12. this the part where I give her a job.

  13. This is actually his 4th marriage. First is Folakes mum, 2nd is Yemisi Wada, and 3rd is the ghanian lady, mother of Remilekun, and then Precious is 4th.
    All these writing of poems don't move me, that is how my abusive ex-fiancΓ© also does, he will beat you and then buy you gifts,cards, even I AM SORRY cake once. People in my office always seeing all manner of gifts thinking I am enjoying.
    My man now doesn't even remember vals day, but respects and treats me well.

  14. FFK is crazy in love with precious, good one

  15. Is it just me? or have you noticed how these men/women who failed at their first marriage always try harder, too hard infact to hold unto the next one? they will be forming pepperdem gang for their ex. even when things are not perfect o Lol...check them out, Daddyfreeze, Stella Damascus and her stolen husband, etc. Like we didnt know FFK treated his ex like trash, all na wash! They will be too ashamed to ever admit their pain the second time around so na to just stick am out.

  16. Don't mind them, idiots. Their cups will soon be full and they will all die of depression.


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