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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Beautiful Wednesday!...Off to do what I know how to do best!



Stella Daalu,
I sey make I show face today..hehehehe.

Ndi blog visitors una Weldon.

*LMAO....Sexy daddy there is no you without gbagaun,there is no gbagaun with you...I heart you!





Dear Stella, 

Please I need BVs input on this. 

My younger sister's behavior seems to have changed of recent. She used to be a jolly good fellow, watches TV and listens radio with me, but of recent, she's withdrawn. She only answers you when you ask her question. She seems to be afraid of darkness… she will insist all bulbs to be on… when there's no light, she will ask for us to put on Gen. She doesn't watch TV again, not even listen to radio. All she does is pray! She carries Bible from morning to night but you won't hear her say a word…she will just be looking at the bible…sometimes walk up and down with the Bible. 

BVs, I am afraid.  What has happened to my sister?  Could it be depression? Or it it mental issues?  She refuses to bath and has loss of appetite. 
Has someone gone through this process?  
Please advice me. 

Ask your sister if she was raped...Ask her what happened where she went to..



Good day all. Please am looking for an interior decorator within Cross River State to help me rearrange a small house to fit in and look like a home. Pls you have to be very affordable. Call me on 08053606611 let's discuss. 



Hello Mrs Korkus. 
Unlike my previous writings that were laced with regrets and frustration. Today I am intoxicated with happiness, joy from within. God used you for me again. I don't know how you measure your achievements but I will tell you one thing, God is using you to put smiles on people's faces. I was once suicidal. But I tell you one thing today. You are.....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜.. (I wan go find the right word inside dictionary).

I almost sent you a mail not to use my chronicles again because the same night I sent it to you was also the nights someone else's story on your blog changed my thinking.

The writer responded to a chronicle of a woman whose husband was blaming and angry with God. She said she felt the same way too.
Her own story was that a second child had bifidal something. And she detest being a stay at home mum. 

They were both pathetic stories but I found my healing through them.
I discovered how ungrateful I have been to God. I constantly counted my worries and tragedies forgetting the numerous battles he has won for me.
All because of family and financial issues, I almost allowed them to overwhelm my love for God.

If you know how happy I am. You will not understand. Even my hubby was thinking I am either on drugs or maybe somebody somewhere is hitting my ponyor right since he has refused to do the do.
Before my transformation, i check his phone(team snoop)anytime he cones back from work. But now I no send. 

I have an inner peace, an inner feeling that everything is settled. I await the physical manifestation with joy.
The icing on the came was last Saturday when you finally used my chronicles.
I laughed, cried, felt at home. I healed. The drama on this blog is amazing.
Madam Korkus the Lord who has used you as a source of light will never put you in darkness. Today is my birthday.And I am as excited as one who just ekn a jackpot or a trip to Dubai.

Love to the bvs. I heart you much.

Happy Birthday to you...I am happy your mind is renewed..May it remain so..





Personal assistant/store manager/ customer service  representative are needed urgently for immediate employment at a spa store....
Please Note the following conditions:
1)applicant must be able to resume work from 8am Monday to Saturday 
2)applicant must be a single female btw the ages of 18-24years 
3)applicant must be very active on social media 
4)applicant must live within or around ikeja axis  QUALIFICATIONS 
1) applicant must be well informed and educated 
2)applicant must be fluent in English language 
3) applicant must be loyal,tolerant and must be a good team player and should be able to work with or no supervision!!!
Applicants can contact us via 

Education Qualification: Bsc, HND and OND


Phone number:  +234 706 560 3271



Yesterday, I was sexually harassed/assaulted by my boss and the painful part of it is that I only just got the job after being without job for almost a year!
He sent for me, got into his office, asked what he wanted to ask and next I know, he says 'you do know you're a very pretty lady right?'

I said 'thank you sir'. Just as I made to leave, he touched my bum lightly and said 'hope I am allowed?' immediately, I jumped and said 'NO,NO,NO SIR, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED' and asked him if that'd be all so I can leave and he said that's all.

