Stella Dimoko Teenager Abducted For Forced Marriage Freed From Emir’s Palace


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Monday, November 06, 2017

Teenager Abducted For Forced Marriage Freed From Emir’s Palace

A 13-year-old, Hauwa Dadi, on Sunday regained her freedom, four days after being allegedly abducted for the purpose of forcing her into a marriage.

Hauwa, an SS1 student of the Brighter Academy Secondary School, Gashua, is a daughter of a former Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria. She was abducted and allegedly kept at the palace of the Emir of Gashua for ‘Islamic evangelism'. Hauwa was, however, released on Sunday from the palace of the Emir, Alhaji Abubakar Suleman.

A civil rights organisation, Stefanos Foundation, which blew the lid off the alleged plot to force the teenager into marriage, had vowed that it would pursue the case till the girl was released.

Hauwa’s elder brother, Jonathan Dadi, broke the news of her release to Northern City News in Jos on Sunday.

He said, I am pleased to inform you that my sister has been released to us. The Emir ordered that my sister, Hauwa Dadi, should be released to us. But we signed an undertaking that she should not be punished. We have just left the Emir’s palace. I will call you later to give you the details.

When contacted, the Gashua Police Area Commander, Joseph Aloefuna, confirmed that the case was brought to his knowledge by the Gashua Divisional Police Officer.

He said, “I wasn’t directly involved but the DPO said he was involved and he confirmed that he was invited into the matter. There was this boy who was said to have insisted on marrying the girl (Hauwa). They are in the same school. The matter was reported to the school management and the boy was punished and warned to stop harassing the girl.

Later, the girl was abducted and the boy was the prime suspect. The boy was arrested but claimed that the girl ran to the Emir’s palace because she wanted to convert to Islam. The Emir took her to the Chief Imam; the Chief Imam said the girl was scared but he was asked to take her to the welfare officials instead of keeping her in his custody. We took the statement of everybody concerned. The Chief Imam said there was going to be a meeting on the matter.

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  1. Thank God. Hausa and small girls, dem take am do una?

  2. I honestly can't place my head around how on earth a 13years old take a d***. Sai!

  3. anonymous to bahd6 November 2017 at 11:54

    "But we signed an undertaking that she should not be punished"

    So it's true, she ran away!

    Those 2 girls missing in bayelsa last week, have they been found?

    Is Hauwa an Islamic name or Hausa name...?

    1. Hauwa is a northern name.
      There are alot of northerners that aren't Muslims.

  4. What does a 13year old knows about marriage? Thank God for her release

    1. Awon people yi sick sha. Why abducting a child for forceful marriage. There are lots of older girls of marriageable age that they can approach for marriage. I don't want to believe Islam approves of this or they are just hiding under religion to perpetrate evil.

    2. Lots of pedophiles in the North. All the mature girls that are around and they keep looking for underage to marry. That's why most of them have refused to sign the child's right act that stipulates a minimum age of 18 years for marriage.

    3. anonymous to bahd6 November 2017 at 15:04

      Yemi thank you o. Doppelganger is there. Eka. Chi exotic, Olivia silk, beautiful eligible single girls, no, its cradle snatching they like. Rubbish!

  5. What is it with this abduction of girls by force for marriage in the north.

    I won't be surprised if the girl was jazzed to follow him in the first place.

    They should make a law in the sharia courts banning such such forceful marriage.

    It is on this issues we expect the senior emirs and sultan of sokoto to speak on but it is a lie, they won't say anything about it afterall they all pedophiles.



  7. Shameless people!!!

  8. Is it by force to marry ????
    I don't understand this Hausa ppl and their backward culture and treating women like commodities.
    You just pick a girl of 13 against her will and decide you want to marry her without her parents consent.
    Like the girl is a goat you picked from the street.
    I wonder how that Ese girl is doing. They would have released the stupid abductor yunusa or what's his name again.

  9. I smell a rat here. They have brainwashed the girl into running away.

  10. Did any of u that posted even read the story except anonymous toh bad. Bloggers will sensationalize the title of the story just to get clicks. SDK too has joined them and all of you like sheeps will follow foolishly.

    1. Please what didn't we read here o.
      An underaged girl was abducted with intent of being forced in marriage.
      Even if she went on her own free will and consented to the marriage; any adult that is involved is still an abductor. Last I checked 13 is still underage in Nigeria. You can't even take a 13yr old that is not your child to travel outside the country without parents consent.
      So pls what did we get wrong here.

  11. Haaai!
    Thank goodness for the quick response, this family would have 'lost' their underage daughter to what I don't know.

  12. When will this child marriage stop?

  13. I wonder why I share the same country with these pple that takes us back to 10th century


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