Stella Dimoko Serial Thief Caught With Master Keys And Beaten To A Pulp...


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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Serial Thief Caught With Master Keys And Beaten To A Pulp...

A woman was caught with various bunches of keys in Edo state which she allegedly used to steal from people’s apartments. The woman couldn’t  reveal how she got the keys but reportedly confessed to stealing from unsuspecting victims because she could access any apartment with the keys ....

She was caught in the line of duty and beaten blue black by angry residents who tore off her shirt and paraded her in public with her 'work' tools....



  1. Aaha! Bloody thief. This one can kidnap and kill sef.

  2. How does she know which key to use at a particular time coz they are so many. If she had succeeded she would have gone to one fine restaurant and ordered one plate of oha soup, cowleg and fufu. Smh.

  3. Lol....what a man can do...she obviously did better.😊

  4. Ooo Chim, that things are hard doesn't mean we should resort to stealing. Moreover, this isn't a spur of the movement action, she has clone keys, meaning it's being her line of work. God help and save us from these kind of embarrassment. With all her ripped jeans she be thief.

    Trust Naija people will always naked them, she had luck only her top was shredded.

    I can't still get over video I watched in 2011 of this very fine lady that was caught in Emeka Offor main MKT Onitsha stealing BB phone. With all her poshness, long Brazilian hair, chai. I pitied the lady cos what those guys did to her in that video. Anybody that is Anambra or has been to main Market knows how that Emeka Offor plaza is. They kept gripping her bums n boobs. At a time they carried her up, opened her legs wide and was pushing the phone inside her vjay. I had to stop there cos I almost threw up. Biko, Naija ladies make those that are used to stealing, tapping, pilfering, etc etc.stop am ooo cos d embarrassment isn't here.

    One of the things that will chase our suitors from one's family in village is if anyone is known to be stealing or has gone mad/ still raving mad. It puts people off. It doesn't pay to steal.

    Good morning Beevees.

    1. I watched one video like that. But one cool guy later came and 'saved' her from further beating.

  5. Bloody thief. , kill them all. Burn her alive. I don't pity them anymore

    1. Really? For your mouth?

    2. Haaah Nnuku!!! Bcos of BB phone?

  6. This is pass thief ooo see plenty keys..


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