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Thursday, October 26, 2017


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Hello ma'am Stella Korkus. Good morning. My name is Obee, As a new convert to your forum, I must commend you for your versatility and uniqueness.
My woman reads your blog and was picked for a fertility test, she actually wrote in yesterday.

Firstly, I apologise for the way I treated your offer even though wife was not entirely truthful in her essay.

I am not writing to justify my actions or vilify your philanthropy but I want to let you know what really happened as I saw some comments painting me black.
Some two weeks ago, one evening, my wife came to me and told me she and some other women had been picked for a free fertility screening and that some others were also picked for free IVF procedures.

 I asked her (in my exact words) 'which politician is responsible? she told me it's an anonymous person on an online forum where she is a member and then went on to narrate how they were asked to apply and she did, she opened the post and showed me how people applied. I asked her why she did not inform me before applying for such a sensitive freebie. Her response was that 'she believed I would accept it since we were trying for a baby'.

Ok, where is the screening taking place? I asked, she said in a South south state and said one among  Akwa ibom, Rivers and CRoss rivers is possible option. At this point I flared up. Why in heaven's name will you apply to travel down to such a long distance without my consent? She said we need it, it's an opportunity, I should be thanking God something like this came up  bla bla, by now her voice had started going up. Then I told her no one is going for any test anywhere, (though I honestly  didn't mean it).

 The next thing she said was that she will go with or without me, if I don't need a child, she does and went on and on. We quarrelled that night. Later that same night, she started putting calls through to her friends in these locations telling them she will be visiting soon (like seriously?).

Stella it is worthy of note that one of these friends of hers had advised her sometimes back in a Facebook chat to test her fertility elsewhere and check if I'm the one with the problem. I stumbled on the chat erroneously while fixing her phone for her back then. Till this moment, she didn't know I saw that chat. She'll be shocked to her bones if she does. Now, tell me ma'am, which man would allow his woman to go meet such a friend?

Instead of apologising for her actions, she stubbornly shouted back at me and challenged me. We had been living peacefully, no major quarrel asides the little ones that couples have once in a while but her actions that night was as if she was under the influence of something. That is why I seized her phone. When I came back the next day, handed the phone back to her, after some minutes, she told me she had declined the offer but I was not convinced. She refused to cook, I did not starve her. As a result I stopped buying anymore food in the house hoping she will come to her senses. Instead she avoided me and kept malice with me.

I was dying inside all this while, I love my wife and I want her to be happy. She is a woman, women are easily deceived, her friends will leave her to burn after pushing her into the fire. Seeing her mail on your blog yesterday broke my heart. I want her to forgive me for all she passed through those few days, I already apologised to her.  pls beg her for me. Pls tell her I don't want her near those old friends of hers anymore, I had warned her in the past to stop communicating with them, she refused. Also, I want to ask if the tests could be carried out in Lagos where we live, I don't want her going to those states she mentioned.

Thanks ma'am and God bless.

Honeypir,please stay away from friends who poison your marriage and cause havoc..This matter wouldnt have been anything if he didnt see your friends message.

Please forgive each other and make up.I am sure the make up gbenshing will be a goal scored.

Well at least this matter turned him into a
Oga welcome on board,this is a learning platform,use the good you learn at learn from the bad of others.


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Total amount #105,000
Wedding registration -#5,000
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Pastor's gift-#60,000 
Chior gift-#15,000
Royal shepherd- #15,000 
Disel and cleaning -#10,000.
I already told her not to pay and let us go rent a garden and do the wedding and look for a pastor to do the joining but my parents are saying we should just pay. 
  Please family, is this right?

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  1. The party lit last nyt. Guess who was the guest celebrity?
    Twas Fela!!! Ooh my, he sang his famous shakara, water no get enemy and teacher don’t teach me nonsense songs. A lot of people drank sniper just so they could attend the baddest party in the universe. Oooh come and see the way crowds were cheering, they were happy and danced till some angels came to peep. Mhen i am the real MVP wen it comes to organizing a party. Aint no parry like the hell party. Now am hung over pheeeeew.

    1. i hear you've redused to release Nicholas Tesla the inventor/scientist, cus hes fixing the air conditioner & refridgerator down there... he was on his way to heaven & toook a wrong turn then it was too late, pls return his passport, he dsnt belong there... LOL!
      *i read that joke*

    2. I will still repeat this, stella are u sure this is not the real Lucifer aka ekwenua, that is typing all dis here? U guys might think it's a joke until he starts posting pictures of bvs chillaxing in their different houses & mentions their names. As in ekwensu that he is

    3. Sorry I'm commenting under you.

      Where is Danny Fisiye abi what's that his name sef?

