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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Breakfast Post

Today's breakfast inspiration is a combination of boiled potatoes, grilled fish and salad.

This meal is perfect for those on a diet because it is packed full of fibre and nutrients but low in calories. To get the maximum nutritional benefit, I boiled the potatoes with their skin on and peeled just before serving. The simple salad was made with cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and eggs - dressing is optional.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!
BV Chichy

My dear people after eating this Heavy Breakfast forget Lunch
Or let us say if you have this Kinda heavy Breakfast,what would you propose to have for Lunch?

*Giveaway Lunch Parks postponed until further notice.


  1. Boiled yam with egg sauce

  2. ACV water, 4 fried eggs, and my lame attempt at frying akara, it came out like pancake, flat like benin-ore express way.

    1. Lol @ benin-ore express way.
      I'm eating beans and potatoes porridge.

    2. abeg no let laugh scatter my belle joor.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Lol, did u use a deep fryer with enough oil? the batter needs just little water,Keep trying.

    5. Make sure the oil is very very hot before you add the akara. Also make sure when blending the akara, you don't add way too much water. You don't need all that deep fryer. Just make sure you heat the oil very well before frying and while frying, reduce the heat to medium so that the middle of the akara doesn't become wet and slimy. I've been there done that too so I know what you're talking about ..@@@BiaBia 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Hmmmmmm yummy but someone like me won't finish that. But it's great.

  4. Nothing on my mind yet...But since I am on the go, it has to be something light.

    Nice one Chichy, Boil potatoes with the back to retain most of the nutrients that mostly leach out during cooking especially the vitamins...πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. #You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself*

  6. Fried sweet potatoes and egg sauce is what my pocket says I should eat but what I really want is fresh fish stew and white rice, steaming hot.

  7. Pregnancy be dealing with me. Just finished a plate of hot rice.

  8. Replies
    1. Never liked palm oil rice/stew till my cousin made it. Dat day i ate more than everybody and was still asking for more

  9. Fufu and onugbu soup. Something light😁. Try it and thank me later. Y'all will bash me that it is heavy but for my kind of job, naaa. Anyi Na aru oru ike even on weekends in order to take care of family. Ngwa gwazia ndi yard unu.

    1. LMAO 😁,swallow is bae in the morning 😊 *side eyes πŸ‘€ @ SDK *

      I ate one full big pawpaw and I'm good this morning
      Good morning 😊 everyone

  10. Boiled Yam
    With fish sauce.
    Oh my God
    I put two bulbs of onions.
    Very sweet

  11. Spaghetti for me this morning, beans and plantain for lunch and later in the evening I'll cut part of my birthday cake and eat. Tomorrow is my birthday πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  12. Bread eggs and a glass of red wine.
    No matter what the breakfast is, A glass of red wine makes it taste better.


  13. Enter your comment... Goodmorning stella. Goldenmorn and a happy weekend to all BV's, Mrs Roma, chichy's kitchen. I love all of you from the bottom of my heart- femi anthony's.

  14. Enter your comment... Goldenmorn and a happy weekend to all of you, I love thee from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Enter your comment...stella, mrs roma, chichy's kitchen and all SDK bv,s. You are simply the best - femo lala anthony's.

  16. Did she said people on diet? That potatoes contains 128 calories, although 0.2g of fat. Egg contains fat,the fish contain fat. Abeg let her plan another breakfast recipe for people on diet.

    1. Exactly people should follow this nonsense abeg
      In other news I lost 8.4 kg in four week via 800 calories daily (high protein and less carb ) and lots of workout as well as doing over 15 k steps daily .

    2. Thank you! I'm a weight gainer and irish potatoes are highly recommended for me cos of the high amount of calories that I'm not expected to burn.
      So when I saw 'Low in calories' I was like wtf?!
      Sweet potatoes would have even been better cos of the higher fibre content.

  17. I just ate pap with enough liquid milk and red oil akara

  18. Had Bread And Tea today>> I saw this nice soup from Rivers state on Maste's page (Former OAP).This receipe was culled from @mastecooks on Instagram..