What do I do now?

What kind of thing is this?

Heard sleeping with female staff both married and single is his stock-in-trade. For those who would think otherwise, I carry myself well and don't give off any 'come fuck me' or 'I am available to be fucked' vibe.

Lord, you know I need this job to help myself and family. I know I have never been in a position like this where I have to pray about stuff like this so, I do not know if you answer prayers such as this. Lord, make him blind towards me as regards sleeping with me but make him favor me instead IN JESUS' NAME. AMEN.

Please you guys should advise her on what to do..Saw this inside spontaneous post but it went to spam and I enabled it late.Please what should she do to avoid being sacked 

Cant you pretend to be pregnant to buy time?

Start preaching at work..give him Jehovahs witnesses booklets to read.



  1. Aaaaaargh!!! Jobless housewife someone cannot play with you again ni? See what your prayer is doing? Now my network just hangs once is 12:55pm mbok enough of the prayer, free my network joor.
    Ermm we are having a party in hell from 12am still mama calls
    DJ osama bin ladin will be on the wheel of steel And Mc Abu Faraj al-Libi will anchor the party
    Imagine the like of Ramzi Bin al-Shibhin, Umar Patek, Ali al Aziz Ali, Mustafa Ahman al Hawsawi and coin one party? Damn!!
    we are all gonna be doing the one corner dance till the cock crows

    1. Hahhahahahahaha
      See me almost imagining how the party wil be litty-lit!πŸ‘ŒU had to sternly tell myself this is hellfire party dude is talking aboutπŸ˜‚

      Osama bin Ladin spoilt the baddo party guest listπŸ˜‚

    2. Have Fun. Looooooooooooool

    3. Lol @give him Jehovah's witness booklets to read.

    4. @lucifer don't use ur party to cajol us to enjoy ur party with ur fellows.

  2. Whatever you do, do NOT question your worth. You were made in the image and likeness of God. Are you seriously going to say that something God made is worthless? Seriously? Let go of your limiting thoughts and embrace your divine nature. You aren't worthless; you are PRICELESS . . .

  3. If you have not listen to the song
    EZE NKU by Kool P ft Phyno
    You are missing something.

    Kool P, Eze nku
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    Phyno fyno (onwebero ihe ifu)

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    Before iwuo mu na ala biko chee eche
    Mu ka ina ACTilu holy Nweje?
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    Agam eKIT gi ka Adaeze
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    Apiatogum, anything icholu ask oo

    1. Phyno Finooo!😍
      Eze Nnunu himself!πŸ™Œ

      Chike Chyko!
      Ofu onye ana asi unu abiago!πŸ‘Œ
      Nna ikalili okwu ikotelu!πŸ™Œ

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ugebe m, I can see you're in the mood. Enjoy! 😚

    3. I love Phyno♥️♥️♥️
      Zoro is cool too.
      Hullo Chike Nna.

    4. Iphie Dearie nwannem, Phyno bu Ezege

      Ugegbe oyibo m join me and have fun. 😘

      Ijele dike
      Gaa gaa na ogwu
      Ima ife aluga nwanne
      Onye olu

  4. Sexy daddy no shoki.
    Well done.

    How is sexy mum and sexy son.

  5. Replies
    1. @the lady sexually assaulted at the office: sweethrt, be determined to be different. Keep your integrity, don't sell it. Mark my words, if u lose this job because u refused to succumb to his pressure, God will give you something far far better than ur current job.

      I have been there before. Unlike u, it wasn't at work but the bottomline of the story was I stood by my principle; I stuck to what I believe and today I can walk with my head high and share my story.

      Don't sell urself for a mess of stew like Esau because u are trying to keep a job u don't evn know how it came about. If God gave it to u, don't u think He is able to give u another because u chose to obey Him?