    4. kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa @Athiest Nike as i call him is in my blacklist. i have a list of people that needs to be rusticated from hell. these people are no longer scared of hell. him and his likes have succeeded in making hell look like club rumours. @Eka bitterleaf i have no hand in why your life is so bitter, your village people should be held responsible for the bile in you stomach and brain, count me outta it. and yes its as dry as you brain boobs and ass. @anon 14:34 you have nothing to fear if you hold on to God. but if you continue to sin and eventually die in sin, you go jam me for hell.

  2. Replies
    1. Madam, mind your business.. And tell your friend to shut up.. She is not the first person to get married in that church, she won't be the last.. They have been doing that to all those getting married.... Mtchew... Leave the church of you don't want to abide by the rules of the church.. Nonsense... Carry your friend matter for head like Gala


    2. Oga honeypie, the clinic is not in Lagos and they won't uproot it and bring it here just because of you. Take your wife to an IVF clinic in Lagos and hear how much they will charge you to check both of you then you will understand what your iron heart has rejected. I'm sure even flight money to the south for both of you will still be much less. And next time you have issues with your wife, don't punish her she is not your slave.

      Meanwhile, 99% of people that say they discovered things in their partner's phone while trying to fix something or use the flashlight always lie. Where you trying to fix her Facebook page? What led you to her messages if you didn't go there intentionally?
      Oga, I put it to you that you are insecure.

    3. Why are ABS pensioners still been not payed their gratuity. I taught Willie said its a chiken change, that he was going to clear it. I can now see that he is playing politics with peoples years of effort and hardwork. How much is d money sef that he cant just pay them off instead of doing it in batches. Shebi they said the second batch is in october? October is almost gone now yet nothing. I just pity people like Pete Edochie etc that dey used for cheap publicity stunt.

    4. Mr Honeypie,
      At the end of the day, you are still asking if there is a center in Lagos. Hmmm. You really do not want her to go. So she can't stay in a hotel? What man seizes his wife's phone and please your reasons are ridiculous. I think you are the problem.

  3. Poster,@ 24 & w a suitor like dis one, I will advice u pursue ur career & set a target to be married by 30. Also, inform him.
    Within 5years, u should be established in ur career and same w him. Then, he will be financially stable and u too to plan a future(marriage).
    Emotional stability most times is enhanced by financial stability; and if a man is not mature especially emotionally, then he will become a monster in marriage.
    Also, since u have had a previous experience of a parasite boyfriend, it shows u r generous by nature. So, I will suggest u cut down some more on ur goodwill(financial aid in any form) for now to dis guy, so u can get to know who he really is.
    Most times, they are just der cos of wat they can get or because they don't have to spend a penny & still have a girlfriend/wife.
    And,no matter how poor a man is, he should be able to care & provide for his woman, within his means.
    He should be able to say, 'ur hair is old, take dis hundred naira & make it. Soon I will give u more' then u on ur part can den add ur money to make ur desire hair. Not, 'if I have money, I will take u round d world' etc. He should prove it w d little he has now.
    The problem w most of dis type of men is, wen dey eventually become big, or the times some cash flows in, they are use to not taking care of u, so they won't even try doing it. They expect u to still take care of ur self.
    More so, most men who are drop out Tend to have inferiority complex, and are always threatened by professionals/ graduates, as such they tend to always pull such people down w their words, etc and always talk down on education. Their wives, most especially get the burnt more.
    Do u also know DAT gradate Pastors most times, get promoted faster in most churches?
    Non educated and illiterate Pastors are usually sent to d villages and remote areas, bcos there, they won't be intimidated by their members... You can't most times, Pastor some certain class of people, if u are not in their class or level or know what they know. So, he can go back to school. (Since he is under a church)
    Lastly, at His age, it is the right time to prove His call, assignment, establish his ministry; not d time to be entangled w 'woman matter'. After 5 years, u will see clearly and make d right decision. I.e if it is him u want to marry. Moreover, u have till forever to stay together, why the rush?

  4. Church wedding
    No place in the bible where Jesus mandated the church to wed.
    They added it to water their greed.
    I did not wed in the church and I am happily married for more than ten years.

    1. Honeypie please forgive your husband and enjoy your home.
      Please stay away from unfriendly friends

  5. My soul glorifies the lord...

    1. And my spirit rejoice in God my saviour.

    2. Marketing strategies?

  6. This weather no b for here ooo...
    Everywhere just hot like mars...

    1. Mars should be cooler than earth, I think. Earth is closer to the sun than mars

  7. Good afternoon lovelies
    What's for lunch?

  8. Good day one big and happy family, hope we all are having a nice day? God bless are the givers, your pockets will never run dry, amen, have a nice day guys

  9. Whatsoever your hand funded Tp do, do it will all ur heart. Soon, it will pay off.

  10. That church is not serious at all, pastors gift ke and what will the pastor give to the newly wedded. She better go borrow a pastor,let the joining take place in the living room

    1. Hmm sweetie she asked them o. What they will give her, they said all the groups in church will contribute for her.
      Someone now called her one side and told her that the highest all the group in the church combined can give her is 5k.

