Stella Dimoko Singer Iyanya Gives Reason For Still Being Single At 31 And Says He Runs From Women


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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Singer Iyanya Gives Reason For Still Being Single At 31 And Says He Runs From Women

Kukere exponent, Iyanya, is blessed with a physique most women drool over. He knows this perhaps, little wonder he pulls off his shirt on stage and 'rolls' his waist during his

But even as most people may think he showcases his sexual appeal to swoon the ladies, the artiste told Saturday beats he does that just for entertainment purposes.

The singer who spoke on his love life said that although he is single at the moment with no hopes of getting hooked to a lady any time soon, he is running from women.

How do I miss the attention of women when I am running away from them? Check me out, even without music, you think I would not get girls? Girls are not an issue, they flock around me and it is even happening as I speak with you. I am not in love with anybody at the moment because I am focused on a lot of things. When the time comes, nobody would know.

Apparently referring to the relationship that was rumoured that he had with Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, Iyanya said he would certainly keep his relationship off prying eyes.

When I fall in love again, I am definitely not going to inform the press and the reason is simple, anytime I step out to tell the world that this is my girlfriend, I end up losing the girl. Over the years, I have learnt to keep it to myself. I would show the world my videos and shows but not my girlfriend. I would not show the world when we are kissing. I have learnt from my past mistakes,” he said.

Aside from his love life, so many would also think the singer’s fame is dwindling. But Iyanya told Saturday Beats that he is not bothered by what others think of him.

I feel nothing when people say I am not the Iyanya they used to know because everything is in their head. What you think about me is not what is happening in my world and you think such because of what you see or hear. I am fine, I am blessed and I am still touring the world. I am happy. So, if you are over there thinking that Iyanya is not who he used to be, then that is your thought and has nothing to do with me.

It is only what I show people. I have a life that is different from what I post, so no one can generalise my being just by looking at pictures. People would have different opinions about my music but as an entertainer, I have to be versatile. I won a competition in 2008 and within the ten weeks that the competition lasted, I was expected to do different genres of music. 

I don’t just have fans that want to listen to dance songs, there are those who want to hear me sing, so there is nothing wrong with stepping the tempo up or down because I am not catering to a particular kind of fans. I have people who love the Kukere guy while the others are in love with the guy that won MTN Project Fame nine years ago. I always try to balance it but it is okay for people to have their opinion but I am doing very well.


  1. Short man devil, na you sabi, if you like marry, if you no like, no marry, na you sabi, life goes on, abeg second base please

    1. This guy isn't short

    2. Anon 12.33,Iyanya is SHORT.I don't understand it when women find him sexy.Nigga is short and stoutish abeg.Nothing sexy about a short man.

    3. @anon Don't argue because you want to reveal IGNORANCE.
      Dude is like 5ft 1 inch.
      Always you're from a family of dwarfs.
      That is SHORT.
      Add that to an overbloated ego...ugly combo imo.

  2. His body is good but he is a midget nah...
    He is too short for my liking!...

    As for his music,I heard he is having issues with Marvin!...
    I think his village people don tie his career...

    1. You are always hearing.. onye ogbanje

  3. Not a big fan,I roll my eyes when his song comes on video cos its the same routine:removes shirt,roll waist and dance makosa!!!!

    1. I jiya!I find that waist rolling he does very annoying.Him and flavor.

  4. Issa lie o.he has a tiny dick.

  5. Keep running u hear. With DAT ur tiny earthworm BTW ur legs.

  6. #Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love*

  7. Story that touches the bum bum... But you don't run when you gbense or are you a virgin... Youngman please stop deceiving yourself.

  8. idiot after finishing Yvonne nelson bear bear bank you are now forming good boy. am still adding more coal to your cell in hell.

  9. I wish him well. Thank God he's learning to keep some personal affairs off media

  10. Why is it that it's only Yvonne Nelson you all remember as girl when Freda Francis was the girl he dated to the point of almost marrying before they broke up. Leave Yvonne alone abeg.

  11. Desire isokay. Cool down for other artists and hoepfully return again.
    I hope you saved enough money sha? Not spending it impressing people.

    He had one fine girl you were dating shortly after project fame. Fair, tall, beautiful but not popular. Can't remember her name. BVs, we were on the same flight from calabar oh. This was way back in 2009 or 2010, can't remember. Na so the girl dey arrival dey wait for bobo, run dey kiss am for airport.
    In my mind I was like: If only this girl knows this one is a calabar time bomb waiting to explode her heart *hiss*
    You know say Lagos babes new thing dey shack them 😂😂

    Lo and behold.... i later read he had moved on to Yvonne wey no even fine reach that babe. Him too like babes wey e go climb reach up. And no be today him start that trick.


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