Stella Dimoko Biblical Photo Game


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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Biblical Photo Game

Give me Adam and Eve....I want whoop them for eating that Apple that i can learn from his wisdom ask her some personal questions .

Who is John the Beloved?


  1. Give me eve let me collect the remaining apple from her and give one bo-bo like that.

    1. no be u them de find? ure droppin comments like all is well.. did i miss a memo or xplanation??

    2. First of all,i want to meet Oga JONAH...after LMAO,i will pull a couch and let him tell me what he did all those while inside fish belle.

      What am I seeing JOB for? Abeg! I no wan learn suffering tips.

      ABRAHAM fit take me do sacrifice. As ikorodu people fit thief the Lamb that will be provided. I still remember his short knife from "my book of bible stories.

      Errrmm, MOSES the stammerer and hot tempered abeg no take tablet of stone or rod strike the living daylight out of me.

      SAMPSON, that one ne to cut off I'm prick.

      Eve,,abeg come and explain what that "fruit" in the middle of the garden means. Is it really punani?

      Ehenn, fargin MARY, I have been having sleepless nights thinking about how the holy spirit feels down there? Is it like cassava?

      King David,,,why won't I wanna meet the guy behind the psalms. Sweet mouth politician wen sabi wash God head. Are you APC or PDP?

      John the Baptist, the voice of the one crying in the wilderness. (without microphone). Is your voice now like Davidoo?

      Abeg where is my Jezebel?

      Ehenn King Saul,,,straight to TB Joshua for exorcism. Hmnnn, na there we go really see show of evil spirit talking and challenging MOG.

      King Solomon: guy man. Blessed art thou amongst punnanis. Coldstone Ice cream of those days. That ya book, songs of solomon was always talking about bwezzzzz, abeg are you related to Kevin dat edo boy?

      To be continued...

    3. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜...this is so hilarious! Waiting patiently for part 2...

    4. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜...this is so hilarious! Waiting patiently for part 2...

    5. πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€...this is so hilarious. Waiting patiently for part 2..

    6. @ atheist you sef dey wait explanation.. e Don b oo
      Lol person wey dey find me don see me
      Cool down u wee get your memo tomoro

    7. @17:56, some things are not meant to be joked about, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is one. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

  2. John the beloved is one of the disciples

    1. John one of the sons of Zebedee. He wrote the gospel of St.John. Brother to James.

    2. John the beloved, the disciple of jesus always resting at his bossom, he wrote st john gospel, 1,2,3 John and revelations

    3. Joseph, Abraham, Noah, David and king solo baby... I only hang with rich niggas. Joseph Cus he knows how to double money by producing more crops, David Cus God loved him, Noah Cus i need him to survive any flood, Abraham, I am one of his children, then baba solo for his wisdom and some coins

  3. Samson, why did he allow Delilah sweety barb his head. Also, ask how tight her head game was was it worth it? That he had to lose his eyes for that P.
    Adam and Eve, for bringing us this far like what were they thinking. Now I'm saddled with wearing cloths instead of dangling my boobs and ass everywhere.
    Jacob, to pronounce his name the way Bobrisky does "Jaycorb"
    Abraham, I want his blessings. Starts singing Abraham's blessings are mine...
    Job,I need his persistence and grace to keep going despite tribulations and storms.
    David, to see how cute he was with the way he was described in the Bible. Maybe he'd do the naked dance for me. Oh all the David's I've met are always handsome.

    1. Lol.....Same thing I asked oooo

    2. Lol you sure are going to have fun with them all doppelganger πŸ˜€

    3. πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Proudly Anonymous9 November 2017 at 16:09

      Spoilt shaild.

    5. Doppel nah. Its Jeeeeecuuurrrbbbbb😩😩😩😩

      I have questions for Cain and Abel, pity they are not there.

    6. No time for ass licking.9 November 2017 at 17:58

      only Samson. I love wrestling and he will sure make a good wrestler. more like Braun strowman or Roman reign.

  4. Job, Abraham, Elijah,David and Isaiah, All these people have a lot to teach me

  5. Samuel, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon and Mary.

  6. Abraham

  7. Why is Judas Iscariot not included...For me Joseph, Deborah, David, samson and Solomon but would have chosen Judas Iscariot instead of Samson...