      Besides what's the guarantee that you'd be in that job if u allow ur boss have his way? Be determined to be different. Show him that. U never knw if it was for this reason God put u in that establishment in the first place. Don't disappoint God and miss His enormous blessings ahead.

  6. Hail holy queen, mother of mercy ....

    1. Hail our life our sweetness and our hope

    2. The you do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To you do we send forth our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.

    3. To thee do we cry poor banished children of eve

    4. Turn thy most gracious heart towards me.

    5. To thee do we send up our sighs

  7. Good Afternoon lovelies

    Who is going for the upcoming Lagos trade fair?

    1. I have a stand there...I will be there all through

  8. good afternoon lovely fam😘😘😘

  9. I feel like taking a swim this Saturday. Unfortunately none of my friends are available. Abeg who's in Lagos,can swim (because I be amateur o) and will like to take a dip this Saturday? And please no, the water is not calling me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. I am thinking same.. May be someone tried to molest her

    Just try your best and ask her

    @IHN welcome

    That guy for up πŸ‘† so... Ready for our @Bvns bashing



    1. Looooooooooooool. Leave our Sexy Daddy to pose in peace.

    2. Hahahahah@pose in peace!! Sexy dadyyyyy in da building, hope sexy mum n son are doing great my regards.

    3. Lol
      ..i set find my sexy daddy wahala

      @Sexy daddy, I gbadun you


    4. I thought you said you were off to class?anyways i understand what stella blog can do to someone

  11. Chai Stella she should give Jehovah witness book well poster I advise you not to smile every time at work because some people feel once you smile oh welcome party!
    For the lady wondering what happened to her sis its possible she was assaulted try and ask her questions

    Sexy daddy I sight you
    Happy inhouse

  12. When your feelings get strong for someone,
    it’s always wise to stop for a while and give your
    heart a time to breathe..
    A time to use your mind, to weigh the situation
    based on reason not on emotion.
    Because the saddest thing that can happen is
    when one falls inlove while the other one’s not
    sure of what he/she wants..
    Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can
    sometimes be an illusion.πŸ‘✌

    1. true talk.... what if you both give off same and vibes and the other was acting all along...sigh

  13. Hello from this side πŸ™‹
    Sexy Daddy, I sight you πŸ™Œ

  14. IHN Baby!

    Ribbons in the Sky.

    I cherish you all.

  15. hahahaha na really start preaching like Jehovah's witness, stella that wont work at all. Poster all you can do is when he calls you, dont stand too close near the table, stand a bit far from him. Smile when he says something funny and dont give him that attitude that I AM A CHILD OF GOD. You can beat the devil by giving him a longer spoon to eat with you. Keep your cool and dont make much noise or start telling people that your boss is an ashewo or so. and finally keep praying and keep doing your job well. In short be excellent in what you do, he will change and wont disturb you.

    Sexy daddy hmmmm, lady bug keep off if not i go fight you. Sexy daddy oya give lady bug sperm so that she go shut up small where you dey.

    The lady that the sister is having a changed character, i will advise you take her out to an interesting place that will sweeten her mind, then she can tell you what is bothering her. It might not be rape, it might be any other thing or it might be someone stole her boyfriend, you know in school, that can pepper body well.

    the lady selling crayfish that is beautiful, how much does it cost?

    good afternoon from Posh Receptionist.

  16. Sexually harassed at work:

    Activate your phone recording and make sure you have pieces of evidence. You never know where it is headed to.
    And be ready to quit if you are pressured some more.

  17. I. H. N EkΓ abΓ²
    Sexy daddy, Nwoke oma..anyi furu gi.
    Bv that her sis is withdrawn, ask her who molested her. She may have been raped.
    Mrs R😍😍

    Run, I off....busy day, busy everybody,busy Nwanyi Afikpo, busy bloggie, busy Kamikam, lazy beloved, Isaacson, ladybug and Chike (ah, them plenty)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Lippie Nne, currently working on 15 and 10 pages respectively of a paper meanwhile, did my mail enter ur spam. Been waiting for ur reply

  18. Sexy daddy, I sight u. Say hello to sexy mummy and year boy.

    Bv celebrating birthday today, happy birthday.

