Stella Dimoko Corruption Is A Crime Against Humanity?


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Corruption Is A Crime Against Humanity?

Corruption has killed more people than any other thing.......
Do you Agree?

This post needs intelligent minds to join in the discourse.......

Corruption has eaten so deep into Our society,so deep that most people see it as normal to steal public funds..


  1. Corruption has killed more people. You can imagine going to government hospitals where you will have to pay for everything including handgloves and the doctors or nurses treating you like gabbage.

    It is a crime against humanity. Our leaders at the top should be held responsible for this

  2. It is amenace that needs to be curbed fiercely, anyhow. So help us God

  3. Ndi be anyi siri na ife ojoo gbaa afo oburu omenani.

    Nigeria enwero ndili. Bido na onye isi ruo na onye odu di corrupt.

    Ya bu ife bu oya enweghi ngwota na ala anyi bu Nigeria.

    Ogwu ka oha mu na onu.

  4. Nigerians loves corruption, they are so neck dipped in it and corruption shall continually deal with them

  5. Corruption is not a person.
    Corrupt politrictians and public officers kill
    Their loot is blood money and and the blood of innocents dead
    will forever follow their family.

  6. Corruption sleeps and wakes with us. A lot of people have a wrong notion about what corruption is. Some believe it applies to political office holders ONLY or it is all about financial aggrandisement; but it goes far beyond that. It occurs in virtually every facet of our lives and in different forms. It has eaten so deep that it is our way of life...our culture...our "NEW NORMAL".
    I've heard of and seen big companies go down as a result of corrupt practices perpetrated by people entrusted with managing it. Some tag it "Playing Smart- you cannot rely on your salary alone so when such opportunities come, you take it"; perhaps unaware of the grave consequences of their actions on the growth of such company.
    Our security agencies especially the Police, is Corruption personified. That's one of the reasons they ranked the worst globally.
    Our politicians??? Zero Integrity!!! The main reason they get into office is self enrichment.
    To curb this, we need institutions. There is need to establish Systems that independently address all of this issues.

  7. I agree totally that corruption is a crime against humanity. Nigeria is so morally bankrupt that it has become a norm. You're termed a 'spoiler' if you do not want to indulge in it.
    It is preeminent in all the sectors both private and public. You talk to the young ones these days and what is on their mind is how to be in top positions to steal. When you give a case against corruption you're termed a novice and told it's because you're not opportune yet.
    If only we can have the right mindset, I believe corruption if not completely eliminated will be reduced to its barest minimum.

  8. Corruption has eaten really deep into our system and will need a lot of effort to sanitize or rid our society of it. Talk of from classroom to office, to the home, it is there.
    The one that annoys me most is if you have things doing in the ministries (I am into properties and we at times go there to help clients with title documents). It is so frustrating that after paying official fees, every table tour document will pass through, you have one or two people to settle. The annoying part is that they will charge you (not you giving them thank you gift oo) if you no pay, your file either goes missing or will be going back and forth with query upon query. To think that they also sit down discussing how corrupt politicians are as if they are saints.
    I almost told one of them that if you too get there you will do worse if you can do this at your level now. I just kept quiet because if I try am, file don lost be that.

  9. Alternative Facts14 November 2017 at 17:15

    Corruption has destroyed our society. We've not been able to fix electricity and as it appears, there doesn't seem to be any hope. Every facet of our national life has been affected. Infrastructural development, health, education, widespread poverty, food security, etc. And there doesn't seem to ne a comprehensive development plan in this country. It's like motion without movement. Our society has been built on a faulty foundation, and that's where the solution lies. We do not seem to have the will to effect the required changes so we keep moving without any meaningful progress being made.


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