Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi Petitioned By His Accuser +His Response


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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Petitioned By His Accuser +His Response

The Lady Who Called Out Actor Yomi Fabiyi for harassment,intimidation and threat to life has Petitioned Him at Lagos State Ministry Of Women Affairs...

Yomi Fabiyi's response


  1. It is well oo..if this isn't true may God vindicate you.

  2. I have seen enough lies and deceit to make me not believe Mr Yomi,I still have recorded phone calls of a priest asking my younger sister out.

    1. Do other priests a favour and release the Conversation on social media so the others can learn. The Archbishop has warned them that they are completely on their own if any scandal breaks out... He has had enough of the embarrassment from priests... It is not by force to join the priesthood!

  3. Na wa o. This is getting serious.

  4. Na dem sabi even though I believe d woman more. The Yomi guy is just doing all this gra gra to save his lying ass. Duuuh!*talk to d hand*

  5. When you talk too much, this is what happens. Actor, see where your 20k offer has landed you. The arrester has been ArrestedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But the truth is,this sexual harassment something is REAL! In different fields of career...women face a lot of harassment and threats...I support her,I believe her and I pray he gets whatever he deserves!!!!πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  6. Yomi Fabiyi is a liar. He is just fighting to save face. A nuisance and a hopeless truant.

  7. the woman is obviously telling the truth but trust Nigeria where evil men like the Yomi guy get away with molesting women

  8. I ask what has she to gain deliberately going all the way out to tarnish his image?
    I think Yomi is fighting back because if it's true there's a big possibility that there's nothing to prove her right. It happened years ago, She probably has nothing to support her story other than "words of mouth " & he knows that. She better have a good lawyer and deep pockets if not she may end up burnt and he goes scot-free.

  9. This is the height of stupidity, hope she has evidences to back her claims in court.....xos I dont believe her, you just wake up one night to make a case for what "supoosedly" happened 8/9yrs ago...the guy should sue her ass and teach these oloshos around what the justice system is really about and how it works....


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