Stella Dimoko Woman Collapses After Finding Out Her Husband Of 5 Years Had Died 11 Years Before...


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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Woman Collapses After Finding Out Her Husband Of 5 Years Had Died 11 Years Before...

For several years, she searched unsuccessfully for a man to call her own amid pressure from her mother to get married because age was not on her side. Her desperation heightened when her bosom friend, Veronica, kissed goodbye to spinsterhood in an elaborate ceremony that remained fresh in her memory.

On a business trip sometime in February 2011, she encountered an alluring young man with whom she later fell in love. A reserved, handsome stranger who exuded a romantic charm that was shrouded in mystery swept her off her feet.

Beginning of trouble

Expectedly, her parents were full of joy when she arrived her village on a Saturday evening to commence the traditional marriage rites, but payment of the bride price was defered because she was already pregnant and the tradition forbade such. Notwithstanding, they returned to Lafia, where they settled down and cohabited as a couple for over five years.

A few months after presenting her heartthrob to her parents at Lokobo village in Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State where she hails from, she was delivered of a baby boy, a development that further lifted her soul and strengthened their bond. Within a period of five years, she also had two miscarriages, which she believed, was an act of God.

Unraveling the mystery man

Suddenly, in March, this year, she discovered that for almost six years, she had been living with a dead man who she called her husband, the father of her child.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s true. This is the story of 39-year-old Angela Tyoor Agber, a boisterous woman of Tiv extraction resident in Lafia, until the macabre encounter turned around her life.
She is yet to recover from the shock, after an unscheduled visit by two guests to their home on Obi road, on the outskirts of Lafia, blew the veil off her ghost marriage. He disappeared since that day with her four-year- old son, Joseph Jnr., to a world unknown, leaving her in sorrow and fear.
The bubble burst when Angela, who sells oranges, wanted to rent a shop at a plaza located close to the Lafia-Makurdi Roundabout to expand her business. As part of the conditions, the property owner, Alhaji Musa Usman, requested to meet her husband ostensibly to ensure she was a responsible woman.

Unfortunately, her supposed 42-year-old husband, “Barrister” Tyopenda Joseph, was too busy to meet Usman, who decided to visit the couple at home on the fateful day.

He was accompanied by a mason, Mr.Targba Iortim, whom Usman had contracted for a building project. Iortim, also a Tiv from Taraba State, had joined Usman in Lafia for a trip to Abuja. But Usman decided to meet Angela’s husband before embarking on the journey.

He drove to the couple’s home without prior notice in company with the mason, unknown to him that Iortim was acquainted with Angela’s husband at Andole village in Kashak Local Government Area of Taraba State, a Tiv community where he hailed from. Angela had barely ushered the visitors into the sitting room when the unexpected happened.

Iortim was jolted when her husband emerged from the bedroom to meet his guests. There was pin-drop silence as Joseph, popularly known as Big Joe while alive, seemed to have frozen on seeing one of his visitors. Moments later, Iortim reportedly summoned courage and hailed him by his nickname, and then, added a shocker: “Big Joe, but you are no more, why are you here”? The response was a thunderous sound; when Angela and her guests recovered from the shock, her husband and child had vanished.

Shock and disbelief

She collapsed and went blank. After being revived, she was told her husband had died over 11 years ago, precisely December 2005, in an auto crash on Takum road in Taraba State. His body, which was badly mangled, was buried same month in his village. Four months after, members of his family were wiped out during a clash between farmers and Fulani herdsmen in the state when his village was completely razed. Iortim, who said he attended Joseph’s burial, gave horrendous details of the event.

Angela eventually pulled herself together and briskly packed her belongings out of her “matrimonial home”. Consumed by fear, she has relocated to Lokobo, her village, far away from Lafia where she had toiled since 2007 and barely savoured her blossoming trade in oranges. She has now realized why everything about Joseph was enigmatic; why she neither saw nor heard about members of his family and friends, why he rarely spoke of his past, beyond the fact that he hailed from Kashak Local Government in Taraba State, and his family perished during an invasion of his village by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

Strange behaviour

Though they lived in a secluded area on the outskirts of Lafia, Angela never suspected anything about her husband who told her he was a legal practitioner and relocated from Taraba State as a result of communal crises. Strangely, he vehemently opposed to enrolling Joseph Jnr., their only child in school even when he was aged four. While her son whom she described as a lively and gentle boy did not exhibit any strange behaviour, her husband was withdrawn and often spoke about death, which unsettled her.

