Stella Dimoko Emergency Room Series: Diabolic Powers?


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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Emergency Room Series: Diabolic Powers?

Science gives little or no regard for religious and spiritual beliefs. we aren't trained to believe in such things. Due to our level of spirituality in this part of the world a medical personnel can only suggest a patient prays if the individual is worried about the state of health.

Nevertheless, in the ER, we've seen some strangely exceptional cases that makes us not only believe in God but also in the existence of the devil or demons. I've seen bad cases such as severe head injuries, acid burns, accident victims and cardiac arrests patients respond to treatment very fast or in a way medicine can't even explain. I've seen people come out of car accidents without a scratch while others in the same vehicle are severely burnt. It makes us question a lot of things. Some call it luck, some call it grace or favour.

I'll like to share the case of a man that was brought to the ER sometime ago. He was brought to the ER terribly bleeding from his mouth. He was accompanied by his wife and a relative that morning.

 They claimed he was discharged from a nearby hospital where he was treated for a minor infection. They said about half an hour ago, they were walking home because they couldn't get a cab due to the environmental sanitation curfew when he suddenly fell down and hit his jaw on the concrete slab on the road. He cut his tongue in a very strange manner

In the ER, we quickly placed him on a bed and checked his vitals. His bp was low and his pulse was rapid. We put him on IV fluids and took his blood to check his blood level and well as for other tests. The doctor on call tried to assess the site of bleeding and what he saw was shocking. At first the doctor couldn't see the source of bleeding, there was so much blood everywhere, and the doctor kept cleaning with quaze.

When we finally saw it, it was in a corner of his tongue that was almost impossible to reach. There were two other minor cuts on the tongue and one the tip. The doctor wondered how a fall could cause so much damage. The patient was very conscious and there were no signs of head injury or cuts in any other part of the body but the tongue.

We tried to stop the bleeding, we used every method possible we could lay our hands on; Ice packs, gauze, pressure, adrenaline packs, you name it yet it didn't stop. The major bleeding was in the corner of the tongue we couldn't reach. We tried using artery force but he kept bleeding. We asked his wife if he was using aspirin or any drugs that could hinder his blood from clotting, she said no. His blood level test came back to be below 25% against the normal 35%-44% for a man. 

He was still bleeding so we knew he could go into shock and we had to act fast. He was getting weak. We had no option than to call the dental surgeon to stitch the tongue cut, that was our last option.
Due to the sanitation curfew, the surgeon didn't arrive till 50mins after he was called. Meanwhile, we kept packing with adrenaline gauze but the gauze got soaked in less than 2minute. To be honest, the entire team was dazed because adrenaline is perfect to stop bleeding.

 We checked his blood genotype and group so we could transfuse him and replace the blood lost but the result made us believe more that there was a higher force behind his ordeal. His blood group and genotype were extremely rare. We didn't even have his blood type at the hospital. We had to send the hospital ambulance to get the blood from another blood bank.

When the surgeon arrived, the surgeon spent a lot of time trying to stitch the bleeding site tightly and had to stand, stretch, twist and bend in various positions that I found funny. We managed to stitch the wound, and we moved him to the ward after a few hours. We thought it was over until we heard that the stitches loosed and the bleeding started all over again. We had no choice than to refer him to an higher medical institution. I watched as the hospital ambulance transported him. His wife looked really sad.

The case was the talk of the department for the rest of the week, we wondered how he cut his tongue that bad without breaking his jaw and how the bleeding refused to stop and how his blood type was the rarest and how on earth the stitches loosed itself. 

Indeed there are dark forces beyond us that sometimes want to act against God's desire for our lives. It is our duty to fight against them whichever way we believe in. So many things are happening that are unexplainable.. If only some of you would just go to the hospital, you would be more thankful for life. 

A lot of people are on oxygen, some are using breathing tubes and I have a patient who is on a ventilator machine because the person can't breathe without it, imagine what will happen if it goes off. Some can't afford a meal. We have to be thankful for life, obedient to God, kind to others and fight these evil forces away with prayers. I believe life isn't all about getting money and climbing the social ladder or getting famous. May God keep us all


  1. This was scary. For we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places.

  2. Oh my...may God fight his battles and heal him...
    Last apt!!nothing in life!!!

  3. Eeh yah!, his village people were after him. I hope he survived it sha

  4. May God keep us all and in peace. Amen

  5. Lord, I am super grateful for life. I am sorry for doubting your love and perfect plans for me.

  6. As I'm reading this, I'm sat facing my client. I'm an HCA. Just for a slight correction to the eye, nobody know how the eye surgeon ended up getting to the spinal cord. for 16 years now, this guy has not had any expression to his face, a young man. He can only blink to day yes or no. cannot move a finger unless He has a spasm. Attached to a ventilator for the rest of his life. I never knew how to appreciate God until I began to work with spinal cord patients. There is a God and there are other forces. But God above all.

  7. Obviously his blood was not clotting. None of you thought to give him medication to clot the blood. What a super story and a hospital filled with Quacks if the story is real. Stella watch yourself o. What kind of fake stories are these.

    1. Don't be jumping to conclusion. I'm a doctor and you don't just give clotting medications like that. What if he develops thromboembolism or worse especially when the patient is not ambulating. Clotting medications are given rarely and with extreme caution. The tongue is a highly vascularized organ so its expected to bleed more. The writer is only trying to state that the case wasnt responding as they expected despite all they did. The word diabolic is just an English word for evil or bad and I think the writer used it because things didn't go as they planned. Simple. If you still dont understand, a tab of diazepam will do. Haba.

    2. Ha! Doc, u funny o. Diazepam only, what about a cocktail. Don't mind d ignorant. He wanted to prove what he knows nothing about. Clotting drug ko.

  8. It is not a case of village people.
    We do not know his premorbid blood level before e his fall. Secondly he might have injured a big blood vessel inside his tongue hence the continous bleesing

  9. #Slow progress is better than no progress*

  10. Thank you Lord
    Am grateful for life.

  11. Wrong reference range for PCV in males ma. Please recheck

  12. He had a seizure and cut his tongue badly not any diabolic powers. It has happened to me before, I cut my lips and tongue, my lips had to be stitched

  13. So you didn't see anything in the entire story to learn from but to correct pcv ba? Correct it for us pls Sir!

  14. No mind them, ITKS.



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