Stella Dimoko TV Actress Nkechi Emmanuel Says Nigerian Men Don’t Have What She Wants + She's Tired of Acting Nurse Titi


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Saturday, October 28, 2017

TV Actress Nkechi Emmanuel Says Nigerian Men Don’t Have What She Wants + She's Tired of Acting Nurse Titi

Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Emmanuel who came into limelight following her role as Nurse Titi in Clinic Matters, in an Interview with The Sun, talked about her views on Domestic violence, her marriage and her bride price which has been paid by a white man...

Excerpts From her interview with The Sun;

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel, but people call me Nurse Titi, because of my role in Clinic Matters. I am from Anambra State. I am a graduate of History and International Relations from Lagos State University. I am planning to go for my Masters degree either in Film Production or Law.

Is playing the role of a nurse the best you can do?

In fact, I am sick and tired of playing the role of a nurse. I have acted in several movies as a nurse and I keep telling the producers that I am not born a nurse, and that I can do other roles.

Why are you still single?

I am not single anymore. My bride price has already been paid, and soon my church wedding would take place.

Can you describe your man?

He is everything I wanted in a man. He is everything I have always asked God for. He is a man I love so much.

Is he a Nigerian?

No, he is not a Nigerian. He is British.

Why a Briton and not a Nigerian?

Nigerian men came for me but they didn’t possess the qualities that I want in a man.

Was it love at first sight?

No, we met on location. The whole thing started like a small feeling, and it later blossomed.

What is your view on domestic violence?

It is 100 percent wrong and I advise people that they should not create a cause for domestic violence to take place.

In case you encounter domestic violence in your marriage, what will you do?

I like to give people opportunities. I won’t just rush out of my marriage, I would take a break and let him realise his mistake.

*That question should have been ''where is your hubby from and not Is he Nigerian''..LMAO...Shows interviewer already knew.....

Nice one!


  1. Nurse Titi looking for greener pastures long time IMO River. Park 4 one corner joor

    1. Masters in Law when Law wasn't your 1st degree??? Illiterate alert.
      I remember when they use to tell me just accept Physiology and then you'll do Masters in Medicine

    2. Masters in international law and diplomacy nko???

    3. Did she say International law and diplomacy???

  2. Congratulations on her nuptial...

  3. What kind of silly questions are this?

    What does 'Why are you still single?' mean?

    And 'Is acting the role of a nurse the best you can do???'


    Anyway, no idiot can can me such daft questions in an interview.

  4. He may be British but Nigerian as in British-Nigerian.

  5. Whoever conducted this interview should be sent back to the drawing board. Who ask such stupid questions as presented here. Downright rude I beg.

  6. Hmmmmm! Does she even have the qualities that Nigerian men want b4 she starts saying they don't have the qualities she want.. Yimu!!!

  7. #An emotional response is a mistake, that will cost you a lot more than any temporary satisfaction, you might gain by expressing your feelings*


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