Stella Dimoko Labour Rejects N30,000 Minimum Wage Offer


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Labour Rejects N30,000 Minimum Wage Offer

The organised labour on Saturday rejected the resolution of the House of Representatives seeking the upward review of the minimum wage for Nigerian workers to N30,000 from the current N18,000

The President of the Trade Union Congress, Bobboi Kaigama revealed that the organised labour is demanding N56,000.

He stated that the labour unions were awaiting the executive arm of government to set up a committee to speed up the process.

“The procedure is for the tripartite body to sit down and agree on a figure, present it to the National Executive Council, National Council of State and to the National Assembly,” he said.

The Nigerian Labour Congress on its part, commended the recommendation of the House of Representatives but said that the process to determine an approved minimum wage has started with a tripartite engagement involving the labour, the private sector and the government.

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*Salaries that they will agree to and refuse to pay?Hisssss!!!


  1. Salaries that they will agree to and refuse to pay? Is that one salary

    1. Imagine how hard things are in Nigeria. This is how they will rather force doctors to stop doing private practice when a doctor is still payed below 100k salary in Nigeria and expected to work overtime without chair,table, call room to sleep or even equipments and common drugs to work with.
      How can someone with a family survive on 18k. Yet even at that, they will still owe 6months salary and now wants to make STRIKE illegal. They should keep chasing shadows. Stella, the other day you were rejoicing and calling it good news.

    2. Liar,liar, no doctoral in public service is paid less than 100k. House officers earn much more than that. Talkless of residents. Abeg shift.

  2. Let me be positive here. Pls it should work out me a go sweet pass

  3. When all the states are waiting for allocation how can they pay?
    Its sad as even if Gov want to steal money, they can make their states IGR increase and use fronts for their ideas but no, they will rather impoverish the state so they can continue to control them using money

  4. Bleh! What's 30,000 naira compared to the senators allowance not salary oooo! Rubbish!

  5. I pray this amount is approved..

  6. I pray too, at least better than 18k

  7. Just laughing at labour and house of reps
    Between 2012-2015 federal allocations for all tiers was almost always above 650 billion naira. Today it is between 350- 485 billion naira. Who increases salary during economic crisis.

    States have been paying salaries because of the kindness of the president. First it was bail out funds running into billions and most governors misused the billions they got. Then Paris refund, obasanjo, yar adua, Jonathan refused to pay the Paris refund but Buhari paid over 600 billion naira to the governors, yet some did not pay salaries

    I am a civil servant, a raise in the minimum wage will favour me but it is very unrealistic at this point. Rivers, Delta, two of the richest states in our federation are owing their workers. Balyesa with just 8 local government areas and massive allocation can't pay salaries.

    Edo is paying 25,000 minimum wage because of aggressive tax drive. Multiple taxation of small businesses. A population of 3.8 million people and a workforce of about 40,000 people. More than 69% of federal and internally funds end up in the pockets of about 40.000 people as salaries, allowances in the name of reccurent expenditure. At the expense of the mass of Edo people. Shameful and foolish

    Josephine the great

  8. That's to say corperd will now receive 56k?? Jqhahahhahahahabab

  9. So cost of living would continue to increase agile salaries would remain stagnant?! Why have the hearts of men waxed so cold...


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