Stella Dimoko Actress Fathia Williams Speaks On Her Crashed Marriage With Actor Saidi Balogun And How It Affected Her...


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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Actress Fathia Williams Speaks On Her Crashed Marriage With Actor Saidi Balogun And How It Affected Her...

Actress, Fathia Williams formerly known as Faithia Balogun recently dropped her ex-spouse' name from all her social media handles. 

 In an exclusive interview with BroadwayTV, Fathia Balogun, the mother of two shared that her biggest down in life was when her marriage crashed. 

On What has been her biggest down, the actress disclosed she has gone through a lot of 'downs'. According to her, the biggest one that threw her off her faith was when her marriage crashed.

It takes two to tango, your marriage to Mr Balogun was said to be your second marriage, what went wrong?

Well everything in life is about luck. When I was growing up, the first thing that would come to my mind was to have a very glamorous wedding, my husband, with everything, have two kids and everything. You have plans for the future, but when you go into the first one and it didn't work and you went into the second one it didn't work, that means marriage luck is not on your side. So I think I am one of those ones that marriage luck is not by their side.

Whose fault is that the marriage packed up?

I don't want to fault anybody, because I have my own fault and they have their own fault. But I think for my own fault, I adjusted myself, I adjusted my lifestyle. I adjusted everything around me. So I want to say maybe some other time I will be lucky.

Are you officially divorced?

Well, we are not officially divorced because the case is still in court. So since we are not divorced by the court, we are not officially divorced.

There's been rumours that you two are back together, is that true?

We are friends. I have two kids for him, so obviously once in a while we say hello or say something. We are just friends...good friends.

Do you think there is a possibility for you guys to be back again?

I don't know, I just want keep that *. I don't know.


  1. divorce is not always easy ... ..

    1. Faithia Balogun is a mother of 3, she has a child for her first husband

      *Larry was here*

    2. But fathia, u were caught red handed in bed with funsho adeolu.... dont make me spill more. Stella post my comment oh

  2. Spiritual husband at work!...
    Most of these actors are possesed with this spirit!...

  3. This interview is not 'sweet' at all.

    1. Baby girl.

  4. Guess age adds grace to women. Congratz Fathia, I love you and LOve your act.
    Wish you better luck next time.

  5. Madam check yourself why 2 failed marriages. It is well with you.

    No woman ever wanted to cross that part of failed marriage but I believe you are stronger and you keep moving higher.

  6. Beautiful womanπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  7. Eeeeeyaaa!
    Marriage sef.
    Better luck dear.

  8. What in God's name is marriage luck???

  9. I heard that she is very quarrelsome.

    1. Not only that o. She's a chain smoker... if there's any other word stronger than chain smoker that is what she is.

    2. And an adulteress too. She sleeps with anything even when she was married to Saheed. I'm not saying Saheed is a saint o but fathia's own was too much. Two guys of the same father slept with her, her whorish behavior turned her husband to a subject of mockery among their colleagues.
      Lemme stop here for now

  10. Wat a pit......y

  11. Na waooo failed two marriage that is serious delivance.

  12. I really feel sorry for women who tell their stories on blogs and stupid interviews.the judgement can kill faster than sniper.what happens to no comment????stwlka if u want chop my u sabi


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