Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji's Series -The Rapture.


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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Iya Ibeji's Series -The Rapture.

There was this time I thought the rapture had taken place. 

I was still in primary school. You know those days how some religious organisations used to hold film show on the rapture and end times. They were pretty scary and I tell you one week after watching those kind of movies I was always well behaved.

If you cursed me I will tell you God bless you. I was so well behaved that even my brothers started taking advantage of me, like taking my meat and stuff. I will only chase after them but no cussing or fighting but after a week the effects of the film will wear off and if they tried anything they get it fire for fire and they will be like we think say you be Christian.

So there was this day I got home there was no body at home. Let me describe my family a little, I come from a large family plenty siblings and cousins living in the same house. So the house is never quiet or empty. But on this day there was nobody in the house , the front door was open, the television was on and quite loud. I called out to them nobody answered , the back door was open and nobody in sight. 

And then it hit me abi rapture don happened?

They said trumpet will sound I didn't hear anything o. I went back inside went to my brothers room and started analysing. So if rapture takes place will my eldest brother go? That one that has plenty girlfriends.
Or is it my immediate elder brother that we used to fight? We fought yesterday so how come he was raptured and I wasn't. 

Anyway I stopped the blame game and decided to pray only for me to remember those films that once the rapture takes place no repentance. So where will I go? Where will I hide? those 666 guys will find you anywhere just as I was lost in thoughts my immediate elder brother came in.

I talk am you no fit rapture you are just too wicked. Then another one came in and another. And I got the gist, there was serious fight down the street and they all ran to go and watch. 

 Me I just jejely kept quiet if not the teasing no go be here.

The other experience was shared by my brother in the abroad. He said one old man came to visit his daughter and when they changed the time by an hour the old man wasn't aware. So he went to church one Sunday morning and didn't meet anybody. You know abroad they keep to time so it was very strange for him not to see anybody.

Next thing he assumed that the rapture had taken place. He placed a call to his daughter and when she picked he was surprised and told her that so you weren't raptured too. 

The daughter explained the time change to him and the next service day he came to share his testimony thanking God that he wasn't left behind. He got the whole church laughing.

So was there ever an incident that you thought the rapture had happened and you were left behind? Please share.


  1. U had a whole lotta fun while growing up iya Ibejs..

  2. Íya ìbeji, your life has always been full of fun!

    I like your stories.

  3. I did that Godbless you a lot growing up,I gave my life over and over again to Christ as a child,everytime I did and you insult me I would reply Godbless you.lolz

  4. Iya Ibeji. When I was a kid and was told the story about rapture I wasn't so scared. Infact in my house they call me Mr. CIA, because I will investigate everything(I was an introvert), when those Jehovah Witness people would come and preach about redemption I won't say a thing. Till one day they quoted the part of the Bible that the meek shall inherit the earth, that was where i just concluded this life is too sweet how will I go to heaven and be singing praise and worship day and night and then not be able to dance to Michael Jackson's songs or Rap 2pacs Songs, abegi. I am meek and I will inherit the earth. One day My elder brother stole money from my kolo(Piggy Bank), I was so pained that all that was on my mind was how to revenge. That night I had poisoned a needle with rotten battery cells so he will seat on it, the plan was to put it on his chair in the morning before breakfast. That night in my sleep I dreamt there was trumpet sound and the Angels were ushering people into heaven. Those righteous ones were flying but I couldn't fly. I tried and tried but couldn't. Then I saw the earth collapsing and I tried to fly again but couldn't, then the Heavens was shut. When I woke up I was covered in sweat, that was a sign for me to drop my evil plans and I threw the needle away. Ever since then I only thought of positive things.

    1. Hello Rowland, pls do you know Favour Ithomoghoni Alabi? Ive been meaning to ask you beccause on the 22nd of September you spoke about missing one Favour Alabi... Is it the same Favour of Uniben Education Department? Hmmmm...

      ... Jesus is my worth!

    2. Priceless Jewel we have a Mutual friend or should I say 'Had'...... Mail me for clarification. Cheers.

  5. I can relate with being a saint this week and the next a villain. I love your stories.

  6. Hahù do u remember ur childhood with so much detail

  7. Thanks people for taking out time to drop comments. I truly appreciate it.

  8. Haaahaaahaaahaaa!!
    You just described my childhood, chai! After watching this cinema for crusade 'Ina na Jesus na asusu Igbo' translation 'do you know that Jesus speaks Igbo' and the altar calls that follows, na good gentle girl for like 24hours!
    Keep it up Iya!


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