Stella Dimoko Stranded Rivers State Students Confronts Wike in London Over Scholarship Withdrawal


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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Stranded Rivers State Students Confronts Wike in London Over Scholarship Withdrawal

Gov. Wike read the riot act to some Rivers state students who are studying in the UK and are stranded because their Scholarships have been cancelled....

The students trailed Nyesom Wike, governor of the state, who had rounded off a speech inside the building, demanding explanation over the cancellation of their bursary scheme.

Obviously angry over their action, Wike said: “You think if you do this you will win anybody over? I have passed this stage. By the time you do this, you won’t get what you want.”

A supporter of the governor tried to pacify one of the students but Wike interjected, saying: “Leave him, he is too rude.”

A male voice in the crowd was heard telling the governor to put them through because they “are young people”.

After pausing for a while, Wike said: “Put those placards down!”

Last month, the UK Telegraph reported that more than 100 Nigerian students face deportation because their funding had been withdrawn by the government.

The newspaper did not disclose the particular government but said the decision to withdraw the funding without their knowledge left some students saddled with debts of up to £20,000.

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  2. Is it not Amaechi that gave them the scholarship?...They should go and hold him and leave Wike alone!..
    They should be begging Wike to change his mind instead of this rubbish display...
    Well,Uniport dey,they should come back home!...

    1. You are very foolish. Do you know him young some of these kids are. Why send to London and withdraw funding. That's irresponsible.

    2. Rubbish talk from you as usual. They are Rivers state indigenes and have a right to be trained with the state's resources.
      Is it Wike's personal money that he wants to act as of he is spending his family's private wealth.

  3. hahahahaha the Queen, it seems you get politics today

  4. A friend was part of this,his back to rivers state to start all over again.this is very painful

  5. Foolish people, Nigerians love to beg mehnnn so shameful.
    Instead of them to be humble, they stand there talking rubbish demanding their rights.
    Stupidity in the highest form, at least he even acknowledged them.

  6. Wike is a twat.
    Why should they beg him? Is it his personal money?
    Govt is a continuum. You cannot just ask folks who have not committed any crime to just beg for a journey they were sent by the previous govt.
    All he does is build roads in PH. Is that one the grammar he went to speak in Chatam House? The govt has no transparency nor visible plan. I am sure after he is gone we will also hear how he stole the state blind.

  7. Humility will take you far. Pride and insults will give you nothing oya let the APC that sponsored the insults pay you guys na.
    Una suppose kneel down, that na African style.

  8. When they come back and join thugs....half of Nigeria is feeding off their state oil. We promised their children education abroad and can't deliver. See them here begging for accommodation and food.


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