Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 89


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 89

How una dey?

Tatafo is back with full force. Today's gist is an update of the story that was featured in season 80.

Remember the story of a young man who invited his girlfriend from Nigeria to London to spend time with him.. and when they had a misunderstanding the lady refused to return to Nigeria after the guy explained to her that he could no longer accommodate her.

Well, according to the guy, after he narrated his ordeal to tatafo, his stubborn girlfriend by the name Lara is presently awaiting deportation to Nigeria.


We were told that following the pressure that both the guy and Lara were facing in his apartment as flatmates after their relationship turned sour..Lara got acquainted with some old friends who advised her to get a job, albeit illegally. The guy noticed that she started going out everyday but didn't know where she went. As both were not on speaking terms.

It was later discovered that Lara got a job as a home carer for the elderly disabled in Essex. She was working using an unknown person's identification. According to Lara's ex boyfriend, one of her advisers gave her the work permit of a Jamaican which Lara presented at the workplace.

Na So gbege take happen.. hian!

An incident that we are yet to understand.. happened at the agency where Lara was registered as a Jamaican carer, and it was later discovered by them that she was using a fake identity to work in the UK. Rumour has it that the issue started at the home of one of the clients Lara was caring for, and the matter was escalated.

This gentleman said that this whole issue has cost him a lot of sleepless nights because the police came to his home unannounced after Lara gave them his home address as her resident. Lara was picked up by the authorities and will be deported to Nigeria after the court decides her fate. Mr man said that he immediately dissociated himself from her predicament but Lara's mother is now begging him to please help her daughter.

Help fire..if I hear!!

Una remember wetin Lara Mama do this man when her daughter refused to go back to Nigeria in Peace? She forced her daughter to stay in this man's house, so why is she begging him to help her?

According to the present report.. Lara has been in detention for about 3weeks now. She cannot be bailed because of her illegal status in the UK. This man says he doesn't have the full details of what actually transpired at the work place where she got into trouble. But that all Lara is now chanting is that she wants to be taken back to Nigeria without following due process in court for impersonation.

So Oga what do you want again?

Your prayer has been answered mbok. Only Lara had to learn it the hard way. Where are the friends that gave her the fake papers?But I still think she may be able to escape the deportation if she gets a good Lawyer and guarantor..depending on the level of crime she committed though.

 I knew she'd get into some gbege. Ndo Lara.

Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!

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  1. Replies
    1. You are evil to be rejoicing about another the ladys predicament..

  2. Karma had her name at the top of its list. Some ladies can be so stressful

  3. This is a real case of sugar gone sour to bitter

  4. E dun happen.. I wonna gonna 😂😂

  5. No matter What i still feel sorry for her because shes just trying to earn a living here.. I will never rejoice about something like this, remember a man invited her here with promise of a relationship...

    1. So what? I dont get it. Whats d fuse about staying abroad? Can she swear she too didnt see some things about d guy that irritates her? When d guy says they aint compatible why didnt she return in peace and face her life squarely. This same Lara can b so blessed 2mr that she'll frequent d UK like shes going to d toilet. Abegi... i just pray all she gets is deportation.

  6. Tat don dey slack for gulma fa

  7. UK no dey play again o. She must werve time first then seem go deport am. Make she no even try fight am, she no get any grounds of appeal. Her human rights will not be violated as she has no kids and hasn't been here for over 5 years so make she just hope say Dem sentence am to less than six months, if she agrees to leave early she go do only 2 months then Dem go deport her with 1.5k. thats her best bet. UK no dey play again. Make she no even waste her time for here. I sure say Na the guy call immigration sef.

  8. #Life gets a whole lot more beautiful, once you start living for yourself and accept the fact that, you cant please everyone*


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