    Bv whose sister is behaving funny. U guys shld sit her down and ask her questions with love not with force.

  19. Sexy Spermy Daddy onye Nna. Iso na ife Ana alu πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    Poster "What is going on" ask your sister if she killed someone.

  20. poster who was harass, do you have a boyfriend? do you guys straff? if yes whats the big deal? you can straff ur boyfriend for free but u cant fuck someone to keep your job? ROTFF
    thats not me talking oooh, one of my agents have hacked my blog ID truth is if he is the owner of the organization its only a matter of time before you find your sef in a cross road where u have to choose between your job and your vagina. the thing is there is a 70% chance you might lose your job after fucking him. the choice is yours, i would advice you to keep stalling and start saving as much as you can while job hunting. you can turn the whole thing around by making him him your atm if u aint married. i can give u the runs girls manual if u want, i have the revised edition. lmao

    1. This Lucifer will not kee me lol which one is runs girl manual again.Smh.

    2. Chai see wa

  21. @ what is going on? I think your sister is depressed. Try and make her to open up to you, I'm sure you will get to the root of her strange behaviour.
    Office harassment, avoid him if you can. Or better still pretend as if you don't understand what he is up to. Stay in your lane and let him stay on his.

  22. hahahahah Lucy and Chike both of you are just something else on this blog.

    Abeg i dont want to laugh too much about this lucy guy. i cant be glorifying that stupid name. Oga change that name jare

    1. change my name to what na? what is wrong with my name sef. you will be surprise to know i dont have a horn or look ugly like people assume i am. i one fine handsome sexxy man with six packs and a very good sizable tool *winks*

  23. so so happy today, Stella am d lady dat sent you mail that her sister got pregnant after rape n gave birth through C-S, i wanted to send this through mail but my network is very bad. join me n thank God because he has answered my prayer. he sent an Angel to clear the bill when all hope is lost. one thing i know in this life is that nothing happen without the consent on God. THANK YOU JESUS.

  24. Poster that's been harassed,let me give you some little tips on how to overcome a he goat like your boss.

    -Be bold and confident when you are before him.

    -Always try and look him eye ball to eye ball when you are talking to him
    -Don't feel pitied or what so ever!
    -Never forget to respect him,and do follow the office rules and principle clearly

    -Take it to God in prayers

    - Don't ever discuss your harassment story with any of your colleague, as they will use you and settle scores.

    Wishing you well.

    1. @Sexxy... I gbadun you


  25. #That awkward moment in an elevator when everyone is silent 😁

  26. the lady with office wahala don't worry God will fight ur battle.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Poster sexually harass by your boss. I face similar thing n i said no. the man could not sack me but he refuse to increase my salary after probation. I am working with a low standard salary for my position but what can i do? Others that agree to his advances got a hick in salary. That is the life of a woman in a work place. Some will say she feels her plate is made of gold n diamond so she wont give her boss to eat with it. Such is life.

    1. Do not relent Dear, something better will come your way.

    2. if i were him i will reduce your salary sef. he is a good man lmao

  28. To that anon dat attacked yori yori
    This morning...see ehn, I've never seen anywhere she reply anybody's comment under the person's.
    I guess maybe, she's using computer so daz y she don't usually reply comments.

    And by the way, how does that even concern you? Busy body!
    Hey! Dnt come and call me an asslicker cos #inordeylickyansh. *InStella'svoice.

    Again, why is it that once an anonymous make a comment concerning some people here, u pple start shouting "use your ID"!
    Like you think everyone here have an ID?
    Dnt 4get, not everyone here have ID.