  11. Oga sorry about the way bvs bashed u based on the one sided story ur wife shared. She painted u black! Sorry, women!!!!!

  12. Honey pie you self no try at all!

    Imaging how you painted the whole story to your favour. That's why the stop taking sides in any thing that concerns husband and wife here!

    Let me go and find something and eat...

    1. Please,please and please...all ye Chronicles senders... Can you please tell the story exactly as it happened?

      If and when I'm reporting a matter to someone, I say the thing as it is, both the ones I said nd the ones the person said, so that, when the matter gets to the notice of the person, I don't feel guilt cos I talked in favour of me.

      So, please, present the matter as it is, then, wait for the right judgement.

  13. Oko Honeypie welcome on board. Thank God you have clarified. Please forgive and give her what she wants. If you know what women go through because of that, they will do anything to have that child. Both of you are hurting, so please go with her to Akwa Ibom. Pick a date and go there. It is well. Honeypie easy oooo. Dont allow your fellow demons to pursue you out of your husband house ooo.

    congrats to job seekers. The job is for intelligent and smart people not dumb people. The job might be from N25,000 upwards. anyway congrats again oooo.

    Goodluck to those that need help, may help locate you all Amen.

    dont know what to eat. see you all my beautiful and handsome people. stay blessed

  14. Kidjo and pastor's daughter. Being a while tho

  15. The X-factor I believe is way more than having a good voice, d Philippian girl can sing no doubt but does she have d x-factor? I think this evicting n calling her back made people emotional towards her.The only with d x-factor for me was Georgina Patton Sharon sending her home with d excuse that it is too soon for her to embrace fame is a scam,if she wasn't ready she wouldn't be there. The show is not d same without her.
    Don't even understand what all these are for cos they end up choosing their choice as winner. Mtcheew

  16. To err is human, and to forgive, divine.May God see this couple(Honeypie & hubby) through this trying time. The devil wants to use misunderstanding to make this blessing pass you by. O gaghi ewoku.

  17. In 1880 only 20% of the population of France spoke French.

  18. U see my people
    Nubi mum was right after all
    Every man will react differently
    Oga no vex ooo
    Pls don't follow our mouth
    Honeypie go apologise to ur husbandπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

    1. Nobo's mum wasn't right. This is a manipulative and insecure man. Why go through you wife's phone? Lying to us that you were trying to fix it. Were you trying to fix her Facebook messenger? Why punish her because she wants to go to a lab where he will have no control over the results?

  19. Church payment for wedding. The amount is still too much. Is she not a church member? I wonder why churches will be putting burden on their members instead of helping them to celebrate beautiful marriages.

    If you go out and look for a pastor, wont you pay him? Tell your sister to beat down the prices down or tell them she will pay later after wedding but she can pay small and forget about the rest. The pastor eye too shook for money. Imagine N60,000 when they are members of your church.

    Will the church be willing to give them gifts as per say dem be members or nothing at all for them?

    1. Her late dad is their member and her mum. She asked them o. What they will give her?, they said all the groups in church will contribute for her.
      Someone now called her one side and told her that the highest all the group in the church combined can give her is 5k.

    2. Even if they aren't members of the church, it's too much.

      It's too bad churches no longer represent what they stand for.
      Such things shldnt be about money.

      The Pastor cld simply tell them to find him whatever they can from their heart and not pricing them. That's not Godly at all.

      Abeg, what do I even know sef?

  20. Replies
    1. Timi should know its a battle he can never win, right or wrong... freez will make a mess of his suit that the church choir will prefer singing alone.

  21. IHN is here, Yipee.

    My Darlings, Hope you all are good.

    Shout out to all of you

  22. Can someone please show me in the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation where marriage was held in a synagogue or church?
    Today's "churches" hijacked marriage (which should take place in the bride's father's house) to make money. Greedy people.

    1. Marriage and wedding are two different things.

      Look how my network make me late to open post, now I'm jumping on every comment.

    2. @Stainless
      So where in the bible did "wedding" take place in the synagogue or church?

    3. I said it that this dude is a "theophorbe" and not an "atheist"
      He just comes here looking for anything about God to counter
      It does not change anything about whom God is and does not in anyway
      belittle your judgment!

  23. On another note....first to comment
    in my dreams....................

  24. The person talking about wedding fee, that is one of d consequences of attending all these jerry curl pastor churches. Be a Catholic una no free. Go n pay your wedding fee biko.

    Good day everyone, hope we re good.

