Stella Dimoko Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Redefines 'Cheating' And Says He Has Never Cheated On His Wife


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Redefines 'Cheating' And Says He Has Never Cheated On His Wife

In an exclusive chat with BroadwayTV, Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna says he has never cheated on his wife, Sonia Ogbonna before. According to him, he sees his wife as someone who has everything he desires and he wouldn't want to ruin that for anything in this world. 

IK Ogbonna is a nollywood actor, Producer, born in Jos, Plateau state but hails from Abia state and has been an actor for about 4-5years now.

If you find yourself in a position to cheat what will you do?

Cheating is not even having sex with a woman, that's one mistake people make. Cheating is when you find yourself developing feelings for someone.

Now let me explain this. If a man finds himself in some situation, sleep with a woman for 30 mins and it's done and dusted, and then you move on with life. That cease to exist the second it ended. You only just broke your Marital vows, that's not cheating. You broke your marital vows.

Now Cheating is, when you start sharing the 100% of you with someone else. Now I am not talking about sex, I am talking about giving that person the extra time, chatting moments. "I miss you baby", "I miss you honey", "When can I see you again", planning trips with this person, you know?

Have you ever cheated on your wife?

I haven't and I don't see any reason why I should. I looked for a woman with everything I want, from beauty to brains, companionship and friendship.

I am more about building my family, building my life, and building a future for me, my 'internal' family and extended family. So I really don't have that time. I am always on set. I am always working. And the little time I do have I spend with family.

Do you cook for your wife?

Yeah, you know I love cooking and the beauty of cooking is when you see somebody enjoying your food. The beauty for me is when I see the person I love enjoying my meal and she is actually smiling... I cooked for her. I try to do everything and anything to make her happy. And cooking is one of them. She cooks for me, I cook for her. You's just beautiful. As far as I am concerned.

Why do you think Men Cheat ?

People think it's in every man's DNA. I don't think so. It's a mindset. If you hang around people that cheat, you probably become a cheater. If you hang around people that are faithful to their women, they will influence you to be faithful to your woman. So it's a mindset. I don't think every man cheats and I don't think it's a word that we should use 'that every man cheats'.

There are people that are faithful to their wives not just because they are happy with their wives but because it's a spiritual thing. There are people that don't believe in sharing their body with just everyone.

So let's take that word 'Every man cheats'; and let's have 'Some men cheat' because they want to cheat. Same way you can't say every woman cheat but there are women out there that do cheat and they cheat because they want to cheat. It's a personal decision.

Can you forgive Infidelity?

Well... I have not faced it, so I can't sit down on this chair and say I can forgive it. But if I find out that my woman slept with someone she had no feelings for, it just happened. She just had sex. My pride will be hurt but I will easily forgive her than if I find out that she is dating someone, like proper dating. Travelling, trips here and there. Seeing themselves every now and then, all of that.

But you can't really sit down on the chair and say you can forgive this or you can forgive that. That's the truth. Because when you are faced with this life situation, that's when you will know what to do. That's when you will really realize that, those things you felt you could tackle in particular are not really the way it seemed to be.


  1. Replies
    1. Abeg no waste your time comment jarre.... E even pain me say I comment... I know his silly self might be here or the wife. Mi just typed this, so they know that I know whats up

      Fake people

      Be forming Yeyebrities couple


    2. He has not cheating but he has broken his marriage vows. Smelling rhing

  2. This is how they start to accept things that are a sin and ungodly as a norm and teaching the younger generations rubbish.

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  3. Tin bagbo.... U follow man sleep, lock mind, throway key..... Shey e possible ni??

    Na end of contract oo

  4. So dissappointed.... was the wife not the one who once shaded Caroline Danjuma in one post about randy husbands and blaming side chicks?
    See how this dude ruined his wife's "relationship expert" market.

