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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Senator Dino Melaye's Rant

Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye is upset at people wanting to probe the source of wealth of individuals who make money. He also wondered why people don't also investigate the source of poverty ....
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  2. Replies
    1. Why won't you concur. If your wealth is genuine then you should not fear any prying eyes.

  3. Don't worry Zimbabwians woke up from their slumber after 38yrs ..Nigerians will do the same soon... see a sitting senator encouraging corruption and thievery, If you're an American politician, can u dare say this rubbish! We know you all are thieves...God is watching you..SMH

  4. The fact that he asked a somewhat "reasonable" question does not make his source of wealth ethical or unethical. It just distracts from the fact that he is living a lifestyle which cannot be explained from what is known about him publicly, beyond spending government money!

    What we are saying is simple, if you are in public office and showing off so much wealth - that cannot be explained (abi, if Dangote shows off in public office, will anyone ask where he got money from), then it is wise for us to confirm the source. So, we can be sure the money he is flashing is not stolen from the office he is supposed to be representing.

    So, it is important to know what his source is. What business does he own or job does he do to account for his extravagant lifestyle? We don't need specific figures sef, we can run estimate. Abi, if a teacher in a government school is living like he works for Shell, won't you wonder about the same thing. If the teacher answers, "but I am a book author and two of my books are in the current list of recommended books for secondary schools", won't that just settle things without giving further detail?

    If he has nothing to hide, then stating his source is not hard. Simply answering, I made money before I became a teacher doesn't answer the question either. The key is, made money doing what, because selling garri in a stall in a market or exporting garri to the USA will place you in different income brackets?


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