    Sandy yoo, I heart u dear, happy belated birthday, sorry it came late.

    Nwunye G... I have sent my blog boo application ooo, lolz.

    Stella nwunye onye ocha, ndewo.

    Chike nwoke OMA, na supugodiri anyi ezigbo Igbo. I always like to read your write-ups.

    1. No p! Thank you so much. Heart you too dear.😘

    2. I disagree.

      My sister wedded in an Anglucan church, she paid more that the above amount.

      I'm getting married in a pentecostal church and the total money I'm paying is 3k for certificate and one other thing.

    3. Lafresh learn to Read and Understand! She said CATHOLIC

    4. So the money and gifts we took to the manse(is that how it's spelt?) when my cousin was getting married in a CATHOLIC church was what? Freewill offering? Freewill that wasn't really freewill cos there was a list from the church? Stop trying to sell a church brand abeg. No angel will open The Book and start by asking what church you worshipped in. Criticise the list if you want to but not other denominations

    5. Ideato, learn to understand. I'm only trying to let her know orthodox churches does same.

      She doesn't know the name of the church she already concluded it's a pentecostal church.

      My sister paid all the officiating ministers for her wedding and also gave them food.

      Broomstick just confirmed your almighty CATHOLIC does same.

  25. Welcum IHN!! Trust u guys are doing great.

    U see one of d reasons many people don't go to church anymore just to join two people together see demand, imagine pastor's gift 60k. I really read this one today.

  26. @honey pie hubby,tank God oooh, i even tot you were a cultist sef. oga see ehn no wall can come between a woman who is in need of a child, tho i understand as a man you need to exercise your role as the head of the family, but wen it has to do with a woman who is desperately in need of a child, you need to be sensitive. you not buying food in the house bcoz you guys had a small beef is uncalled for, shey if she refuse to give you yansh you wont be angry? and you Honeypie shey it is your hard earn money he use to pay your bride price ni? your hubby says he doesnt want you associating with ur hoelosho friends why cant you listen? stop being a sturbborn and summit to your husband.put this matter to rest by cooking a very sumptuous meal and topping it up with a snake in the monkey shadow gbenshing and maybe they wont be a need for you to travel for the IVF tin sef as the result might be seen in the next 9 months.

    1. Loooooool @ Cultist, Bia Lulu its like you don't go through your register again.

    2. Chai Lucifer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Lucifer is same as James. The multiple comments gave you away

    4. I agree with you adenike.

  27. Oga n wife, do ur thing, mk up sex is bae...I miss it, I should fight soon

  28. #The awkward moment when your phone is ringing in a room that you're not in, so you have to turn into a ninja in an attempt to answer it πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  29. Madam forgive your husband and I pray God will bless your home soon with good children in Jesus name. Amen

    Good afternoon good people...

  30. 38weeks todayπŸ˜€! Am just overwhelmed. Hospital bags packed my little one could be here any moment. thank you Lord for a smooth sail so far... no LRD for me hopefullyπŸ™„ dramaless painless delivery in Jesus nameπŸ€—

    1. Thank God for you, just stroll in and your baby will be by your side the next moment 😎

    2. Amen dear and congrats in advance.

    3. 😘😘😘 sherikoko. We are waiting for that new member

    4. Thank u guysπŸ˜˜πŸ€— @lipstick, @🐞, @greatlady n @sugar.

    5. Awwww can't wait for the goodnews!!

    6. Awwwww just go do it like you wanna poo

    7. Wishing you a safe and easy birthing SherikokoπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜—.
      Congratulations in advanceπŸ€—

    8. Have a safe delivery Sherikoko. Lord I tap into this testimony.

  31. Very sunny day. Enjoying this day. I wish everyone a happy day.

  32. Oga Honey pie, Have you gotten yourself tested to make sure you are not the cause of her infertility.
    This one you are shielding her from any form of exposure. and quick to ask screening centers.
    I don't like you Oga.
    You stopped buying food in hope "she comes to her senses"?
    You were starving her.

    I don't like you.

    1. You are right.
      Some men are just too insecure and overly protective of their women.

      They feel once they let them go out there, men will just hijack and start banging the.

      You can ascertain his fear also from the chat he saw on her Facebook. Insecurity I must say!

    2. I don't like him too

      I'm surprised that Bvs didn't pick that from all he said
      The hypocrisy on this blog is unfolding, what a time to be alive

      You starved her for her to come to her senses
      Clap for yourself Oga, you've made it in life
      You're not as nice as you may sound.

    3. Oliviasilk pls calm down. You are becoming an angry bird.

    4. Honestly, why starve her? Why?

      You didn't have to starve your wife to make her 'come to her senses'. From what you wrote up there, since she refused cooking for you two to eat, then, there was no need providing food for her to eat too since you weren't gonna eat too, really????