  8. Give me Adam and Eve.....will ask them why they couldn't control their longer throat that leads to kinda wahala

    Solomon....will ask him despite his wisdom,how did he cope with 700 wives and 300 concubine's he was able to cope when he lost everything

    And Samson why he was easily influenced by a woman

    Ready for them

    1. Well you have answered Solomons question. His wisdom helped him cope with them.

    2. Okay that's true in-law
      How are the boys

  9. Abraham, David, Elijah, Solomon and Deborah.

  10. Adam and Eve because I want to experience the originals. Abraham because he would make a cool godfather (thank God he is my father). David, everlastingly a fan, I love how he loves God, and he would still show his human side. And Daniel, I would sit at his feet. Wise people intrigue me. Stella I need space for one more. I wan add Bro Paul, he nor dey fear face at all. Him dey talk the matter as e dey be.

  11. Moses.... I have so many questions to ask about the law.
    Abraham. The Father of Faith.
    Paul the apostle.
    John the Beloved. The writer of the Revelation of Christ.

    However these men were inspired by the Holy Spirit. We too are being inspired, and are transformed daily from glory to glory as we bath ourselves in God's Word!

    Heaven is so real!!!

  12. Abraham; He was going to drive a blade through Isaac's throat, his son whom he had waited to get from age 75 when God made him the promise to age 95 when Sarah finally bore Isaac.
    If I waited that long for a son, I wouldn't spank him if he set my favourite Ruben's piece on fire, but Abraham was going to kill him. Such obedience and devotion.

    Moses; How he was able to lead the a bunch of stubborn people through the wilderness for 40 years, a journey that was supposed to last just 40 days, is astonishing. Also because he saw God's shadow and had God Himself write the Ten Commandments upon a tablet at Sinai's pinnacle. Such a great leader he was.

    Joseph; Portipha's wife said take off your jacket, Lil' Joe said "Mans not hot" and fled. Do you realise how beautiful that woman was? The ability to flee from such temptation is commendable. Also, to forgive his brothers who had ripped his colourful coat off his back(that's like a modern day Louis Vuitton Jacket) and thrown him into a pit is amazing.

    David; "take not thine Holy spirit from me". He was quick to ask God for mercy every time he sinned, he went on to write more than half Psalm filled with reverence for God...a man after God's heart.

    Paul; Pablo!!!!!! First a prosecutor of the brethren then a converter of the prosecutors. There's not a single man in the whole of the New Testament besides Jesus, who had the intellectual depth Paul had. He wrote one-third of the New Testament. Such an intellectual he was.

    1. pegged u for a freethinker or agnostics

    2. Man's not hot got me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Awwww look who is here!😘

      That Abraham's story was the ultimate sign of Total obedience to God.

      But Bn a Man,I came help but wonder howwww?!

      But many years ago,I concluded that God prolly closed Issac's eyes so he wouldn't know.

      Cos I don't know how he or anyone for that matter would have lived it down knowing your Dad nearly slit ur throat.

      Hey Sugar!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      Where have u been?😘😘😘😘😘

    4. Athesit, I was first a Christian before anything else.

      General's Wife 😘
      My Guiding Light.

  13. Paul, to help rewrite Nigeria's constitution. That brother could write for Africa

    Solomon, to seek his wise counsel and ask how he managed all those side chicks without getting broke

    Noah, to ask him why he allowed mosquitoes and other dangerous insects and animal into the ark, he should have allowed them to drown, save us the headache and science research.

    Job, to help keep my faith strong. That is one strong brother, if he was still alive, he would be a Nigerian

    David, to let him know that the current Bathsheba's now bath naked on Social Media.

    By the way, has anyone noticed that the 1st four letters of her name is (Bath), like when she was Bathing and David saw her and got tempted.

    That woman's village people knew what they were doing during her naming ceremony.

  14. Abraham- I want to know how he felt almost sacrificing his only son.
    Job - How he trusted God even after all the afflictions he faced.
    Paul- This guy really understood the salvation of God

    1. Anytime I come across that story while reading the Bible, I'm always trying to play the whole senerio in my mind. Like how he didn't even question or argue with God. He was ready to kill Issac to please God. What a man!! How many of us can give God the things we hold dearest without grumbling, arguing or questioning him. I don't think I can without doing that.

