Stella Dimoko When Gossip Backfires....


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When Gossip Backfires....

Have you ever tried to gossip before and the tables turned on you?huh?

Oh Dear!!!


  1. Surprise party and u the friend wasn't invited?The only gossip I luv listening to is when it entails money.I luv money...

    1. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Tim. 6:10

      Means you can kill for it; is that?
      That is where all evils come; not from money but from the "LOVE" of it.

    3. During my undergraduate days, dats how I was gisting in d hostel abt one of my lodgemate that is S.S . The guy love to hide it well from people and he is from a rich background.
      That's how this amebo frnd in hostel went and told the guy gf.. D guy yaf been hidding it from d gf. Gf got angry and accused d guy. They force the gf to say Whr the news is from.. Like dat like dat he got to know that the news was from Mary his lodgemate.

      My dear u don't wanna know wat happend to me afterwards.. I denied it ooo cos seeing this cult boys in our lodge and with everyone watching how will I agree I said it.. Only for them to invite the liar liar girl over.. She just pointed at me and said.. Mary I'm sorry I have to say d truth cos my life is being threatened, u Knw u were d one who told us in hostel that he is SS. My dear lemme keep d rest story to myslf .

      One of my worst day ever.. Thankgod I'm alive to share d story

  2. Gossip? I don't gossip at all. Whatever I say behind you,I'd definitely say at your face

    1. When you tell a thief to catch a hen at noon
      she will tell you that it bites
      But at night, she collects both the cock, hen and chicks
      all in one swoop!

      Tell it to the mountains that you "don't gossip at all".

  3. hahahahahaha this is what we call mogbe.

    i remembered when we were in the office, my friend and i were discussing about a guy. The guy was too stubborn and we were saying bad things about him and the guy walked into us, we could not keep quiet or continue talking because he knew we were talking about him, it is just as if the ground will open to swallow us.

    All the guy said was gossipers. hahahahaha

  4. Show me a Nigerian girl brought up; and living in Nigeria who does not gossip and I will show you a pretender.
    Show me a Y-man who does not gossip and I will show you a demon.

    1. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT11 October 2017 at 13:42

      Anon 13.10 opolo e ti daru. So it's only yoruba men that gossip abi? Ori e ti daru, elenu yama yama.

    2. Every body gossip pls
      Not only in Nigeria

    3. My dear gossiping is not limited to a country, people born and brought up put of Nigeria gossip too and hope you don't mean Yoruba man by the Y-man? We have men who gossip in every tribe.

    4. @Mrs. Always right
      All these cursing in your dialect just for "Y-man?"?
      Supposing the Y-man means Yahoo Man?
      Or is it a case of unclear conscience?

      @Sharon Aminu
      Are you another unclear conscience?
      Why not speak for yourself instead of
      tarring everybody with the same brush?

      So you too are part of the "unclear conscience brigade"
      I am beginning to believe that Yoruba men gossip since
      you all are saying the same thing.

  5. Oh mine...... I love the way the woman served it hot....

  6. 🙆🙆🙆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Lols😂😀😁
    Mind ur business

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I can't get over the low cut blouses on those women..

  10. i am lucifer such thing interest me especially on a hot wednesday afternoon

  11. It has happened to me once sha and the outcome wasn't nice at all.

    There was this girl back when I was staying off campus. My roommate and I really disliked her cos she was a chronic liar. The one that lies so bad so she won't be seen as inferior, not like my friend and I acted in anyway to make her feel like that.

    So one time like that, she sent me messages with bags of lies as usual and I munched them and forwarded to this my bestie and then we laughed over it.

    My BBM was always locked but what I forgot to do was clear the images from my gallery.

    I then went to charge my phone in one of her neighbors room. Terrible mistake.

    This girl went through my phone and saw all the images.

    The insult I got on my BBM when I was in the bus (I traveled same day) ehn, and the worst part was I had to apologize because I know say na me fuck up.

    Thankfully, that broke us up and it was a relief not to deal with her kind of lies anymore.

    Years later, that was a few weeks back, she sent me a Facebook request.