    And again, why is it that when Stella post famous people's post and an anonymous is defending or keeps defending the person or one the 2 people contending, you people will say welcome so so so person?
    Like, you guys need to grow up mehn.

    If you don't like what I just pointed out...


    1. i can only kiss a cobra if its cooked lol

  29. Stella darling,I love you too dear!

    You are a Sweet heart..

    1. I can see sexy mummy is trying
      You are looking gud

  30. Goodday everyone, Hope your day is going well.

    I really thank God for my job but every single day on this job my colleague finds a way to annoy me. I am not the reporting kind of person I believe that if a person offends me or does something wrong to me I should confront you privately or send a text but there seems a kind of competition or so which I know nothing about.
    It really hurts because all I want is do my job, relate peaceful with everybody and go home happy.

    Why are they trying so hard to pull me down? I have searched myself to know what exactly I am doing wrong but there's none. I don't use my work to delay other people's job, I am not disrespectful even when I am spoken to rudely I try so hard not to respond harshly so it so it doesn't escalate to a big fight.
    I am just a one woman squad, I don't want any clique. I am just being me. I don't want to live a fake like and tell extravagant lies which is their hobby.

    This people just thrive on reporting unnecessary issues to the managers. It's hurting me badly. I am trying my best not to let this affect me but I can't help wondering what is wrong.

    God please fight this battle for me.

    1. Avoid office gossip. Be friendly yet have boundaries..
      Make sure to focus on your job description and do it credibly well.
      Synergy between your department and others should be great.
      Any prejudice,discomfort or bullying you face should be reported to appropriate quarters.
      You will be fine.

  31. That crayfish looks lit πŸ‘Œ

    BVs make una come ooooh.

    So, I went to grab breakie at about half 10 on Monday. I usually do pastries and carry fruits from home - you know, keep calories balanced. Na so I land Kilimanjaro, some guy at the end of the show glass walks to where I am and says he thinks i look nice (I actually like to dress up on Mondays so I forget the day πŸ˜‰). I said thank you. The person at the counter was delaying so we stood there awkwardly for a few minutes until they took his order. He insisted on room temperature water and (just to reciprocate the warmth) i now responsed by saying I hate cold water too. We both laughed. Said his full name, i said my first name (you know i like to feel like i work for the CIA right? πŸ˜‚). Then handshake. Anyhoo, the next question 'what do you do?'. Told him. Turns out he knows my company, with some of our partners and even attended the summit my senior colleagues went for in abuja. Isokay πŸ‘Œ he paid for his food, I placed my order, as I wanted to pay he offered. Okay. Pay nau was kukuma N700. Gave me his complemetary card (very impressive sha πŸ‘Œ) and asked for mine. Told him i didn't have any on me. So he asked for my number, I was reluctant, he noticed and pleaded. I gave him the num of phone I usually forget πŸ˜‚ he dialled and the phone with me didn't ring. So I told him I will see his number he shouldn't worry. He looked unconvinced but we left it there. He asked why I don't want to eat-in, I told him I don't and I didn't plan to (at this point I was already feeling uncomfortable cos I hate it when people hang on my neck) So, I quickly said goodbye and left.

    Brethren, by 12:22 I got an email from this guy on my work mail!! Asking me not to ask how he got this email address because I won't believe the lengths he went. And he would like the number of the phone I was holding cos he feels that's the main phone. That he would like to bring me lunch that he knows my office I shouldnt worry about giving him the address. That he also noticed I'm not wearing a ring, which means I'm unmarried. And he checked my plate number and he likes my native name. (Please how do they even check that car registration thingy?)

    The way i deleted the mail sharply ehn. Yesterday and today, this guy has sent me 4 more mails. Yesterday they said someone came to drop lunch for me, I told them to tell him to take it back. This one that they are now jazzing spaghetti too! I feel stalked. Am I safe? I don't feel safe at all. I've gone to tell security that please anyone that comes looking for me this week I'm not around. How am i sure he didn't even check my house address in the car registration? Oh God! Who sent me? πŸ™†
    I have his full name should I go to the police? My colleagues said I'm overreacting. One of them said he also checked a girls car registration and paid someone in there to get her number out, when he was a desperate bachelor. What wont I hear in lagos?

