Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 90


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Sunday, November 05, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 90

Wahala dey!!!

A Nigerian Lady In London has become a thorn in the flesh of a Ghanaian Lady who happens to be the wife of her ex.....

The Ghanaian woman is married to a popular NIGERIAN photographer in London, and she says that his ex girlfriend, a young Nigerian, won't allow her enjoy her marriage.


According to the complainant, she met and married her husband years ago and they were recently blessed with a child. This unassuming Ghanaian lady is the quiet and very respectable type. But all of a sudden, her husband's past is beginning to haunt their marriage.

Na So na!

The story goes that the young successful photographer used to be in a casual relationship with a plus sized 24 year old lady, whose name can be scarcely found in the bible. We were hinted that as with other relationships, theirs came to an abrupt end and the guy decided to move on with his life.Then he met and married his Ghanaian wife.. but didn't know that his ex was not happy about it.

Now, ever since he married, this lonely ex has made it a point of duty to stalk him all over London and even on social media. The ex from hell is now taking undue advantage of the difference in culture to Bully the Ghanaian, saying that the photographer husband will soon dump his wife and come back to her.

If I hear!

The distressed wife said that her Nigerian Friends have been of tremendous help so far, as they've been keeping her abreast of all the social media shenanigans that this ex of her husband is causing her home. She doesn't know what to do because her husband has also tried to stop her from retaliating...

*The question tatafo asked is that, how is the wife sure that her husband is no longer seeing his ex?*

The answer with proof was sent and it was confirmed by the ex herself through private messages and voice notes that she is expecting the guy to come back to her by fire by force.

Also, Proof of how the ex recently took to her Facebook to declare her undying love for the married guy was also shown to tatafo. She sounded obsessed with the guy and it doesn't seem normal anymore.

The Ghanaian wife is helpless because this ex has recruited other bullies on social media to torment her. A reliable source reveals that the ex and her group of friends go after married men and torment their wives in London.

London women una hear?

The ex even claimed that the photographer confessed to her that he only married his wife because of papers and money, and would soon leave her. 

The statement was debunked as a lie from the pit of hell.

This photographer loves his wife and home and he has displayed that constantly. But the stubborn ex is a thorn in their flesh.

How can someone so young spend all her time on someone who has moved on with his life?I wonder!!

Another intriguing story is loading.....

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  1. obsession is a very big time virus,best to let go .same way it happened in a movie i once watched but it was the other way round the starker was a man not a woman.

  2. #Sometimes "sorry" doesn't fix a broken heart*

  3. Naomi olanrewaju anuoluwapo, please leave oluwaseun photos alone. Let him enjoy his marriage. You are very beautiful and young(only 24yrs). Men will come your way. Try to lose weight and package yourself well and change your friends you will see how men will come. Oluwaseun photos isn't even a fine guy sef

    1. Which Naomi is beautiful? The girl is Damn ugly n shapeless sorry. Her face is something else. Couldn't believe she's 24. She looks 65. Abeg she needs to go work on her self. Den I agree she should leave seun alone. She's too fucking desperate man. Wat is it sef. Seun is too fine n clean for her. Goan marry ur kind Naomi. And continue wiv wasting urlife on d internet looking for cheap fame. Buh Stella how did u Hia dis gist now now?

    2. She's slow in d brain thou. Is she in skool at all? Sorry but I feel she's medically challenged. Naomi get a life

  4. God deliver us from manipulators!

  5. Nice one. More on this loading. I dey come.


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