    The End.

  12. No I have never been in this position

  13. hahahaha omereme life..who doesn't gossip..its in our DNA joor.Told a friend I saw her hubby coming out from a hotel with a babe and she went and confront her hubby..told him I told her. hubby called me and said he will like to see me dat he want to discuss something with I jejely went o not knowing he was gonna ask me in d presence of his wife...ah I denied o that I never told her such fa.hmmm after every every I was so angry with my friend that I stopped picking her calls.She came to me and apologized but I told her I'll never tell her anything abt her hubby again.Kai I was so embarrassed eh.

  14. I stopped gossiping after market fall press me the last time. It was bad. The fight that day wasn't funny. I swore that I won't keep friends again since it was friendship that started the whole thing.

  15. I use to be the 'aunty I was minding your business' when I was younger. One day, when I was in secondary school, I was privy to a rumour about a friend and I told her cousin about it, adding that she should advice my friend about what everyone is saying since they were closer.

    That was my undoing, the cousin added salt and pepper and said I have told everyone about it before I told her when she was telling my friend.

    I can never forget the way they called group meeting on my head and pretended as if the cousin hasn't told my friend I was the one who told her.

    Since that day ehn, whatever I see or hear, I keep it to myself.


  16. Lol, I can relate. D gist blew up in my face, person wey I bust, told my gf, I saw ur guy live, babe confronted d guy, guy came to our house n warned me in front of my family, till date babe sees me as a wet blanket, I hope I will be proven right if she hasn't caught him n pretending it's ok.

  17. Everyone will either be here to 'read comments'

    Or be holy nweje's that don't gossip or used to gossip but not anymore....

    But that's none of my business....

    Gossip: idle talks about someone's matter, esp in a way that spreads the information.....

    Anyway, I'm here to read comments!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  18. Idle talk is very necessary ohh, just don't get caught or better still say what you can be bold enough to repeat when push comes to shove

  19. Hahahaha gossip gossip bad oo

  20. Their are Twp types of gossip
    Positive gossip and negative gossip.I have done both but what I do with negative gossip is giving the gist to some seas apart or miles apart and I make sure the two people don't know each other.. Lol

  21. Positive or negative gossip.Wonder where you got that from ummmmm

  22. I and my sister did amebo that didn't end well some years ago. ...
    Myself and my immediate elder sister decided gossip about my cousin's girlfriend to him because we didn't like her and there was too many stories flying around about her So we went to him and told him that everyone on our street knows the girl steals and she is dirty and also sleeps around that if he thinks we were lying, he should ask D (now D stays at home all day and is the propagator and conveyor of all gists cos all she did then was open leg and carry belle with 3kids for different men @21).
    My cousin was furious and instead of him breaking up with the babe, he went to confront D that he knows she must have started the rumor because she tried seducing him and he rejected her (we didn't know this). Na so quarrel start o and D said she was not going to reply my cousin as he is beneath her. That word 'beneath' triggered my cousin's anger and he insulted her to 'stupor', D was just crying till her brother came back and she reported to him,the bro in turn reported to their mum and elder sis hubby.
    We were in our house eating dinner, name so D's full family(everyone in the family including the babies) showed up. Immediately we saw them, my sister and I just knew we were in soup but then D's family didn't come to ask questions nor hear our side of the story. THEY CAME TO FIGHT
    My dad was busy asking what was going on when we heard my cousin screaming (D's bro had landed him a good punch), na so my other male cousin retaliated and fight started and I saw our precious ogbono soup being kicked off the table and D stoned me with semo. The fight that day no be here o.
    My dad walked out as one of D's in-law was shouting that my dad didn't raise us well that my dad should come back and fight like a man.
    My mum was begging everyone to calm down and D's mum just went ahead to tear her blouse.
    Our house was a mess after the fight that day.
    My sis and I will never forget that day cos wetin our eyes see after the fight ehn.......

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      *Wipes tears*

    2. Anonymous ur narration got my friends laughing 😂 😂 😂 😂 gossip gone wrong

    3. Lol. Hilarious

    4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg


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