“Each time I complained about his quietness, he tells me that he was thinking about his people who died back home, and that he would join them someday. Most times, he talked about his terrible dreams, how water surrounded him while he was going to a farm. There was a day he asked me how I would feel if he slept one day and didn’t wake up; there was a day he told me he had a dream that Joseph Jnr., our son, died and was buried. In all the years we spent together, he never attended a church service even for once; he had no friends.

On the day he went to my village for our introduction, two young men and a woman accompanied us; he told me one of the men was his uncle who came from Kaduna, while the other was his friend from Makurdi. He said the woman was with us to represent his mother and was a relation from Makurdi.

Since then, I had not seen any of them after they accompanied him to my village, but we sometimes talk only on his mobile phone. When I was delivered of my son, my mother visited and spent some days with us, but none of those people came. Whenever I raised the issue, he gave excuses. There was a time he promised taking me to his village in Taraba, but he later reneged on the grounds that herdsmen had taken over their community and I became afraid.

About two years before my shocking find, he kept travelling and hardly stayed around. All along, he gave me the impression that his village had been razed completely by the herdsmen and because of the stories we hear from there, I was convinced. I never knew I was married to a dead man”, she lamented.

Spiritual help

It’s a cruel fate for Angela which members of her family had resolved not to make public, as they seek spiritual help to cleanse her of any evil spell. Following a tip off by a relation of an arrangement for her to take sanctuary in a church led by a female prayer warrior at Otukpo, Benue State, our correspondent laid siege to a spot popularly known as Obi Bus Stop situated a few kilometers away from Lafia, from where they were to transit to their destination on the scheduled day for the trip.

On Wednesday, last week, the effort paid off as Saturday Sun met Angela in company with her uncle, Anodohumba Adzor, as they embarked on the journey en route Otukpo. It was a horrifying encounter as she narrated how she got hooked to a ghost marriage, and a dark cloud of uncertainty that has enveloped her. She told Saturday Sun her story in detail.

How we met

“In 2007, I relocated from my village to Lafia with the assistance of Veronica, a close friend who sold oranges. Since I wasn’t educated and couldn’t farm, my late father raised a sum of N6000 for me and encouraged me to set up a business. I joined my friend in the orange business which made me travel frequently to purchase the fruit at interior villages in Konshisha, Ushongo and Gboko areas of Benue State where they are cultivated in large quantity and cheap.

“My mother did not give her blessing to the business I was doing; she felt since I couldn’t engage in farming, I should marry and settle down for whatever business I wanted to do in my husband’s house. My father didn’t send me to school, because he was opposed to sponsoring the education of a female child. So, my mother was against my stay in Lafia alone; she wanted me get married and complained about it each time I went to the village. Though, I had several boyfriends in Lafia, none was ready to marry me. They were only interested in having sex, but my mother kept pressurizing me, more so, when my friend, Veronica got married. Due to the pressure, I also became desperate to marry, but could not find the right man.

“In February, 2011, I was returning from a business trip to Konshisha via Makurdi en route Lafia. On that fateful day, I boarded a taxi at Makurdi to Lafia with about six sacks of oranges which filled up the back seats. The driver charged N2, 500 as my fare and my load and as I pleaded with him to collect N2000, a young man in black suit who was seated at the front, offered to make up the balance of N500 so that we could move immediately; he said he was in a hurry for an appointment in Lafia.

“As we commenced the journey, he started a conversation with me; he probed into my life and when he realized that both of us were of the Tiv ethnic group, he changed to our language so that the driver, who was Hausa, would not understand our discussion. He identified himself as Barrister Tyopenda Joseph, hailed from Taraba State, and said he had just relocated to Lafia after being displaced by herdsmen/farmers clashes in Taraba which consumed his entire family. He said he was starting life afresh in Lafia, and we exchanged contacts. Eventually, we started an affair which led to marriage within a short period.