      Lord help us

    2. He heard directly from God, (not all these Pastor say / God say I should tell someone here .....bla blah)

      He had a communication with God that's why its possible

      Hadey Halaba

  15. adam= i will just deceive him again.
    eve= i will kill her with my bare hands. i hate competition
    Noah= he is boring. i hate boredom
    job = who like to suffer?
    Abraham= that one will just use me for sacrifice. i will pass
    Jacob= will use me for fraud.
    joseph= he wont fall for my seduction
    moses =he will kill me with commandment.
    joshua= this one commitment will choke me to death
    deborah= very virtues woman, i will learn a thing or two from her. so yes
    samson= i know he will have six packs with very masculine body. i want him to use me as dumbbell in the gym. so yes
    samuel= he will just use counsel and finish me.
    saul= the wicked king? mbanu
    david= chai my personal person. king wey get swag and plenty red wine. we go jollificate tire. so yes
    solomon= wisdom will just kill me. yes i will pick him
    elijah= great prophet he is, i want him to prophesy to my account
    jonah= his mumu is too much
    isaih. mbanu i already chose Elijah.
    daniel= mbanu
    ezekiel= he will prophesy to my wahala and send my village people running. so maybe yes
    john d baptist= i am already baptized
    mary= we just wont click. she is a virgin and i am not. two parallel lines
    john d beloved= he is too soft for my liking
    peter= this one is not trust worthy, he will deny me seven times

  16. Abraham,Moses,Elijah,David,John the beloved

  17. Elijah has always feared me since I was a child.
    Looks like someone that wee beat shege comot for my eyes��

    No 1 is my romantic Samson������
    Chai! That his waist in my "Book of Bible stories"

    That one Na the General himself. I wee pray so tey my eye wee turn.

    Father Abrahma wil know the thoughts even before they are formed☹️ Be giving me side eyes all the time.

    Brother Job! ��
    Unku is unromantic��

    John the Baptisr too��
    Radical somebody��

    Eve The one corner geh��

    Handsome lover boy but mehn Na ashawo man.
    But tight pipe game mehn!��

    Chai! I love Solomon o!��
    But he isn't a keeper!

    Awww Mary!��������
    The one I want to be like when I grow up����

    And the one I wee marry. The one with the complete package is Joseph����

    My account be messing with me��


  18. Moses, Solomon, David, Mary, Paul

  19. Grabs my armless chair & ottoman, with a bowl of popcorn...

    Eve, sit ur ass down!! Religious ppl bliv u brought about pain & suffering 2day abi? well, lucky u im far from that, i just need u to tell me if Adam had erection each time he laid eyes on u, oh right! he didnt know wat nudity was, but wat triggerd his boner??

    Noah the globe sailot & ark builder, how did u land a Polar bear far North & Kuwala bear in Australia, plus how did u get carniv animals not to devour the herbivs?? serious answer needed here.

    Mary Mary, whisper to me if ure a deep sleeper or u xperienc sleep walkin with no memory wen ure awake, cus im not buyin that immaculate conception bullcrap.

    Job, how did u survive recession, i need a printed manual, Nigerians will need it... plus, infact dont wry....

    Solomon, ure the guy with many wives right? the package u run tight die... chop knuckl!! But how u take satisfy them all?? pussy of this generation no be same oh, the mileage reading don change, blame it on the iTechs all over.. a pussy thats built like a toyota engine to go for 5miles, will navigate its way to 10miles by mere mentioning an iTech or iAlert without running dry, basically running on water!!!

    Most of all i need to see una oga, God... way too many questions for him!

    1. Mtcheew! Ur chair is even armless... Great grand pa!

    2. Second paragraph.....


  20. Abraham, David, mary, Adam and Elijah

  21. I have no business with Adam and Eve. I only want to sit with Elijah because as a prophet I need some info hehe, Solomon for I need me some of his wisdom. John the beloved because he has to explain to me what he actually wrote in the book of revelation. Jacob I need some clarification concerning the whole Exodus thing, I would have gone with moses on this one but he stammers so I need a good story teller. Of course our brother Paul,I want to know what that thorn in his flesh was.

  22. Stella, John the beloved is the brother of James(sons of Zebedee). He was the most loved of all the disciples.

    I would like Mary so she can teach me to be courageous. How she stood there and watched her son suffer and after crucified beats me cos I know our mothers of today could have died of heartbreak. Also, how she received the message from Angel Gabriel about the birth of Jesus even as just a child herself (she was 14) and went to accept it with faith.

    Solomon: to get those heavenly wisdom from him.

    Paul:to learn how he served Christ with such gusto. He never met Jesus but u would think he was one of the 12.

    Elijah: to explain how he FELT when he went to heaven without being dead. That must be scary.

