Stella Dimoko Nigerian Footballer Isaac Success Arrested After Demanding For A Refund Of £2,000 He Paid HO's


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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nigerian Footballer Isaac Success Arrested After Demanding For A Refund Of £2,000 He Paid HO's

21 Year-old Premiere League and Watford FC player, Isaac Success, paid four hookers £2,000 for a hotel romp — but failed to score with any of them after drinking two bottles of Baileys. 

Success, who earns £30,000 a week, was arrested after angrily demanding his money back. One of the hookers, Alexis Domerge, said Success boasted of his prowess in the bedroom.

But he drank two bottle of Baileys — and then repeatedly failed to score with the hookers.

He was arrested in the hotel lobby after cops were called. Alexis, 24, said: “He had paid four of us £500 and we all got naked as soon as the money came through on our phone bank accounts. .He was drinking Baileys straight from the bottle. I pulled off his shorts and got down to it with three other girls doing everything you could imagine. What do you expect if you drink two bottles of Baileys liqueur straight from the bottle?”

Fellow escort Michaela Carter, 30, said: “4 of us massaged him for a full hour and a half — as long as a football match. He had been boasting to us all night about how much he earned and how much fun we were going to have.He seemed really keen on Baileys — swigging the stuff out of the bottle. It made me cringe because it’s so sickly sweet. He seemed a bit shy and awkward, probably because he’s only 21.

All five of us were squirming around on the bed but after a while we realised the Baileys had taken its toll. Eventually, I told him I couldn’t stay any longer and we couldn’t give him extra time. .That’s when things started to get nasty. He accused us of ripping him off and asked for his money to be returned. It was terrifying. There was a lot of screaming which must have woken the entire hotel. At that point the police were called. .

I ended up with a slight cut on my face and a bruise on my arm during the chaos. I don’t know how it happened. During the row I also stumbled backwards and broke the heels of my £600 Louboutin shoes. It meant I was already £100 down.

A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating an allegation of assault.”

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  1. Mumu boy, play ball you can't, na to carry ashewo u sabi, ok drill them, u can't, what are u good at?
    Ode niyen!

    1. Blackberry ooooooooo...see vex

      Anyway Success mumu sha...

  2. Lol.
    Something similar happened to me in school. There was this super hot chic called Claire in my class. Been on her matter for knacks o but she was giving green light but nothing yet so me i just locked up. Ran into her in a party and she was all over me telling me she will sleep at my house. I couldnt just believe. I walked sm1 and she ran after me saying hope am not leaving, i said no. She now asked to hold my car key based on assurance i wont leave her. I was just drinking plenty sha. We got home with her friend, my house is a 2bedroom, the friend refused to stay in the 2nd room claiming she has 2 sleep with the babe, i just para like why? Lol
    I went to palor to play game, the babe followed me, we were making out o, the friend show. I offered to go and drop them they said its too late. I just ignored the friend and was doing what i wanted to do. I now said they shld go and bath, Claire went to bath first and i was chilling based on i will just lock door if d friend goes to bath, i swear i just noticed day has broken. I wanted to die. Claire was just like i slept off and refused to wake up, vexing 4 me. I sha begged and asked her to let me make it up to her but she has to make sure that her friend isnt there.

  3. This is what happens to money miss road people.

  4. 😂😂😂😂

  5. No be only 21 years, na 15 😒

    1. Na that one catch your

  6. C'est La Vie8 October 2017 at 23:51

    Don't know why I found the article so funny 😂😂😂 and BTW dude doesn't look 21 😒

  7. This is bad for his image
    Like seriously..


  8. This one no be village people de at work so 😆😆

    1. Na lie because he is '21'

  9. Hahahahahahaha


  10. Hahahahahahah, funny narrative 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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