Before then, he lived in a lonely area on Obi road; he told me how all his family members were killed in an attack on his village. It was sympathetic and based on the kind of stories he told me, I didn’t bother anymore to probe into his roots in Taraba, though he told me he hailed from Kashak. At this point, we were deeply in love. He proposed marriage so that he could settle down properly, and that was the first time a man would propose to marry me.

Since that was what I had long awaited, I did not give it a second thought to investigate him further, at least, within Lafia. I was already spending most of my nights in his house. I leave home early in the morning for my business and return late in the evening. Whenever I returned, he would tell me he had also just arrived home, and I believed everything he told me. He regularly assisted me with money for my business; really showed me love, and I loved him passionately. I was ready to do everything to please him, and one thing that made me give him my heart was that he satisfied me sexually, the way no man had done since I lost my virginity.

Seven months into our relationship, I became pregnant and he gladly accepted to shoulder the responsibility. All along, I had wanted to marry because my only friend had married and I had gone an extra mile to make my dream a reality. He was about 42 years. I took him to my parents who were happy, particularly my mother.

A forum of family members and elders of the village was convened, where he was introduced as my husband. He bought drinks and performed some traditional marriage rites, but the bride price was not paid instantly because I was pregnant and our tradition forbade collecting bride price for a pregnant woman. This was in November, 2011. He promised to pay the bride price after I was delivered of the baby. We returned to Lafia and lived in peaceful matrimony. He was reserved and had no friend. Daily, he left home by 6am and returned at about weekdays; he doesn’t go out on weekends.

I was delivered of a baby boy in June, 2012, and thereafter, had two miscarriages. Throughout the period of our marriage, he did not go back to the village to pay the bride price as he earlier promised. He kept giving excuses, but my family exercised patience with him because he catered for them; he solved every problem to which his attention was drawn.

Our son behaved normal; he was a gentle boy always comfortable wherever you kept him. But one strange thing his father did was that he never allowed me to enroll him in school; he warned me not to enroll him in Lafia as he was planning to relocate to Abuja where he would attend a good school. My son was four years old at that time. I felt bad and reported the matter to my mother, but she told me I should allow my husband do what he desired for his son.

“Sometime in March, 2017, I wanted to rent a shop at a plaza along Lafia/Makurdi Roundabout to expand my business. The property is owned by one Alhaji Musa Usman who requested to see my husband before letting the shop to me. I told him how busy my husband was, but he insisted and instead, offered to visit our home on a Saturday. He said he was travelling to Abuja same day for a business trip that would take him a month. I forgot to tell my husband about Alhaji’s visit and the man came with a mason, a Tiv man who relocated from Taraba State to Makurdi who knew my husband while he was alive and attended his funeral when he died.

That was when my world crashed like a pack of cards. I had no inkling my husband had died before, but I later believed because if it wasn’t true, he wouldn’t vanish with his son; it’s true. I’m short of words to express how I feel, but have to accept my fate as an act of God. It is shocking, because we had come a long way and now, the man has gone”.

Friend corroborates

Iortim was emphatic on his claims and linked our correspondent with Mathew Kpeber, his (Joseph’s) close friend in Taraba who had also relocated to Makurdi, for a confirmation. When contacted on his mobile phone, he confirmed Joseph died over a decade ago.

“I used to ride one of his commercial motorcycles in Taraba, but we fell apart after we had issues over remittance of proceeds. He died in an accident on Takum road, though I didn’t attend his burial because I had a surgery at that time and was on admission in a hospital. But I know that Big Joe was dead”.

From Breaking Times

*I have heard of stories like this and i cant help but wonder ....I had goose bumps reading this..


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Run away from sex before marriage.
      These devils like it and they inspire it
      It is no surprise that he did not go to pay the bride price
      Devils will never support marriage
      It is God's institution.