    Deborah: so I can learn how to do it all as a woman. I will like to know how she combined being a wife, warrior, priestess and prophetess.

    Lastly, oga Jonah to tell me what it feels like to be in d belly of a fish for 4days.

    1. Mhiz.A really??? Paul never met Jesus?? Go read your Bible well okay???????????

    2. Actually, Paul never met Jesus in person.

  23. Abraham- because we are his descendants
    Solomon- For Wisdom

  24. Abraham for his selflessness

    Solomon for his wisdom

    Job the first man that survived recession of all ramifications, how he still had faith and hold on to God

    Paul for his great belief in salvation after being a persecutor for years.

    John the beloved that wrote the book of revelations, how he was able to keep calm after such great reveals.

    Then Mary for being so virtuous, holy and pure. And also how she managed to watched her first fruit suffer humiliation, pains and death; the pain she must have felt inside but she let God.

  25. Jacob: Because he's a man of uncommon resilience and patience. A go-getter. A never-say-never. A smart dude. After exchanging his bowl of pottage for his brother's birth right, he runs to a distant land where he does the biggest abracadabra known to humanity that made him richer in cattles than his host and endured fourteen years of labour for his preferred lady. On his way back to his father's house, he wrestles with an Angel and got his destiny altered for good.

    Deborah: Ever seen a lady warrior? Look toward Deborah's direction. A woman of immense courage. She rose to the challenge when 'liver fail man' leading the nation of Israel to defeat her enemy. Such a rare gem you can liken to Queen Amina of Nigeria (I hope I was modest enough in this comparison?)

    Paul: He is a 'total package' in the Christian walk. Once a staunch critic of the faith but eventually turned its staunchest beacon. An Apostle per excellence. He went to extreme lengths to expound the Gospel mostly at the expense of personal comfort. A character worthy of emulation by present day pastors who would rather not work but depend on parishioners for their's and their family's welfare. For Apostle Paul, his fingers fed his tummy. So great a preacher was he that a member of audience once fell off a window because he got entrapped by Paul's teaching, dozed off and fell from the window where he was seated.

    David: The man after God's own heart. The man who 'had license to sin' and plead his way out from deserved punishment from God. David held the keys to God's mercy store. One minute he does something really crazy and worthy of God's wrath, the next minute he's seen Harp in hand praising Him. Talk of bloodshed, adultery, contravening God's direct orders etcetera. A warrior by all standards. He led Israel to defeat their enemies thereby securing needed peace for his son, Solomon. No wonder he had the leisure of managing affairs with 1,000 women of all walks.

    Abraham: Father Abraham has many sons. Many sons have father Abraham. I am one of them. So are you. So let us praise the Lord. Right hand. Left hand....The father of faith he is. If you've wondered what the whole concept of faith is about or you need a character to mirror faith, look in the direction of Abraham. So faith-filled was Abraham that he was willing to slaughter his only begotten son because God asked him to. This is one man who left a country he knew and without compass, Google map or doubt headed to an unknown address just because God asked him to. Little wonder he's called "the friend of God". A reliable confidant to whom the creator was willing to disclose very personal stuffs. He's about the only Bible character known to have negotiated terms with God (Hezekiah did too).

  26. Give me Jesus and none else
    2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2

    in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col. 2:3

  27. I just have one question for Noah, why did he allow mosquito and snake to enter the ark?

    Abraham, he shld come and teach moi how to be rich.

  28. Anon 17:03, Yes, Paul never met Jesus. Paul was a persecutor of the church who only encountered Jesus as a lightning that struck him on his way to Damascus. Mind u, Jesus was already dead, buried and ascended into heaven by then. So O YES, st.Paul never met Jesus, he heard and read about him from the other apostles but he went on to spread the gospel as a result of the encounter he had.

    Maybe u are mistaking the fact that he worked with the 12 to mean that he was a part of them. Though his contribution is enormous in the church's development and went on a lot of missionary journeys.

    Don't thank me, V&V thanks sweety.

  29. I want just Adam and Eve 'cos I'll like to find out from them if it was the same apple we eat now that they ate then Abi it was gbensh they gbenshed like one church I know teaches

  30. nna i will go for Abraham ooo i need all the blessings he got then.Abraham's blessings fall on me

  31. 1. Abraham
    2. Moses
    3. David
    4. Elijah
    5. Peter

    They've all got flaws and made mistakes,yet still made it.
    Worth being in a room with them and learn a thing or 2.


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