      You are a bully and you strike me as a man who would still expect his wife to perform her 'wifely duties' even when indisposed.

      I agree with Olivia, I don't like you too.

      But then, 'who my(your)like help' as they say? LOL

      Dear Honeypie, you guys know how you've been handling disputes in your home so, I'm sure you two would be fine.

      pele..The Lord is your strength.

      Nwanyi Afikpo

    5. anonymous to bahd26 October 2017 at 15:57

      Peas in a pod, chi and Olivia. When you guys starve us of sex for your countless foolish reasons its not bullying. When she refused to cook she wasn't starving him too? They were both wrong, but I maintain my opinion, honey pie was 'wronger'. 2 of you sounding like you're affection and sex starved all at once.

    6. Lol @ Olivia
      You guys should free Mr and Mrs Honeypie.

      They are both in love but hurting cos of the TTC situation they are going through.

      The more the blame on one party, the angrier your responses makes him/her, the longer the fight between them as your comments will be a reference.

      This is a trying time for the Mr and Mrs.
      Rather than the blame game, let's just wish they settle, gbensh and makeup.
      Who knows? The make up sex might even result in pregnancy.

      Mr Honeypie, pls be sensitive to your wife's emotions. When a woman hasn't bore a child yet, the pressure is more on her than you the man regardless of who or what is causing the delay.

      Just try to understand her "desperate" attempts for a baby and be supportive.

      And Mrs Honeypie, take things easy ok? Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Work hand in hand with your husband for productive results. No too do gra gra you hear?pele.

      You both will testify soonest.

      All the best.

    7. Olivia you are right, He stopped buying food for the house meanwhile he eats outside before coming home and he now seized her phone on top. Why is he even the one buying the food stuff when the wife does not work? The man is Stingy and insecure.
      I don't even see anything wrong in the chat the wife had with her friend. The delay could be anybody's fault.

    8. Most men are like this o. Insecure big time. The only thing is to be independent. Then they will say you are a feminist and be attacking you that you are not submissive. Hian to men.

  33. Honey pie please forgive your hubby and stay away from friends that don't add positive impact to your life...
    that church wedding list... like WTF! 105 thousand for wedding ... God save your children...

  34. Honeypie please forgive your hubby, at least he tried to apologize unlike some arrogant men who would want you to kiss their feet after wronging you. I love seeing peaceful and loving couple, just make up and move on okay.

  35. Ihn is here, bvs what can I use to cure vaginal yeast infection, this thing is giving me sleepless night and am getting fed up. Am getting married in december and I need a lasting solution. Have been to different hospitals and have seen a gynae too, but the itching is still there. I need help, nobody should insult me please if you haven't walk in my shoes you won't know how am feeling. Have been on this for past 4 years. God please help me I don't want to become infertile. Stella pls post

    1. Allow Fresh Air get there every night except when you are on your period

      Don't use harsh soaps to wash there you can try Cusson's baby bath wash

      You can also use, antifungal cream at night

      Stop wearing satin pants or thongs

      Mind what you eat as well, you can take a lot of yogurt and cranberry too

      All the best

    2. There was a comment that explained the treatment,how many times Una wan ask this Una yeast infection treatment? 😎

    3. Buy lizocan or a day kit.

      Alternatively grind garlic and apply to your vj at night

    4. For long lasting solution buy a bottle of acidophilus pills and take all until its finish,also try and eat natural yoghurt and stay away from eating and drinking anything sweet for now

    5. Insert garlic in your veejayjay. Replace after every 3 hours. Hope you're not sleeping around???

    6. Anonymous13 July 2017 at 09:02
      Stella, you might find this irritating but it will help a lot of young women out there. I had to be very descriptive to show the level of pain and suffering I went through for the period I had it.

      This is also not to discourage anybody from going to see a doctor because what worked for me might not work for another person. It's merely a suggestion after all I got the hydrogen peroxide treatment from the comment section on this blog.

      2 anons have been complaining yeast infection recently, I hope you find this useful.
      Having a yeast infection has got to be the most embarrassing sickness of all time. That thing dealt with my life ehn I had it for over 5 years, spent so much money on it. The white smelly discharge disgusted me to high heavens.
      What medication did I not use? I tried Different prescriptions from different doctors, gynaecologists, pharmacist and even random suggestions I got from this blog, and natural remedies from google (garlic and coconut oil). All the treatments always worked until my period comes, I will have to go back to square one again. I became a pro in taking drugs I could even swallow a big tablet without water (me that hated taking drugs when I was younger).

      The odour emanating from my p**** was terrible especially after my period, even if I spend 2 hrs in the bathroom washing thoroughly the minute I dry my body the smell will return. my period blood smelt like dead rotten meat. I dare not change my soaked pad when any human being is in the same room with me because the odour spreads like wild fire.

