Stella Dimoko How To Comport Yourself As A Newbie In The Workplace


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Monday, November 20, 2017

How To Comport Yourself As A Newbie In The Workplace

Did you just get a Job?This post is definitely for you!!!

Hello everyone.
So, as much as many of us are looking for employment opportunities; some of us who have gotten employed might need to understand how to conduct ourselves on the job, in our new environment with new people.

I will try to keep this simple summarized.

1. Read the employee handbook

In an actual organization, you should be given a soft or hard copy of the employee handbook to read. This ensures you know the rules and regulations of your new organization. I know employee handbooks can be quite boring, but please read to the end. Ensure you ask the HR department about anything that you don't understand. If you are supposed to sign any document, stating that you have read and understood everything therein, please don't sign until you have read it through. Also, dont delay for more than one week. You want to come across as assertive right? Gbam!

2. Speak less, listen more

Hey! You're the newbie. Everyone will want to speak to you, with you and of you. They will ask the meaning of your name, what you studied, what university, previous work experience, if you like tea or coffee, your commute to work, etc. Please, keep all answer direct and don't digress. No need giving your life history until you are sure of your workplace. Ensure they answer the questions they're asking you. That should reduce the probing and help you get to know them, as well as they know you.

Oldie: hello what's your name?
Newbie: Susan Paul. Yours?
Oldie: Jane Doe.
Newbie: oh, nice to meet you, Jane
Oldie: Where do you live?
Newbie: Ikeja, you?
Oldie: Surulere
Newbie: oh. Okay, thats nice.
Oldie: Tea or coffee
Newbie: Tea. What do you drink?
Oldie: coffee.
See the trend? Answer and ask them back. 

3. Don't join any cliques

After a few days, you might observe that there's a group of people who do stuff together. Go to lunch together, ride home together, share 'coded' information. Now, the initial reaction would be to get inquisitive or irritated. Do neither. You're the newbie, just observe. Don't push it, soon the reason would be evident.

4. Don't get involved in side talks/comments.

I once got employed into a company. And on my first day at work; employees were complaining about not getting a raise along with their promotion letters. Some said they were owed salaries, etc. The usual reaction would be to join them and start probing about the organisation right? Don't. Yes, you take all they are saying in. But you don't know why they have issues with the company. Who knows? They are probably not productive and are at the verge of being laid off. Maybe you were hired to undertstudy and take the place of someone who is complaining; then you join them and start complaining?? And you begin to show lackadaisical attitude towards your job based on hear-say?? Please don't. Be it a difficult boss, weak-link team member, unethical policies or stressful Job description. However, use the information to decide how you want to work for the period you are there.

With time, you will pick your friends at work (if you wish), the people you work better with and the ones who are out to make you lose your job if they can. Just give it time.

5. Don't forget that there is performance review.Many-a-times, we get excited on the job, new friends, monthly paycheck, after-work hangouts. But don't forget that there is a periodical performance review and most of the oldies are more competitive than you think. While you play at work, they are meeting their deadlines. Find out your most productive time of the day. For some its morning, others midday, some people are even nocturnal. But try and put in your best in those 'hot' hours, so that your job doesnt suffer at all.

6. Keep office business within the office. 

When you get a bit comfortable, if you choose to hangout with colleagues, try not to speak about work-related conflicts. Especially when you're having alcohol. It's a known secret to get colleagues drunk and have them say what they ought not to. Please don't be that colleague. Be the one who people feel uncomfortable having office gossip with. This would keep you out of trouble with your superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Whatever you wanna discuss with anyone, discuss it directly or via official communication channels.

7. Keep invoices and receipts and records.

If you handle cash - pretty or bulk, this is important. Account for every dime the office gives you.

 Dont let the devil use you

Feel free to share your newbie experiences, lessons you learnt and what else newbies can do in the work place; pending when they get comfortable.



  1. hahahahaha chikito that is nice.

    Dont go from one table to another table gossiping. Dont open SDK blog or else they will know you are a beevee.

    Check your JD well to know that is what you are about to do and also get your EPE ready for assessment.

  2. ok noted, good thing i dont need this i work for my sef, i am my own boss

  3. Nice one Chikito!! honourable CEO ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

  4. Thank you Chikito for this. You are very wise and I'm impressed. that part about clique is so true. its better to wait it out instead of rushing to join one. These tips are really great. SDK's love child.

  5. So so on point. Make I bookmark am.

    ChikiChiki....your head dey there. Thanksabunch

  6. Bvs are spirit ohh!There is a saying that any where you go and you don't see a BV please leave the place asap its not safe..Lol

    Naso I opened SDK blog last Friday to read the blog during lunch break in my new abode, naso a colleague(Lady)walked up to me and whispered Sexy daddy oha man.. I was shocked.. Lol.We are now best of friends though. She is an anno.Bv. She is helping me with soft landing rules in my new office.

  7. Thanks for sharing Chikito, ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  8. Nice piece......aptly written.

  9. And you here day and night like a chimney. Here I'm baby ๐ŸŽถPractice what you preached๐Ÿ”Š

  10. Come in on time. Others might come late but come on time

  11. Chikito,help me nau. I need a job please.

  12. Thanks chickito,I am saving this

  13. Nice one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great tips.there is need to do away with your phone too especially frequenting Facebook,IG,SDK etc

  15. Nice one Chiki dear.

    Punctuality is so cool, make it a habit to the extent that if you're late due to some circumstances beyond your control, your boss will understand. Never feel comfortable being late, detest it.

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