    1. Some people term this as being romantic ooooo, Chiki


    2. Chikito calm down dear..Yes! You are over reacting.
      Why not ask the guy to bring the lunch first,get to know him and all.

      If you feel he is not your spec,then delete him sharply.

      But don't marry him ooo as my brother Chike has already engaged you.Lol

    3. where is Chike? as much as i hate the way una dey flaunt una love for them gwegwelinas and uncle gwegwewgegwe dem for here i am willing to fight ur battle Mrs Chike if only you will do the one corner dance for me. deal or no deal?

    4. Haba naw, relax. Bros just likes u

    5. Sounds creepyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Its either he's a desperate bachelor or has something up his sleeves. Keep him at arms length. No worries! God gats you. No harm can come to you

    6. Hahhahahahaahah
      Paranoid but justified.

      I think people check plate numbers on a particular Road safety website, what I don't know though is if it brings out names too.

      The guy man is shooting his shot😁
      If he is sending lunch, I presume its straight from the Resturants/Eateries, thats safe.

      I hate it when men invade my privacy like this, but I guess the dating scene is more dramatic these days.
      If you do your homework well, few dates won't hurt.. That is if you are single. But be WOKE😁😁😁
      Fear fear😝😝😝😝

    7. Yes you are overreacting. Just try see him, talk to him and tell him your stand concerning him. If you like him fine, if you don't, then him to stop stalking you. His response or reaction will determine if you should report him to the police or not.

    8. Calm down lady, the guy just can't get you off his mind.

      I know his moves scream desperate, just play it cool.

      If it gets too awkward, use the safe word "I am in a relationship with Chike" simple. Loooooool

      All the best and update us kikikikiki, amebo sweet.

      Teflon, you better leave all the Ibo you are typing, Chiki needs you. Looooooool

    9. Yes plate numbers can be checked online now
      Chikito don't be scared but where Chike dey sef?

    10. @boss lady im overreacting? so I'm not regular? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ isokay πŸ‘Œ

      @lipstick so that someone will put me in his car and drive to kuma hills? Honestly the desperation I mush

      @bee10 ewwwoooo πŸ™† @plate numbers
      But I said we should keep the between us. Don't let chike hear naau. Ah! You people sef 😣

    11. He might not mean any harm and i think you are over reacting,just enjoy the chase and see how things turn out.

    12. Lols
      Pls I just want to laughπŸ˜€πŸ˜
      U are overreacting jor

    13. Ugegbe oyibo m 1 worldwide, all I'm asking is obu onye choro inalu mu ula raruo?

      Ugegbe m tell him that I have hot temper.

      Let me go and buy diamond ring before ndi mpiawa azu eme mu tarty.

    14. You too talk. Little wonder i skip your comments. Abegi

    15. Keep forming until you hit 40 that is if your fabu story is true and not trying to convince the world you own a ride

    16. Anonymouses thank you! You're welcome. I'm still fabulous πŸ’πŸ½ You're not 😝😝😝😝 Keep skipping my comments please. Keep it moving πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ If your people marry at 40, I'm truly sorry. They probably weren't worth a blink. Oops! 🀦🏽‍♀️

      My darlings, I replied all of you oh 😭 Can't type again. But no! I still don't think it's normal. Naija guys don't do that. They're usually chilled with forming sef πŸ˜‚ This is not good I repeat, NOT GOOD. Plus, my instincts are seriously kicking against it.

