Stella Dimoko Controversy Over OAU Undergraduate's Suicide


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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Controversy Over OAU Undergraduate's Suicide

The suicide of a 16-year-old student of Microbiology Department at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Miss Mercy Afolaranmi, has continued to generate ripples in the institution. 

Afolaranmi, who was in 100-level, reportedly took rat poison on Thursday because of her poor grade in a compulsory course in Chemistry.

Some students said she first withdrew from her close friends before she eventually took her life. One of the students, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Afolaranmi became sad when she saw that her grade was poor.
She first became distressed because she got an E in CHM 101 and eventually committed suicide.

But some students also said the female student did not kill herself because of the poor grade as being speculated by many of her colleagues. One of the students, who identified himself as Feyi, said the incident should be properly investigated to know why she killed herself; “if she indeed killed herself.”

One of the workers at the OAU Health Centre, who also declined to be named, said the girl was not brought to the centre because she lived in the town and not on campus. She said, “I am sure her death might have been prevented if she lived on campus because her colleagues would have seen her and discouraged her from killing herself.”

The Public Relations Officer of the OAU, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju, confirmed the incident. He, however, said the reason for the alleged suicide was not clear. We really don’t know what caused her death. There is this rumour that she committed suicide because of poor grade. She was a 100-level student. We don’t know what happened.

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  1. The Psycho Guy........1 November 2017 at 07:43

    Rest in peace to the dead but she dumb as a doorbell.

    1. She did not kill herself becos of any poor grade. And a grade E is not a failure anyway. Just below average.
      My suspicion is that she got pregnant and judging from her picture she looks like a deeper life kind of girl. So she must have been thinking she had brought everlasting shame to her and her family.
      And being new on campus she may have fallen prey to those roving boys.

  2. So why did she kill herself?
    They are all saying plenty things but yet saying nothing.

  3. RIP young girl, suicide is never the answer

  4. My goodness, another teenage

  5. May God show you Grace.
    Suicide is and should not be an option, NO Matter what.

    I pray for calm to every troubled soul out there.

  6. hmmmmm i pray the family bear the fortitude. It is bad to commit suicide. May God help all going through difficulties Amen

  7. CHM 102 for me was the devil.

    The education system in Nigeria isn't condusive for everyone.
    No counsellors, no warning of the hardship and marathon reading.
    Most students end up studying courses they despise and have to struggle everyday for 4-5years.

    The pressure to maintain good grades without understanding jack sets in.
    Some students resort to cramming because all the lecturers and parents want to hear is that you are passing your exams.
    Few even run mad and if not for the resilience of an average Nigerian, more suicide cases might be recorded in most Nigerian schools.

    Right from the day you write JAMB, you are under immense pressure to make good grades amidst Bad eggs amongst lecturers, hand outs no lectures, strikes and terrible study environment.
    Students face continual harassment from both lecturers and cultists. They write their exams while gun shots sound off.

    This is a description of the Average University,college of education and polytechnics. So why won't someone cave under pressure?

  8. No excuse to commit suicide. Her mates are writing jamb. Some don't have sponsors self. Teach your children that life is not always easy. No competition in life, the richest people in Naija don't have first class. If you fail try again and trust in God.

    1. Nice comment.1000likes!!!


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