    The soup is called ISAM FULO...Made with a lot of seafoods but you can use what you can afford, almost like Ofe Owerri. Takes 45mins - 1hr for this soup to be ready.


    1 big fresh fish
    1 Cow Leg or assorted meat of your choice
    1 cup of fresh prawns
    1 cup of periwinkles
    1 cup of Ngolo (Big Periwinkle) Ask from Market women
    3 white cocoyam (thickner)
    ground crayfish
    Yellow pepper or habenro peppers
    2 tablespoon of palm oil
    Uziza Leaves
    Ground Ofor(optional)

    Boil cow leg and other assorted meats, add sliced onions, salt, seasoning and ground pepper(this gives it taste) in a pressure cooker for fast cooking
    In another pot, boil Fresh fish, Prawns and any other seafood of your choice, add sliced onions, salt, seasoning, ground crayfish and ground pepper and cook for 10 minutes.

    Now Transfer boiled meat and only stock from boiled seafood into a clean pot (Don't add the fish and other seafood yet so it does not scatter) and simmer for 3 can add salt or seasoning but it is assumed the stock from both meat and seafood should be enough in seasoning.

    3 white cocoyam should have been boiled and pounded to paste..Add your palm oil to the boiling meat and seafood and allow to boil, then add your cocoyam paste to serve as thickner, continue to add to your desired thickness or add ground ofor to further thicken.
    Wash your periwinkle and Ngolo(big periwinkles) and add to the soup. Now add your fish and other seafood into the could add more crayfish and pepper. allow to boil for 3 mins

    Wash your uziza leaves and slice..Now add this to the soup and simmer for 5 minutes. turn off heat and its ready to eat..Eat this soup with your favorite swallow..and get an OH LA LA experience..Nigeria is blessed with lovely soups..Enjoy

  19. I am having pancake wrapped in fried beans and a cup of tea.

  20. Achara/Okazi soup with melon cake and fufu.

  21. I had spaghetti jollof with fried Titus fish and a big mug of tea.

  22. Fried plantain with fried eggs.

  23. Beans and bread combo on the beat. Going to an owanbe later and I cannot allow my tummy to be feeling empty before they serve food.

  24. I had fried potatoes and egg sauce. I receive grace to start keto by Monday in Jesus name . Amen!!!

  25. The above picture is in no way healthy at all..
    Combination of high protein with Irish potatoes(instead of sweet potatos ) and boiled eggs with yokes ? Na not good for you . Unless you're doing intense workouts..
    Other than that I won't advice anyone to eat the above combination...
    Eggs with yokes got more than 300 calories (3-4 eggs )
    The fish would be over 400 calories (if it's not fried)
    Eating more than 600 calories on one sitting haba...smh

  26. Bread and beans with custard swimming in liquid milk to d rescue

  27. mumu people doing rubbish calculations. what kind of egg contains more than 300 calories? one large egg is 71 calories. the plantain is the main problem. a medium plantain contains 218 calories. a 57 grams of carbs and 27 whole grams of sugar. so imagine eating two of that. eggs with yolk are not bad because the yolk contains healthy fat. most people fail in their diet because they try to cut out fat completely. that makes no sense because for your meal to be balanced, it has to have a serving of major food groups in a plate. fried fish is not healthy, i think we can all agree on that but overall, no matter what kind of diet you decide to do, if you are not having a calorie deficit, you will remain the same or gain sef. calorie defict= weight loss. you can eat pizza, burger and fries and still lose 10 pounds in a month. its all math.

    1. Wow 57 gram of calories ...

      Madame 5 egg white (without yoke) is 203 calories not to talk of with yoke

      I'm sure you'll add seasoning etc to it hence more than 300 .

      Yes you can eat junk and still loose weight in a month if you don't eat more than 1700 calories daily ...
      I am not looking to type much here but please stay away from giving people wrong information please .

    2. Remember , calories in calories out .good luck !


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