  32. I think its way beyond our understanding...

  33. So I married this man,relocated so we can start a family. Left my job to this dry city. God blessed my womb after 6 months.Have no life of my own. Cook,clean and baby sit. No friends no job.He called e days ago. I couldn't answer coz I was bathing baby. I caLl back and he screams at me that I should always keep my phone near me. I say to him I saw the cal but was bathing baby.He keeps screaming and then cuts off the call. He comes back home from work and I say to him I don't like how he was screaming at me on the phone. We he into an argument and he says to me" your mates are in d market hustling and you are here carrying baby. Are you the first to have a baby? I've not seen who has a baby before abi? I'm in shock baby is just 4 months old.This is a man that was married be for 5 years and no kids o till d marriage was dissolved. Suddenly my eyes opened. I say please buy your baby formula tomorrow. No more exclusive breast feeding. Register your baby in a creche. I need to get a life. Nothing will tie me down. I'm going to hustle.

    1. You sure say the marriage was dissolved or you take pregnancy take scatter him marriage? Could it be karma. A man who has been trying to have a child will not treat a woman that finally gave him one like this just after 4 months.

    2. So you're gonna let the child suffer now cos his father is being stupid? A 4 month old baby in crèche? No Breast milk? Hmmm! Okay oh. what do I know? Afterall you're married and I'm not.


  34. Pls n pls sit her down n talk to her. Not as an elder sister but as a friend. This happened to me some years back. My sis came back home n was behaving somehow. First, she asked for prayer book which I gave her, d next is she wanted to be around me, even sleep in my room overnight which I obliged. She asked me lot of suspicious questions which I answered. She even asked to speak with a friend of mine that is a pastor. I gave her that opportunity too but she never uttered a word to him. I noticed she prayed all tru d night.. when I woke up in d morning, she wasn't by my side ,she wasn't in church either cos it was a sunday. That was when I knew yawa don gas. To cut d long story short, it was when she came back from her 8hours journey that we knew d story behind it all. 419ers. She was threatened with death. They told her not to talk about it with anyone else...
    So, u av to be very careful.

    It might not be depression. Even if it is, something caused it.
    Try to find out.
    Do not be far from her n do not stalk her too.
    Ask her about her school n friends. U can even tell u feel bored and suggest a mini get together:5 of her friends, 5 of urs, 1 or 2 of ur mum .just do anything/something that works in ur house-games or tell her about ur boyfriend. Tell her u noticed something n u need her advice. Just make her talk .
    I pray d good Lord directs u on how to go about it cos am just human.
    Pray n fast for her. She need it.

  35. BV with strange behaviour of sister... I think she might have had a very scary nightmare or seeing things you people don't see. I happens like that sometimes with children.

    She might be feeling something around her, talk to her, question her. Then pray with her and let her know she's safe and everything's ok.

    Stella... I don't think it's rape... it's fear.

    1. There must be something that guarantees a fear, she can't be just afraid because she is not a kid.

  36. Dear lord,
    Even as my story has encouraged a BV,pls heal my son totally so that I will come back with my testimony.

    1. Eyaa...your son is healed in Jesus name,amen

    2. Amen Sister. Let the hand of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rest upon ur son in Jesus name. You will testify amen. Have a nice day!

  37. Chikito you want to kill chike abi with this your story. Ok ooo my hands and legs no dey for your matter.

    Dont delete him yet, wait and see how it plays out. Chike you don get competitor ooo. Eayah sorry for you oooo. Igbo no go help you at all ooo. The guy na professional, you be nwa boy. hahahahaha no vex jare. na play ooo

    1. Yori calm down. Chike is king. No contestπŸ‘ πŸ‘‘

      My life is at risk here 😭😭😭

    2. Lovemejeje Chike is a big boy ooo.

      The guy is his own boss.
      You get that?Lol

  38. Abigail Joseph nothing is wrong with you just that the devil dont want you to be great. You are just like my friend, nobody wants to talk to her at all.

    Just be praying that God remove any curse on your head? Someone somewhere might just place a curse you dont know about on you.