    2. Sex before marriage is risky.

    3. I wasn't told this one, it happened a long time ago in my family.

      3 weeks to my brothers wedding himself and his best friend who's to be his bestman went to a nearby town to visit another of their friend and wife who had put to birth.
      My brother drove and they had an accident on their way back.

      The car was damaged but they didn't sustain any injury, when they got to town, they came home straight and told my parents what happened, my dad now advised they should drive to Eku medical hospital for checkup/scan just to be sure they were alright medically.

      When they got there, it was discovered my brother's best friend/supposed best man had internal bleeding and before they could run around to help, he started coughing blood and died.
      The wedding was shifted in order to mourn him, he was like a member of my family(that's how close he was to us).

      There was no phone then just nitel landline,
      My brothers friend girlfriend was schooling in abraka then and was writing her final year exams, the plan was when she comes for the "wedding" (which was postponed; she will be told).

      Everyone knew she will come back from school that Thursday and my brother and some other friends went to wait for her at the deceased mum's house(they live together).

      When she got there she met people outside and was asking what was going on and she saw my brother said to my brother "wetin you de do here??? ***** go your house o, and you they here"

      My brother was like wetin this babe de talk, and they asked her to sit, that they Want to tell her something.

      She was told the sad news and my brother said the babe laughed and said what kind of talk is that, that it was the both of them that came back to warri na, that my brothers friend came to visit her in school and they been together for a week and he told her to go home that he wants to go see my brother in regards to last minutes wedding preparation...... The mum fainted, it felt like a movie, she was in denial until they showed her his grave.........

      Later she discovered she was pregnant for him and the mum begged her to keep the child which she did.
      When she gave birth it was the replica of my brothers friend.

      The son had same birth mark the late dad had on his face.

      She's remarried now and the boy is a still very alive, hale and hearty and schooling.

      So I believe these stories, its real as the air we breathe because no be dem say dem say, it happened.

      Life is deeper than we think.

    4. The deseased was an only child and his dad had died years back when he was little.

    5. It is sad to know that when confronted with life puzzles like this,we don't refer to the holy book for clarifications. Anything that is not online with the word of God is evil and false. Didn't the bible talk about familiar spirits?

  2. Hummmm.. My question is, does spirits fuck?can they impregnate?
    To many questions running through my mind right now.

    Abeg spirits in this blog clarify me biko!

    1. Spirits in this blog kwa??? Kwakwakwakwa! Odiegwu o!
      I have equally heard about tories like this but yet want to believe it truly exists.

    2. Sandy nwanyioma are you not aware spirits dey here?Ngwanu..Lol

    3. Read Genesis chapter six:

    4. Once in my secondary school a girl aunt came to visit her, she wore this flowing, lovely purple gown. We all saw her and thought something of how beautiful she looked. When this girl ran to hug her aunt, she gently shifted and told her that she was tired. She(the aunt) told the girl she was in a hurry and had to be somewhere in a matter of minutes. Sooner than later she left.

      After a while, her parents came, they were also very well dressed and in a mad rush, they told her her favourite aunt, (that had just visited her) is due to be buried very soon, in fact, they were on their way to the burial, they just stopped over to see her. Little girl said she her aunt was here some minutes ago and all hell was let loose.

  3. Yee! Akudaaya existed I have read and heard such stories while I was young hmm mm God help this woman o.

  4. Re incarnation is so real!!...
    This life is so deep!!...
    No body seems to know the answer to stories like this...
    Even my daddy in The Lord has nothing to say about it!!...
    Na wah oh!...

    1. Na real is first spiritual before physical

    2. Daddy in "which lord?"

    3. Anon 14:52, na TB Joshua be her daddy in the Lord o! Kwakwakwakwa!!!

  5. JESUS CHRIST!!!pls oooo how do i deal with ds story bikonu

  6. Spooky! The rational part of my brain is screaming with 'what if s ' ;What if this was a plan by 'big joe' ,the landlord and the mason to abscond with the child but then again the 'thunderous sound'.....effects?

