Stella Dimoko Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Bisola and Yvonne


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Friday, November 17, 2017

Favourite Celebrity Instagram Photos- Bisola and Yvonne

According to one Celeb,there are social media Christians....True?..TRUE!!!


  1. Tope alabi looking so fresh ma'am.

  2. Kai this moyo pic resemble witch wey don high after celebrating a successful operation.
    Yvonne trying so sad so hard to pretend like nothing dey happen but dip done shame dey catch u..nice pic BTW.
    Tope Alabi..I love u maami and congrats on ur anniversary. Ur hubby na fine bobo and looks younger. Na Una suppose dey give advice on marriage not dis ones dat spent jst few months.
    omoni..fine woman fine throw back.
    Bisola my Bisola..nothing do u!

  3. This last pic na him be real throw back..see as all of them be.Back in days wey all babes rock same type of weavons not now that Brazilian ti take over.Those days dat weavons don't define slayness but now if u be babe and don't own a Brazilian wig then u never start.

  4. Hahahahahaha see their TBT pics. Money is good oh!

    Emeka Ike looks like the secretary to the Nigerian Labor Congress in that outfit.
    Genny looks like all those serious students that only came to study, while Uche seems like a bad influence.
    Is that Ramsey drinking a bottle of coke beside Genny? Why is he looking like a conductor for Young shall grow motors.

    Bisola looks good with the Fro, I remember when the little black jacket was trending. If you didn’t own one back then, you haven’t arrived.

    Omoni Oboli- first of her name, queen of IG likes, Marriage counselor, relationship advisor, friend to everyone, everywhere you go ambassador.

    HWA Tope Alabi, I don’t know her though….she needs a MUA to fix her brows, they could use some fleshing at the slope.

    Well, you were not married then Yvonne, nothing personal.

    This Moyo is fast becoming a universal Ubi Franklin, she just has to post a pic with a caption that would get people talking. This picture needs to be burned and the ashes locked up for eternity.

  5. Busola looks like branama crooner here(keffee)of blessed memories.

    1. So so true,may she rip

  6. Yvonee is beautiful with that flawless skin, but how do people feel so comfortable showing 'plenty skin.The highest I have gone is showing my tummy(because it's flat, and I wanna flaunt it) seeing those pictures on my phone just makes me sad like who the hell were you tryna please?

  7. Moyo, your beauty lies in the eye of the Peacock...

  8. True True
    Na masquerade Moyo you show us this early
    "pikins" go cry if them see this one

  9. Moyo na real tolotolo

    1. You people are hilarious on this blog!😅

  10. omg, d last pic. See how young and innocent theywere

  11. Had to check Stella's battery life

  12. What is wrong with this Moyo? She looks horrible! Willie willie!
    Yvnnone take correction and stop throwing shade jare, Cover yourself you area married woman....
    Nonso have always been a cutie... I love!
    Beautiful people ( NOT MOYO) ....

    1. The "not Moyo" part really cracked me

  13. All I see is Tope Alabi & hubby. Happy anniversary ma'am.


    ha!! moyo is done for!! looks scary..wth?!.

    Bisooolllaaaaaaaarrrrrrr....go gurl

  14. That love boat movie was terrible.
    It scarred me for life.
    Vowed not to watch any Nonso Diobi movie again.

  15. Love boat was so scary. It should be the scariest nollywood movie I ever watched. I couldn't sleep well for days, was always sharing bed with my siblings.
    Chai, primary skl brain.

  16. I remembered this love boat movie, Kai so scary. I no finish am lol


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