    Please try and pray in the midnight. God will fight for you. It is well

  39. hahahahaha Lady stainless i did not notice if anyone attacked me. You should i dont give a dam on what they said. I have stopped answering them except when necessary. I have stopped giving them 40 seconds of fame to know they exist where i am

  40. Some people be forming fine boy

  41. Sexy daddy Afuru gi,Bv try and talk to your sister or someone she listens to talk to her , I guess something went wrong, happy birthday To the Bv celebrating, good afternoon all

  42. Wow
    Missed u guys
    Got a new that I don't know how to operate yet,still learningπŸ˜€πŸ˜

    Stella,I just want to tank u for this platform,I email u to pls consider na godwin,and u did,God bless u more dear..
    Bv honeypie ur husband reaction about the ivf giveaway is wired.
    We all know our husband's will react diffently... When I told my husband about applying for the giveaway,,,he looked at me for sometimes quietly and then knelt and started praying, saying God pls embarrass my wife with a testimony,she is losing faith on u,prove yourself in our marriage before December... I didn't say anything again,I just join him and that was all..
    I know and believe God will give us a testimony before the end of this year..
    Mrs ola,pls in case u are not working pls get something doing no matter how salary is less than 20k but it manageable. Pls no insult meant...tanks

    Na Godwin and bee10,congrats
    Ola wealth,,welcome back
    Kris...God healings upon u in Jesus name amen😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Amen. May your faith work in jesus mighty name. Paycheck is less than 20k? Or you meant 200k? It is well

  43. the lady whose boss is trying to lure her. PLS DNT. God ll blindfold his eyes towards u. PlS pray abt it. i am facing this kind where i am working. my boss is a chronic humaniser. a stupid receptionist that is still a contract staff and not a staff yet is sleeping wt my boss and also trying for me to lose my job. she has fought several times with me in d office.that her not me ll leave her job. i laugh at her so hard. my prayers abt her every midnite no be here. she thinks that is what has kept me in this job by sleeping wt my boss.NO. anytime from now she ll be fired from this job. the kingdom of God suffereth violent and the violent one takes it by force. the same lady is sleeping wt 3 married men in d office. if i have been sleeping wt my boss,i ll not be here till now.

  44. Google "Beavis and Butthead" to see Sexy Daddy's people dem.

  45. Happy birthday to the bv, madam try to talk to your sister with a friendly tone, don't be ash on her or look for any of her close friend.

  46. Lady w sister acting strange, pls take her to a psychiatric hospital for proper evaluation. Before any other thing.

  47. I think your sister was raped. Please talk to her.

  48. Happy birthday to the BV...
    Talk to your sister or ask someone she likes to talk or can open up to talk to her, she's definitely going through something. Don't leave her like that for so long...
    I think Stella suggestions should work, God will answer your prayers.

  49. omo ,stella that your red pen on the issue of harrassment in the office is ghen ghen, really crack me up. This sexy daddy isn't sexy at all

  50. Hello,

    Is there any HR person I can discuss a work place issue with please?

    Grateful for where I am but need to know how to address somethings.

    Please let me know how I can contact you.
    Thank you so much.

  51. hi chikito, you're not over reacting o! please be extra vigilant. Your stalker is married. Be wary of him o!

  52. Hmmm! My boss is also harassing me sexually. I avoid getting close to him. The one that really got to me was when he told me I would not close till I hug him which I refused. BVs na so this man keep me for office till 8:30 as against my closing time which is 6:00pm or is it the one he called me to his office and told me to kiss him. Abeg e plenty. He has been looking for one excuse or the other to sack me i guess, but because i resume early and i do my work judiciously he can't use that against me. Na so he enter u spoilt my window blind, window blind wey na im dey use, you spoilt my charger, me wey dey bring my charger come office or where did you keep my pen,like say na me n him dey waka use im pen unnecessary complains like that. And to think that this man is a leader and he preaches in church still baffles me. Abeg i don tire to type, I'm just hoping and praying for a better job so my dear you are not alone.It is well.


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