      I was always so conscious of my sitting position when I'm in the midst of friends, I dare not open my legs carelessly if am wearing a gown or skirt the times I did, my friends will assume i farted and I had no choice than to concur and apologise. (Abi how do I tell them the odour is coming from my p****?)

      I used different p**** wash gels and soaps, antibiotics, pessaries, injections,from qualified personnels all to no avail. I even prayed and fasted. The only treatment that stopped the odour for over 6months was hydrogen peroxide. (Mix 2 or 3 spoonfuls of the liquid with warm water and wash your ponyor at least 2 times a day. I got this one from this blog) And it helped me on my wedding night. I couldn't tell a soul what I was going though apart from doctors sha I was just too embarrassed.

      I eventually opened up to hubby and we went to see another gynaecologist together, it was still the same cycle all over again. I just gave up and continued with the hydrogen peroxide treatment at least it was by far the cheapest and the most effective medication I had tried.
      Just when the odour was starting to rear it's ugly head again, I had serious tooth ache and had to extract it. I stopped using the hydrogen at this point because the pain from the extraction won't let me be great. Plus dh traveled sef so I just loose guard free my ponyor from too much wash wash.
      The dentist gave me a couple of drugs to take and Within a week of taking them I noticed the odour was gone. (I wasn't excited or anything cause I thought it will come back again after my period as usual) I continued till I completed the medication though.
      I had my period while still taking the drugs and the odour didn't return after the period. It's been over 2 years now and I am totally, completely free from that torture. If not for the judgemental people in my church I would given testimony in church.
      Delacin C (500mg)'s a white capsule with small black inscriptions on it. It's sold for about 900-1.2k. I took 2 cards of this. (1-1-1)

      flagyl (400mg)'s milk coloured and sold for 300. I took 3 cards of this one. (2-2-2).

      PS: dh took the drug too to avoid re infecting me again. He took just one card of the delacin C.

    7. Ladybug, no be everybody dey sitdown here 24hrs like you na

    8. Omg what you had was called bacterial vaginosis. Treatment is flagyl and clindamycin na. Use this. Stay away from sex while using it. Lastly use canesten vaginal tablet once a week. You will be free. How can you deal for 5 yrs. Are you kidding? How did your man cope with such a fishy smell for so long.

    9. Flagyl 400mg is 1-1-1. It is 200mg that is 2-2-2. Abeg oooo

  36. where are the intelligent ones in this blog? i hear theyre at EEI, i have a question for them oh.

    1. Ronalda

    2. Intelligent, yes they are.
      Sometimes they copy verbatim from Google to top up their knowledge.
      I comment there also day to day.
      Is worth it.

  37. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    2. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜—πŸ™‹

  38. IHN is here o. Hmmm Madam honnypir please forgive your husband he loves you. But Na wa for this churches o, imagine all the charges. I love my Catholic Church Biko.
    Am I the only one enjoying The new Telemundo telenovela Prize Of Fame.? I am so in love with Mateo and his gang. I had to Stay awake till 12:30 am as Nepa refuse to bring the light at 8pm. Please I need Glo Card of #500. Who God touch make bless me. Thank you!

  39. Smile... That marriage is blessed already u guys nid communication dats all...
    Dont worry ur babies are on the way.

  40. This is so unfair of the church of true. Though mist times, members behaviour triggers such rule.
    Went to a wedding once, and after d church service, reception was held in d same hall. The Pastor and wife, still around, the couple started playing circular music and ignored d whole church in entertainment including The choir DAT ministered.
    The Pastor off course left after d church service. Not even a bottle of water was sent to him. ( he is their Pastor o).
    Meanwhile, the guy entertained his colleagues well, while the church members DAT still stayed back were salivating.
    The next day, the choristers were saying, they will not sing at any wedding without their cooler of food and drinks.
    So, sometimes, members caused thus kind of law.
    All the same, 105 is outrageous.

    Forgive gbagun. No time to edit.

  41. Honey pie,pls forgive your boo n live in peace and harmony.
    105,000 for church wa oooo.

  42. Hello IHN πŸ™‹

    Honeypie forgive your husband and you guys should move on. We women can know how how to paint things sha πŸ˜„ Am guilty too πŸ˜‚

    That church wedding fee is all shades of wrong. That's why people end up cohabiting. Some churches just make getting married difficult for some young people and later the same people will scream "cohabiting is a sin"

  43. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ 'Women are easily deceived'
    Oga abeg don't generalise. Na beg i dey beg you. You saw the chat between her and her friends you should have just asked her. This is what I say about bottling things up. You will be surprised that she wasn't even taking their advice and just weighing their stupidity for the rainy day.