  7. Who's d spirit here now sexy daddy ehhn! Hahahahahahahahaha

  8. Chai!!!!
    How can I unread this thing bikonu?
    See me shivering!
    This world is"immirimious"!

  9. my mom once told me that most people who lose their lives in road accidents hardly go to the other side, she said their spirits take up residents in other places where they're unknown, then I was skeptical but I've heard a lot of similar stories not to believe..
    *****Bv straight shooter*****

  10. Eerie!!! But...?
    Anyway life is deep, no one knows it all. May God help her and heal her heart.

  11. The man killed, absconded, faked his death, caught in his lies, and he runs away again.

  12. I knw stories like this are real but why disappear with d boy,d ones i knw cm bac to gv birth

  13. This is too deep, only God knows.

  14. No man can explained the mystery behind this world,I believe this story cause I have had a first hand experience
    My aunty that grew up with us died 2006 dew to sickness and was buried 2007 Oct a cousin of mine came to ph and while exchanging pleasantries with my mum he said oh I saw aunty ...... Last week in the village she even sent her regards my mum close his mouth and told him he mistook her for someone else but he swore that she was the one they even shook hands,my mum now told him she dead the previous year, my cousin almost fainted he couldn't believe he had seen a ghost....
    Recarnation is real

    1. Oh Lord!
      This life is deep!

      But why did the man abscond with his son? #Deep

      I feel for the woman. Chai

    2. This story is so similar to mine right now ...I think my husband is a ghost!!!

  15. I know all the places they mentioned. I even know the said plaza. I work near the plaza.

    1. Nne, do u know the said Alahaji Usman too? Abeg give us the full gist nah

  16. Nonsense. Did he take his living son with him to the land of the dead? So the boy is now a living dead or what? Akuko! Who was there to confirm the thunderous sound?

  17. There is nothing scary about this please. Reincarnation is real, spirits are real, ghost are real and so are angels and demons.

    You only fear what you do not understand.

  18. This story is so true, in my mums village there is a family whom their father were once dead, they later found out and d man disappeared till today, the children are doing well. But they are fondly called " children of spirit"

  19. Can't just bring myself to believe it but I know it's real...

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  20. This life sef, so apart from checking if the man asking you out is married, has another girlfriend or is a mama's boy, now you have to check if he's a ghost too?

  21. This is not reincarnation.

  22. Lol, I got so scared reading this, of course reincarnation is very true. Mom told us a certain story that happened when we were little. She said the man was supposed to deliver sand to the house for construction, you know this tipper that delivers sand and all. So the man gave an appointment as usual and he came , saw my mom but dad wasn’t around. So the man said his tipper had a problem so he couldn’t deliver the sand but because he kept to his words and appointment that was why he decided to show up to tell them that it wasn’t going to be possible anymore, so mum said no problem that she would tell dad when he got back, and the man left. And u know that those days twas land line that was in vogue, she called popc to tell him what the man said and dad said it’s not possible naw, that he was still going to call home to tell her that the tipper man had died so therefore he wouldn’t be able to deliver the sand again. That they said the tipper man had an accident and died . Well mom froze and was in shock, so dad said twas the man’s spirit that came over to the house. Reincarnation is very real, I’ve hard so many stories like that too.

    1. That is not reincarnation please.

  23. Hmmm....wonders shall never end. Had serus goose bumps, almost like pimples. Sleeping with a ghost....Nawa o

  24. This is so real. It has happened before. My mum told me about one that happened in benin. The man even had a good job, got married, the moment someone who knew he was dead before saw him, he disappeared and never returned. That’s it. Once someone who knows them sees them, they go and never return.

    1. Shut your freaking fucking mouth up... you've commented severally here. "My mom told me this my mom told me that"
      Just shut the fuck up.
      If I hear pim again eeeehhh.
      Freaking asshole.

  25. Please can someone give a logical explanation for this cos I'm shivering right now.
    What is happening in the world biko??

