Stella Dimoko Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reportedly Gifted A Private Jet By Members Of His Church..


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reportedly Gifted A Private Jet By Members Of His Church..

Pastor Christ Oyakhilome was reportedly gifted a jet aircraft by some members of his church's Music and Art group during the Loveworld International Music Award which took place on Sunday night...

One of his members took to Facebook to share the news....


  1. Mbok! What kind of hustling or labour produces money to buy a private jet?

    1. @Miss Ess..why, just why do u sound like this?
      Prosering musicians pooled money to gift a man who sponsored them and brought the shine in them...mehn! U too much oo

  2. Congrats Pastor.

    Oya daddy freeze NTOOOOR. Oya come and cry again.

    See the people he made popular, what can you say

    1. Proudly Anonymous20 November 2017 at 12:32


    2. What are saying that seems to be making sense to you....50 of these artists cannot afford a PJ. A second hand PJ would go for about N3billion. You guys should sit and think sometimes

  3. Proudly Anonymous20 November 2017 at 12:18

    Won tun ti de o.
    "Gifted to him by members",just to avoid the backlash from the anti-tithe movement.
    Oga,buy all the private jet your money can afford,you owe no one any apologies.
    No wonder they kicked against the corporate governance reforms for churches.

  4. Believers love world is so blessed to have that department. When the 'Best Songs of 2015' album came out, I couldn't stop playing and I still haven't, so captivating, so inspiring, so spirit filled. Pastor Chris has done a good job in pushing out Gospel music in Nigeria and Africa, I'm impressed.
    Best Artistes should be
    The Rap Nation (i love Hip-hop and RnB)
    Eli J
    Isreal Strong
    Joe Praise
    If they really got him that, then CONGRatulations Sir!

    1. To prove Pastor Chris wrong that private Jet money came from other source and not from musicians produced by the ministry Loveworld Music and Art group as reported.

      Average Nigeria Pastor Private Jet Gulf Stream G550 = $61m


      $61,000 000 X N360 = N21,900,000,000b = N21.9b

      30 Artist PROFIT for 10years is N16,200,000,000b = N16b.

      That is if the 25 Artist + extra 5 not listed of Loveworld Music and Art group performs in events, shows + sell record every week for 10 years and generate profit with out spending it and donate all the 10years profit to buy a private jet, there will not be able to raise the money used to buy the jet.

      Please not renowned African Best artist like Wiz kid, Davido Tu face does not make N1,000,000 PROFIT weekly for 1year with out spending from it.


      If 25 artist listed in his ministry publication + extra 5 artist not listed = 30 Artist

      Each week 1 artist generate PROFIT of N1,000,000 X 54 weeks or 1year = N54,000,000

      1 Artist PROFIT = 1year = N54,000,000 = N54m

      30 Artist profit =1year = 30 Artist X N54,000,000 = N1,620,000,000 (N1.6b)

      30 Artist profit X 10years = N16, 200,000,000 (N16b)

      30 Artist Profit for 10years = N16b while Private Jet = N21b.

      Pastor Chris source of Private Jet Source = False.

    2. Anon 01:42 waste of time..he has the PJ pick the pieces of your life and move on..

  5. Yinmu...
    I'm sure he bought it for himself so people won't finish him like they are doing to Oyedepo!...
    They would have said Christ Embassy bought a private jet for their GO!!...
    Oriegwu oh!..

    1. No, he did not buy it himself.

  6. Some of dem never chop oh

  7. Go and deceive your gullible followers but you can never deceive spirit. The "person" that gifted him a private jet, has he finished buying for himself?
    Pastor Chris, just say you bought a jet with churches money, no need to lie to your congregation because they do not really care.

  8. Story!story!story!!! What kind of work are they doing?

  9. Tomorrow they will say it's from the tithe that he bought it.

  10. 🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️

  11. Who is fooling who......private jet don turn Toyota Camry wey dem dey buy overnight .

  12. Only in Naija!
    People moving around with uber, buying private jet for pastor. E pele o

  13. They will tell you he has paid his dues, or this is what happens when you are dedicated to the things of the spirit.

  14. All these churches are bunch of business center. I'm sure he bought the private himself

  15. When he gave awards with cash gifts to artistes of different categories of $100k, $50k, $25k to some of these same artistes, them gifting him a private jet is such a small thing to say the least.
    Sinach, Eben, Frank Edwards, Joe Praize, Ada, etc don't have that kind of money? Lol
    Well, I was there and it was such an amazing time.

    1. You know none of these people you just mentioned has a net worth of 1billion naira! Sinach is The only megastar of all of them ! We are not talking about Kirk Franklin, Cele Winans etc, I doubt if they can even afford to buy private jets for themselves.Please my brother use your brain abeg

  16. the observers will soon come and type trash.

  17. He should emulate Pope...

  18. The haters will keep hating, the giver will keep giving, the men of God will keep moving forward and the wailing waiters will keep wailing


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