    I love Mrs Ogbonna, i really do, but she should focus on herself and her brand and never say "never" again. You date/marry a naija guy and you auto proclaim yourself a relationship expert??? What happened to others is now happening to her.

    This open relationship things i hear about them, na true???? hmmm

    1. Shay you think say Na marriage Dem do so? That one na arrangee something.... The girl wen go travel go IFE go find people to fuck am give am money... Woo, if I woze both of Dem slap faa.... Shay person wen the husband sef go pretend bring guy give am collect him own share of money... Nonsense life.... @IK love money pass himself and him own life.. They just sit and keep up appearances, saying they are big girl and boy wearing fake designers upadan.... Awon smellos


  5. You haven't 'cheated' on you wife but you have 'slept' with other women and .....erm men. Ok.

  6. Sdk point of correction, he is not an actor. This man that cant even do a primary school play is who u are calling an actor?

    1. Once i see him in movies i just change d channel sharp sharp. Nigga can’t act to save a life. Tufiakwa.

  7. Ok Sir, technically you're saying that it's allowed to just screw anybody we fancy as long as we're not dating them? Teacher don't teach me nonsense.

  8. So make we fry bread abi????🙄

  9. #Coughs

    Errrrmmm​ brethen, our brother ogbonna does not cheat! Praiiiseee. Prai, praise, priaseeeeeee Tha lord!


  10. Ik is a confusionist
    Cheating is cheating, whether you sleep with the person for 5 mins or you start developing feelings for the person, it's still the same thing...

    Breaking ones marital vows is classified as cheating.......

    The world and the people therein keeps bringing up new quotes to mislead the gullible ones....

    But God's standard remain firm and the same...

    A word is enough for the wise......

  11. Is this one an actor?... Mtchew

    You have never cheated on your wife,... Double RadaRada.. Who you dey deceive? .....Yoy wen be gigolo... You dey sleep with men dey collect money... You dey sleep with old mama's Dem too dey collect money.... Your case dey LUCIFER hand


  12. I used to think that this guy is wise
    Really, my dad taught me that when a boy
    speaks, you know his age

  13. So he is saying that if someone visits prostitutes, he has not cheated?
    Well Ik, God calls it adultery and it is idolatry
    It is punishable by him

  14. LOL another excuse to sleep around
    abeg where did he get his own definition of cheating
    chai sonia don enter one chance

  15. Hope when his wife opens her thighs for a man "just for thirty minutes"
    "she has not cheated"
    Only broke her marital vows
    And Ik can absorb that and move on
    All these Nollythrash talking trash

  16. So in essence, Ik has been "drilling every hole" in Nollywood
    and every brothel "just for thirty minutes"
    and has not cheated on his wife??

    1. Doesn’t even look like he can last upto 30 minutes 😞

    2. As in eh. Dude looks sexually feeble to me. Plus he's just made Nolly history by being the worst actor in Nollywood so far .
      Anytime I see you on my screen, I feel I just turned on the wrong channel.
      Better up your acting game guy cos you no follow.
      Meanwhile from your comments above about cheating, you have obviously had two many one night stands with them girls and because you don't love them, you haven't cheated on your self acclaimed relationship expert wife. Dude thinks he is smart with his banana head...

  17. Hope when she have sex with other men wothout been attached to them she has not cheated too.long hissssss

  18. hahahahahah Galore the galore, how far ooo. I just dey miss you plenty

    1. I dey jarre.

      Na BOOK dey make me MIA


      Make nobody come tell me say I don dey school since 19DC I never still graduate



  19. So he hasn't cheated on his wife but has broken his marital vows.
    So half of the cheating men on this planet are not cheats by his stupid analogy.
    Men keep giving new names to cheating to cover their acts. Smh.

  20. Wonderful! See his mentality 😩

  21. I actually agree oh it's the emotional attachment that hurts most

    1. Only you understanding Jo.........or I no know wattin bvs dem read sef.

  22. What a wawu!!!! His head like yam


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