    'What politician is responsible'? nice question πŸ‘

    Honey pie you too why did you start making calls infornt of him? Is that also submission? You didnt handle it well biko.

    Let's hope the gbenshing is what will bring your bundle of joy. Cos all I see is two sensitive people who didn't communicate properly. Shikena

    1. Your last paragraph πŸ‘

    2. @oluwadarasimi postponed till tommorow ooh 😭😭 how's your day coming? Thanks for asking πŸ˜—

      @lady bug bbbbbźzzzzzzzzzzz 🐝

    3. Gbam @ your last paragraph.
      Ha fa Chiki? How go de go?

  44. Sherikoko wishing you the sweetest safe delivery in Jesus name Amen.

    Come back and share your story oooo.

    Oga Honeypie, you no give your wife money to cook soup? abi i no read well? in short you need 24 strokes of bulala

  45. Oh dear. Everything I typed vanished😒

    Mr Honey pie you could be described as high handed if you seize your wife's phone during an argument.
    That has never prevented a woman from going astray or contacting the outside world.

    Secondly, You need to have that test done too. You might be sure of your virility and fertility but it never hurts to be absolutely sure.
    Lastly, Mrs honey pie. Discard those friends. They are up to no good.

    Chikito how was the presentation? I trust you. Snatch their soulssssssπŸ™Œ
    Good to see TZ and Nina chocomile's comments.
    Congrats Na Godwin(mama twins) I wish you the best.

    Timi's village people have remembered him.😩😩😩 Allegations of infidelity is flying around.

    1. his village ppl didnt 4get him oh, his case has been pending.. they wanted to be thru with Tonto 1st.

  46. Ihn is here, stella my love how u dey. My lovely bvs am getting married to my man by december I met him in one of this year single and mingle. We want to do our traditional marriage in dec. But can anyone put me through on d registry procedure we planning to use either Ikoyi or the one in ibadan, please help a sister.

    1. Go there and make enquiries 😎

    2. I advice you use ikoyi if you can because of the new law that says local government councils can no longer issue the unified marriage certificate. Ikoyi is a federal registry.
      If you decide to do it in ibadan, you will be required to bring two passport photographs of you and hubby. You will pay 2500 and the notice of marriage will be pasted on the board for 21 days. You will pay 12,500 and bring a carton of maltina and biscuits to the registry, a day before the wedding. You will be required to go with 8 witnesses on the wedding day.
      Lastly, on the wedding day make sure you hold alot of small change for the registry officials. Happy married life

  47. Na wa o at 34 no boyfriend, no Suitors, no fiance.

    1. count ur blessings, youve got eyes and hand plus MB to complain

    2. you have spiritual husband meet queen and boss for spiritual cleansing with 7 white pigeons.

  48. I crave for Ice cream like a pregnant woman. God please send someone to buy for me o.

  49. Ihn is here, stella my love how u dey. My lovely bvs am getting married to my man by december I met him in one of this year single and mingle. We want to do our traditional marriage in dec. But can anyone put me through on d registry procedure we planning to use either Ikoyi or the one in ibadan, please help a sister.

  50. You see? BVs are always quick to criticize without waiting to hear the other side to a story. The woman obviously altered facts to come across as being unjustly treated by her husband without stating all the havoc her tongue caused.
    Well, a good man finds no trouble saying those sacred words, 'I am sorry' and that's what the husband has just done. So, madam, please forgive and forge ahead with your home. Don't allow this little altercation degenerate. God will come through for you guys.

    1. How did the woman 'alter facts?' Because a man has spoken, the woman automatically becomes the liar? Where you there? Oshi.
      Where you there?
      How do you know?
      Leaking brain.

  51. hahahahaha anon 14:34 abeg i dont want to laugh again oooo. Remove your mind from fear. Fear is not the portion of God's children, so chill. Nothing mega will happen to you.

    Leave that lucy alone until he sees what he is looking for, he will change the name fast

  52. This one everything is just irritating me and I threw-up yesterday. Hmmm, hope it's nothing more than worms in that stomach. Lemme get worm medicine today and observe. I Γ m even too scared to do any test.

    This thing cannot comman fail me; it's not my portion! That doctor assured me its 99.9% effective.

    Oh Lord, pls forgive all my cobra, corner and Python dance. I am actually not a bad shild πŸ˜±πŸ™

    1. Just accept your pregnancy in peace 😎

    2. E don enter!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜‚
      The result of cobra, corner and python dance is a 9months journey. Oya enter road.oh you've entered already sefπŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  53. Mhiz A why should we be a catholic because of paying pastor money for officiating in weddings. abeg carry your own go one side. No be una members dey do waka waka to different churches looking for help? Go one side.

    Anon 14:30 I just love Mateo body structure. Cool guy and looking at him just make me to remember my ex some years ago.