    1. There are no logical explanations to things like this, just know that this world is more spiritual than physical. Something similar happened in rivers state, and like this one too he vanished and was never seen again

    2. He can vanish if he wants to. But my main concern is, why disappear with his son? #Scary

  26. I don't believe this story.Madam you better go and report your missing child to the police.

  27. So true and happening.....but why is it the mums that told everyone similar story?lol!it was my mum that told me her first hand experience too,she saw her childhood friend that had died along time ago in Togo,they lived in kwara in a small town in kwara before her passing!

  28. I have heard of several stories like this.
    How can you marry a man you don't really know his family or friends. Even if he claims they are dead. You ppl in your family didnt even do your findings. And he no get school mates too. Nawa

    1. Beds, the lady never went to any school. Her worldly ability is limited. Besides the man went to see her family with other relatives that she never saw again but spoke with them over phone. I still need to clarify this story with my tiv relatives in makurdi. So eerie.

  29. Anon 15.59 let me try explain to you in a few sentences quickly.

    Death isn't real. Jesus Christ came to the world to tell us this. His whole intention was to tell us the truth about everlasting life and the way to it. He wanted us to seek him directly and not through prophets as there are many false prophets around.

    Without changing the topic, life on earth is short, very short indeed. Heaven and hell are real. The are different spiritual dimensions on this planet. Once the body dies, the spirit still lives on. Nobody really dies, they just go back to where they belong.

    They don't go to sleep like you have been taught. Death comes in spirit form to collect, the spirit leaves the body and is also met by loved ones already in the spirit world. You will spend sometime homecoming before your book of life is read to you etc.

    Now some people are dead but refused to leave. They lurk around confused with the guilt of their sins tormenting their soul. While some spirits refuse to go because of unfinished business. These spirits become ghosts.

    The world is very spiritual this is why we have to try and live a very good and humble life while on earth because death is just the beginning.

    Excuse the errors.

  30. be careful who you exchange words with or buy things from.Always cover everything with with the blood of Jesus.this world is too deep

  31. a friend of mine thinks their dad is a ghost they have no mum,nor any image ,story relatives nothing about a mother, their father told them she died .but nobody knows about her,no pic no relative nothing. He doesn't allow them mingle they moved from house to house until now that she is 18,she feels strange about her dad,cox he goes out and come back with lots of food stuff, none has seen him in the market, refused to send them to school, takes the brother down stares for night meetings only they both know, and to mention they are very rich,she is very pretty,we once attempted to have sex and at night I dreamt and saw a big snake in my car I kept seeing snake each time we attempt to move further cox we are both lesbians,as her father said she would marry @21 as a virgin and the man must come from him .
    So many strange stories she has told me the father doesn't know we are friends .her brother is cute for days I just wonder how they stay indoors all their lives and are still so intelligent and well educated.

    The girl and I are so attracted to each other that I see her in my sleep I just can't stay without thinking about her. Sometimes I take exist from school just to come to lag,and stay in a hotel,so I can sneek around and see her,especially those days her father goes out for 1months without news of his where about and appear again like a ghost. I regret gaining admission as its keeping us apart.

    1. I think you need good deliverance

    2. Nawaooo.akuko uwa!!!

      She might be a ghost child and you a normal human is practicing lesbianism with her!!!

    3. Jesus Christ! What did i just read ? My jaws refused to close Stella plz post this on ihn or stand alone post,please,please.
      This is serious oh.
      Things are happening.

  32. But in cases like this, they don't go with their children,what will happen to the little boy? One happened in my area in Lagos, the man disappeared too but in his case he was not married but he built a house.

  33. Very scary. That woman will be living in fear for a looooong time o.

  34. You dat sleep around, hope u r not sleeping w some ghosts oooo.
    Those of u DAT don't mind if he/she goes to church or not, or ever prays and would do all to draw u into same lifestyle, hope u r not dating a ghost o.

  35. The Bible states;for it is appointed unto man to die once,after death is judgement,the aforementioned story and stories are nothing but typical examples of demonic manipulations.

  36. I just have one question... why didn't he have clearer pictures? 😑

  37. And he has to disappear with his son, strange things happening

  38. African Tales by moonlight lolz


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