Stella Dimoko Russia And Nigeria Clinch Nuclear Power Deal


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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Russia And Nigeria Clinch Nuclear Power Deal


  1. Replies
    1. How will Russia be able to provide 20 billion Dollars?
      Why no plant in the North; toxic waste?

    2. May God punish Buhari. Why not build that nonsense in the north. Na now he remember the South and Midwest. Evil demon.

  2. The Psycho Guy........1 November 2017 at 07:46

    I hope the Russians act Russian (Hollywood perception) if our people try to hamper the move.

  3. Old and risky technology.
    Start something smart like wind, solar etc.

  4. Very risky, Nigeria does not have maintenance culture, we can't even maintain our refinery's is it nuclear power plants that we can manage? Any way no wahalla , we are all in it together if them chop the maintenance money , na every body including the politicians go die be that.

  5. Hah! Can we control a nuclear disaster? If it happens

  6. Remember Chernobyl and Fukushima

  7. I don't trust Russia. Shey na them build Ajaokuta steel? Once bitten...
    As someone suggested 👆, start with wind and/or solar.

  8. Nuclear fusion reactors used to generate electricity are no longer in demand because of the vast potential of renewable energies and many other sources of cheaper and inexpensive energies. That's why most countries in Europe, i.e Germany and the rest, have greatly reduced their nuclear powered electricity and started making use of wind, natural gas, solar and even geothermal. We as country should not focus on this nuclear powered electricity as we have not fully explored other cheaper sources of electricity that are far cheaper to maintain. We have big sources of solar energy in the North and it's even far cheaper to build a solar farm than hydroelectric with same capacity. My only advice is let's not waste our limited fund on nuclear technology as it's very expensive and demands a whole lot in the areas of maintenance and disposal of waste. We should rather make use of alternative cheaper sources that are within our expertise.

    1. Well said, hope they will listen


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