    I love watching Price of Fame. The first day i watched it, i just knew this is the film to watch. very interesting from the beginning to the end. Let me google it again

  54. Ihn welcome good people of SDK yard I greet Una.our landlady Stella continue being u!
    Bv honey pie pls forgive and don't let bad friends ruin ur home..ur hubby loves marriage is perfect but what makes it perfect is our ability to tolerate one another.
    Make I enjoy my moi moi with ijebu garri.. talk abt turning lemon into lemonade na.
    Sexy zaddy aka beavis and butthead...kwakwakwakwa bvs are mouthed aswear.
    XP maami get well soon dear.

  55. Honey pie it is well. Please oga embrace your wife. Forgive yourselves.

  56. Lol @Lucifer you are so sure you saw Fela there..I doubt oh, Lolzz..Poster that want to induce labour I recall my mother recounting how she gave birth to me , she said she drank castor oil and voila!! I arrived 25th March instead of 31st March which was the EDD GIVEN TO HER..but Hey!! It may not work for you and be careful abeg..Safe delivery..

    1. Castor oil. I used it for my 2 babies. It works. People dont believe me when i tell them to use it. When you drink it, it causes you to poop and kinda sets off a diarrhea. Afterwards, contraction will start. Its a no brainer. Worked 2x for me

  57. Anon 14:44 if what you said is true about the 5k. Make she go look for another pastor to wed them for another place. The money is too small ooo.

    Highly favoured, dem rent una for church? why the guy man no give una pastors and members food? Abi una no help the guy when the going was tough?

    1. Yori yori, read to understand and not just write.
      Not my church
      And understand d content of d write up

  58. Please where can i get a good cream for stubborn Ring worm on a toddler of 5years old?i have treated with everything i know. the thing kept increasing daily.

  59. Anon 14:45 what do you want a boyfriend for? At 34 you are still complaining about suitors. Dont be desperate. God's time is the right time so try and focus on God for a good man. In the meantime start going out and try and do something for God. Work with Him and He alone will bring the man for you.

    Are you working?

  60. Honeypie please apologize for not informing him before applying.

    Una good afternoon. Happy wedding anniversary REX. TGW Ibo lowa?

    1. A post comes up about a freebie. She should have waited for her hubby to reason it out before applying??? When others were waiting to quickly apply?

  61. Romans 10:17

    So Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

  62. anonymous to bahd26 October 2017 at 15:28

    That CCTV monitoring job for fit lady πŸ› bug die! Pest things, snooping and doing aproko upandan d cameras!

    Lets speak truth always please, and apportion blame not so as to castigate but to correct. Honey pie, you fall hand. One of the short cuts to distrust and broken homes is either party but mainly wife planning and doing stuff behind husband, even if well intentioned. Could you ha e done the testing by yourself or the IVF by yourself? Don't you know what you're implying by screaming and insisting on traveling and doing by yourself?

    Eyin gehs, I know your mommas told you but you feel they're old school. Submit to your hubby, na commandment, when he too now submits to commandment by intensely loving his wife, home will be blissful! Make Una make up quickly and move forward abeg. We wanna read your sweet story in 9 months! Just don't name the baby Eka or James or such...

  63. Oga well done. You better change your ways. You stopped buying food abi giving her money for her to starve right? Clearly she doesn't work. You better change your ways. Yes she was wrong and you made it worse by trying to starve her into submission. I hope it all ends in praise. Women have a source of income no matter how little!

  64. Madam, please forgive your husband.... God will bless with all your heart desires.

  65. @iphie dearie awwwww... Thanks mami. Postponsed till tomorrow.
    WHich means I will miss my friends court marriage *sigh* Let me 'pumop' my slides. LOL

    How is your day coming on?

  66. i think honeypie should also apologize to her husband as well.

  67. Oga honeypie, you wanted to starve your wife, so that the hunger will bring her to her senses? Lmao. I don't even blame you. Not at all.
    Let me die a single person than meet your type.

  68. hahahahaha anon 17:42 thank God for you. I just had to laugh at you would have given testimony in church if not for judgemental people, you are funny.

    You can still give testimony and thank God for healing you of what you feared most. God will understand

  69. Honeypie, ndo ehnn......apologise to your hubby and please find something like a small business to do because of situation like this.....pele dear. God will put smile on your face soon....

  70. Swag lafresh, thanks oooO have been observing this idiot called lady bug, she's always insulting people wen they ask anything pertaining to yeast infection. I just don't know her problem, making joke out of a sensitive matter, may vaginal yeast infection fall on you, bitter soul. Stella please post my comment.

  71. Annnonymus 17.42 were u still able to get pregnant despite having the yeast infection? Am just curious please help a sister, those symptoms u gave are the same like mine.


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